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As well as artists exhibited and offered their works to be able to continue creating, landscapists found gardening can go from being something purely artisanal to be an organized way of life, becoming then the different parts of this niche business where you can find landscaping companies, dedicated to the different stages of the project of landscape: the landscape designthe implementation of the project and the maintenance of green areas.

You can start a gardening service for residential customers and / or commercial. The care of lawns and gardens are the perfect image is very long and there are a lot of owners of luxury housing that pay you to do this work for them. In many cases, they do not have neither the time nor with the experience.Start Landscaping Company 

You will need to determine whether or not to offer all the services of gardening or simply specialize in a particular aspect. We know of a "specialist in rock" networks of $50,000 per year of work for six months. He and his partner of purchase, delivery and established ornamental rocks in the garden. The rocks are enormous. 
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We also know of another specialist who earn $100,000 a year. She is an expert perennial garden that specializes in the perennial gardens and the edges around the pools. A plan is drawn up for the customer. That they approve or modify it, then the border plants. She buys the plants on a basis to the bulk of a nursery and costs of customers more than 150% of the price paid for the plants. Also charge a fee for each hour of work.

You can specialize in water gardens, also. There are homeowners for many who would love to add a fish pond in his backyard. There are fish such as koi, which are easy to care for and resistant enough. They Hibernate in cold climates. You can develop a small company provides water gardens and ponds of garden for your customers or you can add water gardens to a menu or list of services that you offer.

Business areas defined in the field of gardening are:

Domestic or private gardens, parks and public gardens and sports areas, like football or golf fields. Both home gardening and public gardening are increasingly a high demand for business.

Start Landscaping Company 
To start you can dispense with the installation of an Office for a long time, and conduct business via the Internet, but this generally requires that electronic means of payment possess. Income and expenditure of the company will depend on its infrastructure. traffic news

Inputs and outputs that can be sold.
Decorative garden doors (even without a fence from next door) emphasis on the sacred space of the garden and the House of the owner of the eventful life of everyday life.

Mounted on the wall pots and planters to "double role" as a garden connected with the interior decoration moves.

The Sundial, which needs to know the time according to the position of the Sun, is going to be popular as consumers strive to move away from the artificial time clocks and alarm clocks.

Stakes of gardens in every imaginable topic will be a cost-effective way to add style and character to the garden.

Sources, large and small, continue to grow in popularity as consumers seek serenity in the soothing sounds of running water.

Lantern candle with its affordable prices and a simple configuration, will be an ideal way to soft light and romantic garden.

Art garden sprinklers will be in great demand in the spring as consumers look for capricious forms for watering their gardens.

Decorative dolls that combine themes of spirituality garden will be the grand finale in the gardens of the morning.

What you need to get started:
Business plan
Marketing plan
Some transport.
Gardening Tools and miscellaneous supplies
A good relationship with several nurseries and local greenhouses.

Develop your business model through the research of the opportunities that exist for local gardening companies. Find and analyze information on local gardening, including climate conditions, while the soil conditions, and the average precipitation to understand what type of plants can be grown in your area. Speak with the owners of houses and local businesses to see what needs exist for gardening supplies or services of gardening in his city.

Analyze your competition in the market that exists in the local market for selected business style. If you plan to in the cultivation of plants and flowers for sale at the retail level, it is possible that you want to see the deals from local greenhouses. Consider all possible options they can offer are not available in these greenhouses and gardening stores, including gardening equipment. Please note all prices and designs for screen use the competitors that you may be able to use or improve. They apply to all licenses appropriate business and permits to operate their business legally in your state of residence. Get in touch with State offices and local government and speak to a representative.

Buy materials and space to the child needed to operate his gardening business. Lease or purchase of a local if you need more space to display their products to the available minor, or rent an office space if you need an Office out of the House to run a gardening business. Stores to the less need to buy seeds and equipment wholesalers in bulk for individual sale. Gardening and landscaping companies will have multiple tools at hand, such as rakes, cutting grass or brush, and a truck or van for the transport of plant and equipment. Internal landscape is the cheapest to finance the services of gardening, but becomes more difficult to maintain plants stay at home.
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Please contact a local nursery, and establish a contract of purchase of the plants and plants his gardening business sold. It is possible that if the premises have too many customers it should be put in contact with many nurseries. Ask a representative store on the minimum requirements of purchase or prior notice needed to process large orders. Join a club of gardening, association or society of horticulture.

There are hundreds of clubs in gardening, horticulture and the organizations of the societies of native plants that can provide more educational resources and help make connections with other gardeners (and potential customers!) In your area. Suppliers: Once again, the Horticultural Society of America can point you in the right direction. Take a look to your gardening connections links page to nationwide gardening clubs. The Centre of wild flowers can connect it to the network of the native plant information and use of incredible for the plant of related organizations. Add "National Garden members of the Association" to your business card to join the highly respected National Association of garden.

The sale of products and organic gardening articles is an excellent possibility to focus on your business.
There are many people who leans more and more, and with just cause, to the use of organic products, which do not harm the environment and are not toxic or dangerous for people.

Solve this problem is very easy, thanks to the furor by caring for ecology is becoming more varied and abundant supply of organic products, fertilizers, substrates (humus) or insecticides, fungicides (anti-fungal) biological, insect repellents, technical own garden or Orchard BF the ability to auto - defend themselves, etc. To detect these products you can visit, nurseries, Garden shops, veterinary, wholesalers and try to detect organic products. You can also do searches on the Internet to find suppliers of these products.
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Train you and specialize in the use of these ecological or organic, as in techniques of gardening products and ecological or organic garden will be very important to provide correct and useful advice. If you are looking for, you'll find lots of courses, which are very short, simple and exciting, on this subject, and you will connect with specialists and suppliers committed to nature.
Start Landscaping Company 

To market their products and services you can create a good catalog, make sure that it is well designed and presented, it does not necessarily mean that it is expensive, since this will be your cover letter and send it via mail or e-mail, to friends, family, or potential customers from around the country.
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