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The key in these times when shopping online does not happen only by understanding the characteristics of the consumer but rather understand the evolution of demand. In other words: how much have changed the paradigms of consumption? The diversity of needs, values and lifestyles of an uncrowded society are a sample of this change. And the impact of the change in the essence of consumption is thus decisive in a company's strategy.

In the purchase of products or services people do a primer over the Internet.

For these reasons searches for goods and services of the tech sector, have had a significant growth in recent years, thus opening up a huge potential for advertisers. The volume of searches for products of technology through the Internet remains more or less constant during all seasons of the year, but is important to note that this volume has increased by 37% during the first quarter of 2011 as compared to the same period in 2010, and has had a growth of 40% over the past three months. During the past five years these searches have risen by 568%.Demand items over

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Google has recently released a study of habits of consumption which shows for example, that during the past six months 57% of people who bought a cell phone sought before shopping on the Internet, while 36% was interested in an advertisement on TV and 24% for references to any friend or family member.

Electronic articles are definitely more sold in physical business and also on the internet. Especially those related to music and video playback. Also articles like phones and video game-related articles are in high demand. All video game consoles the best-selling currently is the Nintendo Wii.
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Most visited categories:

Household appliances

Most visited products

Mobile phones: Nokia N96, Palm TREO 680, Nokia N95, Nokia 6131, Samsung S5230

Digital cameras: Kodak-Easyshare, Nikon CoolPix, Sony-Cyber-shot, Canon EOS, Panasonic Lumix

Notebooks: MSIMini Wind U100, Asus Eee PC4G, Mini-Notebook-HP, Notebook Lenovo

Consoles: Nintendo-Wii, Sony PS2, Sony PS3, Microsoft-XBOX, Sony PSP

Monitors: LG-Electronics, Samsung, Philips, Aoc, BenQ
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Most sought after brands:


More comparative products:

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Digital cameras

The order of best selling products on eBay is:

Clothing, bags and footwear
Cellular and telephony
Consoles and games
Electronic, Audio and Video
Health and beauty
Sports and Fitness
Vehicles accessories
Toys and games

Today consumers are much more rational in purchases, meaning that procurement by impulse, or compulsive are relegated in favour of a cost/benefit ratio much more "considered".

Preferences are turning towards brands of higher performance and lower price, especially the so-called "b marks", and supermarket own brands.

• 76% Of consumers switched to cheaper brands.
• Redefines the brand/consumer relationship.
• Question all links.
• Vary the relationship between the three large profiles of consumers inclined towards the "marks", "rational", and those who seek only "Save".
• Modify the logic of value, now seeks the "best" as much as possible.
• Have a much greater awareness of purchase, demand, quality and price at the same time.
• Search formats and presentations involving a minor disbursement of money for each purchase.
• There is a high sensitivity to the offers and/or promotions, 65% of buyers in the supermarket looking for posters of promotions before brands.
• 43% Of consumers going to non-conventional supermarkets to buy offers.
• 50% Of these consumers buy this offer and leaves.
• The volume purchased by time is less, and so there is a greater frequency of visit to the supermarket.
• Those who endured by minor variations over the last year were finally independent supermarkets, and business neighborhood, where although there were changes in their levels of demand were not so drastic.
Think Google Insights offers a menu of useful tools, videos, trends, statistics and studies that provide the information required to discover trends and identify customs and uses of the content that is consumed on the network.

The most interesting results that I have located in the newly official implementation of Google include the following:

67% Of consumers research online about products before the holiday shopping.

25% Of all online purchases come from prior searches in search engines.

50% Of the digital advertising world-wide budget is spent on Google AdWords.

In 2012, the video will represent more than 50% of the consumer Internet traffic.

By 2015, predicts that 50% of all advertising with image from Internet ads are ads rich media (video).

Online advertising spending will rise $ 30 billion in 2011 to about $ 50 billion of dollars in 2015.
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Only 33% of companies have an optimized mobile web site.

70% Of the users of smartphones used his mobile phone while a are shopping in physical stores to inquire or apply for Council to their network of friends.

81.3 Million tablets sold worldwide by 2012, compared to 15.7 million in 2010 will be.

Include the location or phone in an advertisement for search increases the percentage of clicks between 6-8%.

Online advertising spending rise $ 30 billion in 2011 to nearly $ 50 billion by 2015.

Tips for selling on the internet:

1. Make an analysis of the type of business you want to have and the type of items that you wish to sell.

2. Find a good supplier to ensure existence. Sometimes orders may exceed what you have in warehouse.

3. While you can buy a domain it is more prudent to start in free as free market places or on ebay.
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4 Sowing an excellent reputation for the best advertising comes from the same clients and feel encouraged to return.

5 Clear every article descriptions to make potential buyers have everything clear.

6 Study well the characteristics of each product, to know its advantages and disadvantages to be able to clarify the amount of doubt Mays.

It is all for now.

Those who wish to sell online to make money have at their disposal tools that can help you identify which are goods in demand. Almost always the most popular online products are also popular in traditional stores.

To obtain better results with tools to search for products in demand we must think a bit on the market that one wishes to achieve. For examples, the young people market, children, housewives House, men, the market of collectors and hobbies etc. Establishing the market which one will sell is important to find products and popular goods between these. These are 3 tools to find products sold over the internet.

eBay Pulse - this tool on eBay shows you the most popular online products. As eBay is a large market, which is sold on eBay is because this in demand generally. eBay press you can search by categories spara find most popular in each of this. Examples of products in demand on eBay are shoes, ipods, iphones, blackberry, nintendo, kindle etc.
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Amazon Best Sellers, the most popular on Amazon - Amazon is another site selling much merchandise and great varieties. Popular on Amazon products are an indication of the demand in the market. The "Best Sellers" on Amazon are updated every hour and can be changed, but the categories that are sold are generally books, clothing, videos, games for kids, kindle, electronic games and cameras.

Stores online - visit the famous stores such as Walmart, Macys's and Target online to find best-selling products. These sites show popular products and categories in website.
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