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  Development of Nanotechnology Market
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In a technological era is of vital importance inform us and be prepared for the new market that opens up, where a race such as medicine were merged with the technology.

The direction of the markets most attractive in the next year, pointing to technologies in union to multiple areas. For example medicine will have special appeal where it is expected that the world's highest paid labour is in Nanomedical. New advances and new medical studies claim that persons born in 2010 may live for 125 years on average. Aims to control the behavior and the fundamental structure of matter at the Atomic and molecular levels. According to experts, business products and services related to nanotechnology worldwide would already exceed $ 500 billion.

There are currently 22 government agencies in United States which is estimated have invested over $1 billion (100 billion dollars) in recent years. Confirms that actually spends $1B per year in nanoscale science programmes. Nanomedicines total market will experience a strong growth of 18% annually in the long term, reaching $ 59 billion in 2014 because of the crucial need for new or improved therapies for many diseases. He is expected that the demand for nanodiagnosis increased 6.8 per cent per year to $ 11.3 billion in 2014.
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Then we'll list Some products on estimated values ​​of This nature. Pharmaceuticals and Health Nanotechnology: 3.2 trillion dollars. Products for military use: $ 40 billion. Automobile sector will absorb 4 per cent of the market. Food industry will absorb 2% of the market.

The ultimate goal of the pharmaceutical industry to use technologies CNST is to make all individuals to become patients and that every patient is a client to pay for "treat" their conditions. Already in mid-2006, were at the stage of preclinical, clinical or commercial development 130 drugs and systems, as well as 125 devices or reagents of diagnosis, all of them with basic information.Development of Nanotechnology Market 

Research and progress

Advances in new forms of cell nanosurgery which is currently being explored, covers areas like dissection of microtubules in yeast cells, nanodissection non-invasive tissue within the cell walls of plants, the nanosurgery of the individual chromosomes in the genome in the ovaries of the hamster. Also the application of nano-robots biocompatible surgical that can find and eliminate the cancer cells isolated in the body and even exchange of new complete chromosomes from the old inside the individual cells in the human body.

Nanotechnology coupled with tissue engineering is receiving increasing attention. The ultimate goal of tissue engineering as a concept of medical treatment is to replace or restore the anatomical structure and function of damage, wounded and missing tissue. In the center of tissue engineering is the construction of three-dimensional scaffold of biomaterials to provide mechanical support and growth guidance on cells in tissues or new bodies. Experimental efforts currently underway to tissue engineering involving virtually all tissue types and each organ of the human body.

Already well-known on the market products.

Hotbeds (hotfeet). A product made with nanotechnology and used to warm feet. Marketed by Shock Doctor, were introduced in military boots to achieve a high level of comfort and warmth. They only have a thickness of 2,5 mm and the cost of a couple is $19.99.

Bandages for burns. NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals uses silver nanoparticles to produce chronic special large burns and wounds bandages. Silver kills bacteria, which is why the incorporation of this metal in bandages is a breakthrough made possible through nanotechnology.Traffic news

Ointment for muscle aches. Flex Power, this ointment use nano liposomes to soothe the pain. Many athletes already use it.

Dental adhesive. Developed with nanoparticles, this adhesive offers more guarantees than the adhesive currently used by dentists.

Other areas of investment
Energy-Protecting and maintaining their electrical installations in optimal state allows that energy consumption is less, in addition, you can avoid accidents or irreparable damage which could endanger their staff and the central economy of your business. Fuel-Petrol consumption can be reduced if the engine of your vehicle is protected at the molecular level and "regenerates" its material structure. Cleaners-have facilities with smart coatings that repel water and dirt particles can reduce the use of detergents and abrasive. Maintenance The best way to avoid the costs for maintenance, prevention, the surfaces protected from microscopic levels have reduced risk of damage.

The nanotechnology opens up a new business opportunity with the sale of aplicacaciones to the invention which is more popular, the mobile phone. If their computer literacy and programming allow you to create ingenious applications, you can participate in one of the most promising, as we have heard from many analysts, the future is not the computer, but the phone, which can displace the use of the PC, but until then, many new projects are needed. On the other hand there are plenty of ways to earn money on the internet, where some forms of money are often quite unusual.

favourable characteristics of the nanomarket

continuous growth in demand-only in 1997 was invested globally 430 million dollars and in 2006 as they were 12.4 billion dollars. It is estimated that the sale of products based on nanotechnology reach 2.6 trillion dollars by 2015. In only a decade, they already have over 3,000 recognized products and there are many that are being created around the world.
Traffic newsDevelopment of Nanotechnology Market  

Multiple products and ereas, because of its potential, nanotechnology applied in multiple sectors technological create great versatility of solutions. This helps to find a branch can satisfy different tastes and interests of an entrepreneur or investor.

Impact on the longevity and health-the majority of research and nanotechnology products focus on its impact on the increase in the quality of life and on how to improve sustainable development with the ecology. The application of products at this level allows you to create opportunities for the major ecological, health, construction, energy, etc. problems, putting nanotechnology as the industry with the greatest projection in social and economic impact. "Within materials beneficial to the environment, in a way the Chinese are mentalizados just as the Americans." "Are already preparing a system to find out how we can use these technologies for the sake of the environment in a manner practiced".

Profits at the future-the possibilities that open daily speak of constant innovation and evolution; Therefore, investments made today, are considered investments in the future. Nanotechnology is one industry that every day discovers new ways to be applied and therefore creating new products.

Innovative products and multiple benefits-have innovative solutions to previously unresolved problems, either, offering better results with a level of precision or longer are often due to the nature of nanotechnology, recent applications and products created from it. Talk about a product based on nanotechnology, is to speak of "smart" solutions.

Who this thinking invest or start a business, nanotechnology is an option with a future. Experts in economics and business have already declared on previous dates; the figures around the world in investment by the industry, the new research centres, plans of study, institutes, etc., are just a sample of the impulse that grows day by day. Currently, there are already various "nano-products" in stores in the same daily advertising and more accessible channels.
Development of Nanotechnology Market                              Traffic news