In terms of SEO, there are many tips and ways of doing things, especially when there are so many "experts" and little texts of wide depth

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In terms of SEO, there are many tips and ways of doing things, especially when there are so many "experts" and little texts of wide depth  that an SME entrepreneur can use. Internet gives us much information, maybe too much, and there are even contradictions and those not engaged in this, have no clear where to look.

Customize and implement the recommendations were combierte in the second challenge, because one thing is that a company for the sale of consumer products, mobile phones, beers or t-shirts and we have for example a profile on social networks and try to capture the largest number of fans/followers. But what happens when our company is a funeral home? It is important to leave to blithely publish ads in Twitter style "this month our sales rose 15%, and we will for more!" (We understand sales, quantity of velatorios…). The problem is that many companies have no consciousness of their actions on the network, and simply enter that competition did, because a friend recommended me, or if.

Start with drawing strategy.
A strategy allows us to define what we seek on the web. It allows us to define the path to achieve what we are looking for and leads us to use and take advantage of the resources we have in order to obtain the desired results.
These are general aspects when we type our company on the web:traffic news

Designing a strategy (see for what you want to enter in the web and how to do it).
See the resources are available (time, people, budget).
Analyze the predisposition of staff in the company to interact with the client.
Not do anything that we do not know to do.
Digital media from reaching the target market, diversify as much as possible.
Do not leave in the hands of someone not qualified, the image of the business.
Implement tools that allow us to track the progress of our activities and see what we are doing well and what we are doing wrong (analytical tools).SEO optimization for my Web

It is also important to see bottom mistakes in other web site. We list just a few most prominent by experts:

Have a site on a free subdomain or social media site

As a web site collects incoming links, it begins to rank better in search engines. When you build your site in a free subdomain, runs the risk that if ever you decide to move your Web site (and there are many reasons that you may choose to do so), will lose credit for all the links to the "free"website."subdomain"

Why? Because most free subdomain providers do not allow a redirect 301 old sitemap in your service to its new. A redirection 301 is the only way to "tell" your site search engine has moved without having to start from scratch with your search engine rankings. Same goes for the use of a social web site, such as a Facebook page, because your presence online only.

Not doing proper keyword research. It is common to find companies that identify wrong key words, which do not focus on users or not has been in place. Many times I've met very technical terms that are not used by our clients, how the product key or the same identification number.
SEO optimization for my Web 

Build my website based on Flash

usually search engine can not index the contents of the sites in Flash, and point. Optimizing Flash has come a long way since then, but if you think that it is difficult to regulate SEO, then techniques based on Flash SEO is going to look like a genius. While the Flash-based components is not a problem (such as a banner in flash rotation of images of their products), small business owners would be better to avoid the heavy use of flash, unless it also has the budget to implement in Flash for SEO professionals ensure search engines can read it.
SEO optimization for my Web

It is not the optimization of local pages for inclusion in the popular local sites

Twenty percent of all Google searches are local in nature. And lately, Google Places is displayed at the top of the results of search of more and more than these search queries. If you want to be found for the local search based on Google, citing and the optimization of your list of sites in Google is vital.

In addition, Google takes data from many other web sites and is believed that they take data (especially opinions) account to the ranking of the sites page in the results of Google Places. This means that the claim and the supervision of their listings (and receiving critical acclaim) in sites like Yelp, CitySearchs and others is important for their SEO efforts.
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One of the greatest mistakes to choose the URL, when a company does not create a canon of its web site. If you're not sure what this means is like this. Let's say that you buy the domain, Make a canon is the purchase of all variations of that name, such as:, and You do not then when you are going to spend all your money in the promotion of your site doing SEO and other marketing methods, das account that you end up doing the promotion of four different places. And if you're not sure if there are other people who use a similar URL, it may be that you you are giving publicity to someone else for free.

The use of drop-down munu
Detachable navigation menus. Search engines cannot read this type of menus or follow their links. If you use this on your website you must add also a conventional menu.

Use and abuse of Flash, Java or Javascript. The spiders of the search engines have many limitations reading such codes, because they can not read or further links contained therein. Menus in flash greatly harm linked within the web site.

The use of photos instead of text

I see this a lot with small businesses. Mary has a bakery on main street. The main page of your site is not just one. JPG of your store with a link to the menu of food. Clicking on the link in the menu to see what sounds good, it shows a version scanned in PDF format on the menu. This can be useful from the point of view of the customer (and even that is debatable), but is useless from the point of view of the search. Search engines cannot see or read the images. For them, Mary page at home is empty and the menu does not exist. If you want to appear in search engines, you have to give something to the robots to be used to classify your site. And that means that the content. Each time that you are using a photo, make sure it is also the text to accompany. And they are not based on the photos when the words are.

Have overloaded images site. If the page has graphics and very heavy images, negatively affect the loading time, one of the factors that affect the positioning.
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The site has no sitemap. The sitemap is an XML file containing all the URLs of the web. Its existence in the Server facilitates the work to the search engines.

Great concentration of Meta tags

Putting the focus in the generation of an excellent Meta tag is not surprised by your site. This is the opinion of many experts working in the leading SEO companies. You can create good Meta tags and keywords, but it is not mandatory that the page is better qualify in terms of page rankings. There is a lot many factors to consider and bear in mind that they amount to a classification of good page.

Confusing site structure. Does your site confusing people? Do you know where you want to go, you are really looking for? Where do you want to go? Good site structure two guides of the types of perspectives other than the places that we want to be and that it meets your needs. Recover part of the target market to sit in front of you and the use of its web site, see what they do, will surprise you. And put a search engine on your website which gives reports on what people search, you will get clues as to what else to put on line.traffic news

Keep the effort and perseverance.
Some people think that your website has achieved the highest classification of the search engine and will stay there forever. Some intelligent Internet providers know that Google changes from time to time the classification algorithm, but most of them forget one important thing.
Their competitors!
Yes, its competitors are also using SEO strategies to get a better ranking in search engines. They are working too hard being at the top, pushing your website at the lowest position. Therefore, if you leave from monitoring their competitors and break any SEO campaign web site is lost the position of the first page. In the worst cases your site will become invisible, losing thousands of dollars of sales or even more.     Source of this information        
SEO optimization for my Web