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            Money Saving Business Tips

Save on our company or business is an obligation of effectiveness, especially in these times of crisis where is needed to reduce costs and remain competitive.

And although it may seem a complicated task, you will discover that save in my business is actually easier for what we believe.

Each point shall in particular be assessed and prioritized separately and should be special attention to the so-called "expenses Ant" which are all very small expenses that are barely noticeable but consume large amounts of almost always unnecessary resources.

Investment in the productive

large investors firmly believe that there is to reinvest in the company generated profits. But this investment has to be done only in the production. For example, not him it seems reasonable that a company has a registered office in a neighborhood prestigious and expensive, if the activity can be perfectly managed from an Office in the same factory.
Money Saving Business Tips

Move to virtual.
As the growth of the business it presents new challenges such as the maintenance of your customer base well or to perform some other task that is beyond your abilities are going to need a little extra help. We should consider hiring virtual assistants to help you with your business on the internet. You can also save money on lawyers using a free service for legal consultations.

Outsourcing. Outsourcing of services. We must realise that our service center should be our business activity which we really do. "Take you to what you know to do, the rest outsource it". How right. There are external services of true professionals who can supply us perfectly our needs. Our remote in Yorespondo service is dedicated to this. Provide professionals of services needed in their daily activity at an affordable cost for every pocket and with a high quality of service. And this happens in a variety of areas: from accounting to human resources, through tax consultancy.

He hires the services of an external accountant to audit your accounting. Apparently this could be more expenditure than a savings but if you look carefully invest in an external audit at least one year can save you a lot of money by fiscal problems and fines which often are not detected until they are in a phase of conflict with finance or taxation agencies.
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Always get the best prices from its suppliers. It is so important to know buy how to know sell said. And it's true! Make sure you always get the best prices on products and services by your suppliers. It establishes strong relationships with them in such a way as to ensure the best benefits to buy frequently. This may represent a significant saving in the long term.
Money Saving Business Tips

Most of the Office equipment can be purchased in renting instead of buying directly. Equipment for air-conditioning, computers and other equipment can be installed very cheap in this way. Used envelopes are very useful for doing difficult jobs.

If you look around, it is possible to find teams of free writing, diaries and notebook notes of other companies and hotels delivered as promotional material. Organize an agreement with your provider of print for a discount to purchase the items on a regular basis. Some of the works of Office, such as accounting and bookkeeping can be done on the basis of a contract with a provider of outsourcing. This will allow you to restrict the number of staff of his Office to a minimum.

If you want to save on communications, this Council will be great both for personal use and for professional and business needs. You can send documents by fax via the internet without this cost us nothing thanks to a number of companies that perform these services. Two features to take into account. The first is that they often include Exchange advertising in those shipments, obviously to cover this service. The second is that these free shipping are only for the first documents that you want to send by this medium. Later, he must pay. That Yes, the rates offered by such companies are very competitive. An example of this is, which offers a number which receive faxes and 50 pages of sending gift for 2.99 euros, still is the most economical rate market.
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This is called a Freemium model, which benefits users who only need to get a basic service or in a timely manner and to the companies which obtain a large base of customers interested in your product. The operation is very simple, they explain from the company: how will receive a fax? "We attach a number of the province you want or carry your current fax number and become virtual Fax." "When someone sends a fax to your Virtual Fax number, our system receives it, turns it into PDF, and forwards you it immediately to the e-mail address you have indicated us." And how does it send? Creates a new e-mail, attach the document that you want to send by fax and pon as the recipient an e-mail address that starts with the fax number of fate and a tagline you will indicate." (939999999@…) ".

Prints what is necessary. Why print all our documents? Is it really essential? Print our files not only carries a cost of paper, also have to take into account the ink, envelopes, from office equipment to archive it (if it is that we have not thrown in the trash). Too much unnecessary associated expense (must also think of our contribution to the care of the environment)
A large number of small businesses are looking for cost-effective ways of producing marketing collateral. Poster print is one of the methods used by business professionals to create posters of marketing at the lowest possible cost.

Consider working from home. If your company is small or you are starting you will need to carefully assess necessary it is to have a shop or an Office. Many large companies have started in the garage of his home and that has allowed them to raise their profitability. Having a local accounts as well as income and deposits to invest in furniture and equipment which often overload your budget unnecessarily.
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Technological applications.

Today, Internet and computer technology offers many ways for improvement in the administration of the company and save money, many are accessible free of charge

Ubuntu. It is a free operating system, that can be used instead of Windows. The update of the entire system is very simple, because it alerts when there is an available update.
Improves productivity, because there are no viruses. A normal user can install games or other software likely to impair the performance of the computer, and do not need to format and install everything again even when there is a new version.

Google Docs. Office online that allows several people to collaborate is a suite to work on a document (text, spreadsheet or presentation). Documents can be edited from any computer connected to the Internet, and the user decides who shares each.

Google Sites. With this online tool you can create intranets in a very simple way, in which you can share documents created with Google Docs or any other information.

OpenOffice. For more elaborate documents, or for when there is available an Internet connection, OpenOffice is the best choice. It is installed by default on Ubuntu, but it can also be downloaded free of charge for Windows or Mac.

WordPress. WordPress is not only the main platform to create blogs, can also be an excellent tool to create business websites.
This application facilitates the creation of pages that complies with the web, so it is easier to get the page to appear at the top when a customer searches for our products or services.
Money Saving Business Tips

Management funds managed. It is a very easy to use free application and integrating billing and accounting. For a small company it is an option far better than other applications that involve cost of license and are more complex and difficult.

MailChimp. Create and manage by hand these newsletters can be a tedious task and lead to errors, which is why an application like MailChimp can be very useful. MailChimp is a web application, and is free if we have up to 500 subscribers and make less than 3,000 shipments a month. If the company succeeds, grows and needs more capacity, there is a scaling of prices depending on the number of subscribers and shipments that we are going to use.

Clocking IT. Clocking IT is a useful application to take control of the time and tasks. One of its features is that it can be as powerful or as simple as required by the user: it can be used as a project manager full, has features of wiki, file sharing.

Money Saving Business Tips