ITaaS Model get more force in business                                  traffic news

          ITaaS Model get more force
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Traditional models of static data center are characterized by their low agility and performance to support the wide variety of current users, as well as new applications and the growing demand for it. Therefore firms find solutions to their needs in the model ITaaS as they move toward a dynamic data center.

"ITaaS (tecnologias computing as a service) is a suitable option for many companies given the range of demand that have to withstand data centres, traditionally, are not flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of today's applications," afirmam specialists. "The users request ever greater support for multimedia applications." "This requires capacities of additional functionality and automation that are typically embedded in dynamic data centers and associated with the model ITaaS."

85% Of surveyed organizations have virtualized or are in the process of virtualizing their servers. 13% Are pundo make your environment long distance migrations and 19% are preparing for a complete model of supply on demand.

The data are not as favourable with regard to small businesses, which are not taking advantage of the benefits that social networks can bring to their businesses, according to new research. The study, conducted by Fasthosts, showed that almost 70% of small companies use little or no social networks and only 27% have used digital technologies as a tool for marketing.

ITaaS Model get more force in business 

A new study focused mainly on United States, of MarketTools, affirms in its conclusions that 23% of the participating companies provide support and help desk through Facebook and 12% is done through Twitter. Both Twitter and Facebook, from my point of view, are two excellent ways to establish relationship with customers and answer their questions in a prompt manner, and certainly much more efficiently than the dreaded call centers that have just dizzy to the user. traffic news

The study, conducted last month indicated that 34% of surveyed executives were aware that customers often use social networks to discuss their views on certain products or directly criticizing companies. However, only 25% of these respondents said that their companies always responded to these clients, in fact a 33 per cent said that in the year 2011 were much more focused to use social networks to sound out the views of its customers and applying active listening to detect bad comments.

68% Of the participants who claimed that their companies were active in social networks, Facebook was the first option (with 48% of respondents), Twitter was the second most widely used (with 24%) channel and, thirdly, the corporate blogs (with a 17%). With regard to the senior management of companies, only 22% of participants stated that the CEO of his company had an active presence in social networks that would be linked to the company (with 68% of the CEOs on Facebook, a 44% participating in the corporate blog and 35% on Twitter).

ITaaS Model

many companies know that their customers use social networks to present their complaints and claims, the vast majority of companies does not respond to such complaints. This is an issue that needs to be very careful that social networks can become a double-edged weapon.

In this sense, the study of MarketTools has revealed that almost half of the surveyed companies thinks that his followers on social networks do not make negative comments about their products and services. In addition, a quarter of companies unknown if your clients have done this kind of comments or not. MarketTools also reveals that 22% of the top American executives are unaware if their customers use social networks to comment on or criticize the products or services of your company. This is perhaps the most worrying data which casts the study because it highlights the lack of interest that they are devoting much of business social networks in which they are present and attention so poor that they are offering, affecting directly a deterioration of its brand image customer

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Thanks to the spread and virality of the messages, many users turn to social networks to present their demands. However, only 25% of companies with a presence on Facebook, as well as 18% in the case of Twitter, ensure that they have always responded to the claims of your customers.

In this sense, the study found that the main complaints occur in certain segments, mainly in the household products, telecommunications, health and pharmaceutical industry. On the contrary, sports brands, magazines and newspapers and alcoholic beverages are those least complaints or negative reviews received.

One surprise in the general list is the travel industry, showing characteristics could be the more complaints received but on the other hand, are not badly placed. Another study of MarketTools analyzing U.S. airlines, found that one of the reasons for that to happen could be that social media as a customer are still emerging in the sector, and therefore not all opinions are reflected.

However, many travelers use social networks, primarily their own profiles, to discuss the problems of his travels. In fact, one of every 10 passengers us media has been used to complain about an airline, but they do not have an address, which is why it is common that remain unanswered.

It is important to note the progress in the field of education and information technologies. Increasing numbers of educational institutions adopting for example, the iPad as teaching resources. Among the purposes primary to use this device in schools are replace textbooks that represent a heavy burden in the batches of students, improve communication with teachers, facilitate the delivery of assignments and keep a digital record of the work of the student.
It recently occurred to know the case of the private school Webb School of Knoxville, Tennessee, now required by the compulsory use of the iPad to students from 8 to 18 years. We can also mention several institutions that are using electronic tablets for education; among these, College Roselyn on Long Island that in December handed over 47 iPads to students and teachers. "South Mountain" in Millburn, New Jersey elementary school also invested in iPads for math games, study of world maps and reading. Public schools in New York have ordered more than 2,000 iPads for students and teachers. In Chicago, more than 200 public schools applied for scholarships for iPads. The Virginia Department of education is considering an initiative that would use the iPad to replace text books on history and biology in 11 schools. In California, 6 intermediate schools are offering the first course of algebra through an iPad. The use of this device is not limited to children of elementary or higher level, they is also useful for preschool children. Pinnacle Peak in Arizona School created a laboratory called iMaginarium with 36 iPads.
ITaaS Model

The picture of the new technologies offer multiple challenges as major achievements in today's entrepreneurs. It managers are increasingly more ITaaS value: three of four it managers say that philosophy and the needs of your organization's aligned with ITaaS structure.
The companies believe that ITaaS will be widely adopted: 80% of it managers believe that ITaaS will become common usage.

Therefore, the small and medium-sized companies, should make efforts to educate its management as their employees in the use of social media. Social networks can help to find competent employees, have a direct relationship with customers, promote our products or enhance its reputation and recognition in the network.

Employees should be trained in such a way that are part of these processes and once they know how they handle, can interact correctly with customers and consumers.

The main goal in the process of training is to make them aware of how important are the technologies of communication and all the positive impact that can be generated for the company.
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ITaaS Model