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Tips for Managing Money in 2012

If it starts well end year 2012 better. Sounds difficult, right? You don't have to be, if it develops a simple strategy. In addition to paying the Bills, we want that you spent even a dime without. He is not allowed to run to the store for things extra. There is no stimulation of shopping time. They live it. You will notice the amount of purchases by impulse which is used to give, and you'll save yourself a lot of money. Buy one month of purchase ahead of time. Anticipate future purchases and make before the month begins. It is possible if you plan on also his time avoiding leisure moments that drives him to spend on visits to shops.

Assume more responsibility
The family economy is still a taboo subject. This can mean some conflicts in the family for the money, or be very secret of the amount of money that you win in the workplace. We can complain in public money. It is socially acceptable to talk about being in ruin, or get good deals on these things, but does not give advice and help each other.

If you want to win in 2012 should break the silence and the secrets about my economy. You know examples of people with $50,000 in debt and not even realize. Only if you have ability to begin to talk about your situation - and do something about this - you can change things and pay those $50,000 in a short time. So it is important to find someone who can speak and be held accountable. Find a friend who wants to work in its finances in 2012. If you are married, your first choice should be your spouse so that you can create confidence and sincerity to hold strong links around their finances (but if money is a delicate subject, though it may need to find a trusted friend instead).

tips for managing money in 2012
Evaluate your habits

keep a good record of your personal finances and income. Get the help of financial experts to prepare a good financial planning program, as this will help to develop a savings programme to improve its economy both business and personal. You definitely need to implement a program of savings on their monthly plans. We can recommend put that plan into a place in his home, where you can see every day, right in front of his bed, in his bath in the room wherever you can find every day.   traffic news

Put attention his history of credit.

Maintain a good score of credit with a low level of commitment to financial would be so ideal. Whatever your situation is that if you have a high level of debt, you have to reduce. It is very important to begin to pay your bills on time and in its entirety. If you need a year to reduce its debts, stop looking to buy any type of goods of high price such as home, cars, etc., and give priority to the planning of your budget to speed up the balance of the debts that are affecting your credit history. You must also immediately start a savings plan.

Lost for multiple credit cards

If you have multiple credit cards, consolidation of all of them in one or start paying one by one. Keep only the last card and also with the lowest interest rate. In this way, you will be less tempted to buy and also save more money on fines and credit card annual fees.

Month eating were not: this is difficult for many families, including mine. Eating out is unfortunately a large part of our food budget. So this month will be a challenge: not to eat! Not in fast food and restaurants do not. Cooking at home! No doubt, will save you lots of money, and you can find the chef you! Use the tools of cooking as an electric cooker and a pot of rice to make your life a little easier. You can find the time to Cook, if you have 20 minutes.
tips for managing money in 2012

Coordinate with your partner. Not to mention money is one of the biggest mistakes couples to take the money. Couples who go to live together or marriage can save themselves a lot of problems by talking about hot topics as how to share the costs of home credit card debts, and expected future costs. Don't forget to bring your long-term goals, also, that you can make the discussion a little more romantic. Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas? Backpack by Europe together? To agree on common goals makes it easier to save.

Protect your privacy. Everytime someone asks for your Social Security number, the question of whether it is necessary to share. Never will give it to a lawyer by telephone or email, and if you've noticed a suspicious charge on your credit card, follow up with your company's card that could be the first sign of identity theft.

Important documents: one thing that does not speak much on personal finances are important documents such as wills, trust in life, and insurance documents. If you have been doing the vague in the handling of these issues, take this month to put everything in order. Make copies, and save them in a safe place.
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Automation of savings. online banking makes this easy technique: sign up for monthly transfers at a home values or savings. It can also transfer funds directly from your paycheck for which never see the money, which means that not is what you will lose. Check with your human resources department who may be able to set up a savings account automatically through your paycheck, as well as its automatic retirement savings.

Use tools online. allows users to upload information for the account and obtain immediate insight into where your money is going. It's free and easy to use, and comes with an intelligent application that allows you to follow-up your budget anywhere.

Payments of income

Make sure that you always pay the rent on time. Property owners are more inclined to help tenants who are on good terms with them. In case you have to be reluctant when additional to produce lease there and that it can guarantee that when you have a problem that will not be in a hurry that can.
The operations of the vitality is the best way to save your family money during the year. Doing some simple adjustments, currently a good bit of saving costs in the electricity bill each month. The faster, less complicated and more economical method to start saving is actually through the exchange of their light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.

Stop receiving email from their favorite stores sales alerts. Junk mail can not carry the same environmental impact, but can yet convince to spend money on items that do not need. Unsubscribe to alerts retailer to avoid the temptation.

Search for a better service for your mobile. Chances are if you have reached your cell phone for at least a couple of years, there is some likely in the market that will no doubt help you much more. Simply call your service provider ask about an appropriate opportunity, or a ride and see what is simply that they offer.

Check insurance policies. Does the car insurance, income, and insurance life insurance you need? According to the insurance company Allstate, two of every three tenants pass insurance at all, although most would benefit from the relatively cheap protection. Life insurance is another difficult subject because nobody wants to talk about death. But many people are not sufficiently insured, putting at risk their families. Revision of the insurance you have and decide if you have the correct amount.   traffic news

Work hard to get a high credit score. Under interest of credit cards and payment of loans guaranteed only rate are possible if it maintains its high credit rating. A low credit score can hinder the possibility of renting a House and will be harder for you to get a cell phone and other public services plan. Use any credit you have with prudence, which is why your credit score will remain high. It's never too late to get in good financial shape. If you do this, you will be prepared more than if had never done it at all. As soon as possible start, better, but is never too late to start.
tips for managing money in 2012