Analysis of IBM investigate billions of messages in the media of social communication, which predicts an interesting change in the horizon of fashion shoes for women                                                  

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Analysis of IBM investigate billions of messages in the media of social communication, which predicts an interesting change in the horizon of fashion shoes for women, shoes with the maximum size of heel appears who will be less on sale.

Also we can say that shoes height concerns not only the economic level, but also the history of a country.

IBM presented the results of its study "Use Social Media Analysis in the Fashion", through which, thanks to the analysis of data obtained from conversations on social networks, reached the conclusion that the height of the heels of women's shoes is indicator of the economic of footwear   

In the past, during times of economic crisis, women continued to use high shoes. However, since the recession of 2009 we are seeing a trend showing a decline of several inches in the height of the blocks. This does not mean that they have gone but that, as the economic crisis has progressed, they are not used for the Office or for shopping, they saved for special occasions.

These results come to look at talks of billions of messages in social networking on fashion. In this way, can be deduced that it is not enough to be seen in the media of social communication. Brands and retailers must create greater ties in the long term in a symbiotic relationship with bloggers and social users, not a simple exploitation of advertising.

Looking back over the past 100 years to the female footwear fashion trends reveals that the height of the taco soared during major recessions in the history of the United States. The shoes of taco under Type "flipper" in the 1920s were replaced by the high cue and platforms during the great depression. Platforms were again used during the oil crises of the 1970, reversing low preference for sandals at the end of the ' 60s. The cue under bulk of 1990s style "grunge", which had its heyday during the period of the stilettos of "Sex and the City" began to be used after the collapse of the dot-com and the turn of the century.

Footwear designers agree that, in times of crisis, the economic depression cut the number of inches that make that the heels of the women rise above the ground. "I agree with this study." "Before the elections sold many high heels, but then only low shoes", according to the experience of many stores.

In times of crisis, women live longer days. Start taking the children to the school and end up in a cocktail. They are all-terrain women that prioritize the comfortable shoes, which accumulate repeatedly use. "Instead, when the economy is not a problem, make shorter journeys, they can delegate tasks, less riding public transportation and are encouraged to get more hours on the tacos." "In times of crisis, is preferred footwear that gives more freedom." But it is also common that walking in sandals and take a few cues only for a special event. "Although some channels or Italian, on the other hand, would walk all day blocks".

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For many women, tacos is a synonym for attitude, skill, beauty, passion, good taste and style everything … embodies Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker, actress that put you the body (and gives the foot) is often said that the expression of a woman with cubes is different from one that does not carry.

Too bad. In 2010, experts from the University of Northumbria, in United Kingdom, studied the reaction of men looking at women with or without heels walk: were not even able to determine if they take them or not. Is therefore seeking to understand economics in graphics, rather than looking at the feet of her companions?

IBM used a special software, and then implemented specific algorithms to identify only those talks on the heels and finally get the results. The study shows the predictive ability of the analysis of social media as a source of valuable information to establish trends. It also illustrates how an analysis of the conversations can be used by designers in the planning of future products, retailers in the choice of the stock and the sellers in the planning of advertising campaigns.

If the media are to keep up-to-date with all the developments of new technologies and tools of online media, they might well resort to experts. Users of social networks are at the forefront of innovation in content on the Internet and have the know-how for the use of social media effectively. The world of the internet today, is the content innovative attracts attention to malware and fosters relations with readers, who are also the most important engine of the traffic and loyalty.
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