This year many new terms of fashion have been formed in the world of marketing and business and gamification is easily one of the most commented in the marketing industry

Gamification and Design of Marketing

This year many new terms of fashion have been formed in the world of marketing and business and gamification is easily one of the most commented in the marketing industry.

The term Gamification was coined in 2008, to adapt the game mechanics and adapt it in building communities online, education and dissemination, marketing, or the creation of educational applications.

It usually involves the use of game designs thinking about the user experience to make this more fun and attractive. Some simple examples are things like winning points and targets with Nike+ to motivate to do more exercise, and, site where you can virtually DJ to his friends and strangers randomly  earn points based on their performance allowing you to unlock cool new avatars to display their skills.
Gamification and Design

This integration of game on a web site, services, community, content, can be a successful campaign to boost participation. It is entirely new, but it is an emerging trend in technology and online marketing.

There are networks that offer these interactive resources such as the network Gamify. This consists of several web sites offering information resources and services for the emerging gamification industry, the most popular currently in the Wiki Gamification (

According to a report by Gartner Research 2011, it is estimated that you for the year 2015, more than 50 percent of the organizations that manage innovation processes are gamify these processes. The trend has been gaining significant momentum in the last year and has won the support of heavyweights in the industry such as Bing Gordon, Al Gore and JP Rangaswami.Gamification and Design

Users expect more brands who love now. They want to interact and express themselves. Using Gamify you can authorize their Super fans to spread the word about your company online and allows them to feel closer to you and your brand.

The Gamification builds user participation. But before we must ask ourselves what kind of users does business? Are visitors of the web site, customers, students or maybe employees? Gamification allows you to reward your users and can make a couple of things for you:

Build loyalty
Create State
It provides significant information
It encourages exploration

For a businessman will be important to set their resources on the concept of gamification. Many companies apply to digital and mobile products a greater interactivity with badges gifts and a lot of points... but how many really understand the point of gamifying or if it is even useful for your business goals?

Item analysts recommend that firms seeking gamify in their products or services must be made three fundamental questions before moving:

What is the reason for the gamifying your product or service?
How to benefit the user?
Will they enjoy it?

It is not enough to understand their business objectives to consider gamification  we must also understand its users and what motivates them. Research users before you start designing your product gamified, focusing on how to use your software, what they want and what motivates them.

Answer a series of questions to help us guide our objectives in a design inspired by the research:

Who are your users?
What are your needs and goals? Why are they playing?
What is preventing them reaching their potential? Is it the lack of will (the belief that complete the task in question is valuable) or the lack of faculty (ability to complete the task)?
What is your style of main (in solo, competitive, cooperative) game?
Does that are playing with the?
What social actions is what are pleasant, and why?
What parameters is what matters?
Gamification and Design 

The key here is to offer visitors an experience of web which is so fun and attractive that they do not feel the need to remain anonymous. Specific tactics that can help a web site to turn anonymous visitors known members of the community include the offer of real-world rewards and bonuses.

Web sites, companies and services can benefit from a community of users which is kept anonymous. A large part of Gamification is the social nature of people and the network, what is important that the social media are closely linked to the platforms of gamified, services or web sites. In this sense, if consumers are engaged and entertained by its offer, which may be more likely to share with their networks of Facebook or Twitter would share his information of personal contact with a company.

The lecciónes until today is that gamification provides benefits to any company, but is necessary to focus on the construction of the experience and adapt the experience over time to keep your users or customers involved. Summary gamification is important, but needed a new term to remove the bias against the fun in business.
A company must integrate experiences directly in your web site, their business applications and mobile applications. Employees and customers are asked to use adequate tools. Instead of creating a gamification Island, a company must create experiences that live within their existing processes, such as the mutual collaboration on their Web sites. Thirdly, the experience should serve as guidance and information to the user time and often. Gamification is actively allows users to know where they stand and guide them to a desired behavior.

Gamification and Design