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Run a new Startup

A company startup or start-up is a business with a history of operation limited, but with great possibilities of growth.
This feature certainly makes them especially attractive for investors looking for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to support them and transform them into big business.

The startup usually start as a creative business idea, immediate step is to add differentiation to that idea through innovation, to finally start the business.

Since then, the game, to put it this way, consists of the creation of the idea of business and to build the platform to launch it and attract the glances of the Los Angeles investors. The most recent examples of this type of startups are Youtube, Facebook and Twitter which for all we know have become business of large size in a matter of months.
run a new startup   

Usually, the start-up world is almost always associated with sectors that are at the tip of the innovation, such as electronics, software, multimedia and other sectors of the art with good rates of growth. In the beginning, most of the start-up are creative business ideas which, through innovation, manage to offer the market a product or service completely novel.

On the other hand, in the early stages of the company, the initial investment is usually found between family, friends and business angels. The latter have the capital necessary to professionally translate business idea that investment that is needed for the start-up begins his activity is low when compared with other types of business.

There are three models: the newly born startup (there is a maximum risk and responsibility and work, but a great potential for growth), another booming (great opportunities for growth in a company which has already begun the road to success) or a consolidated (there will be problems for larger scale and the obligation to stay and not be outdone).

Once decided this, we must advertise. There are many tools on the net that allow to find the best spartups and advertise. Websites like Hirelite or InterviewStreet facilitate this process.

So, if you are of those who have many technological ideas, imagine new products, services or concepts which could innovate on the Internet, these are some suggestions to begin a start-up:

Ideas of value added

Before venturing into the creation of a start-up, we must ask the following questions: what is possible or?

necessary now that it was not previously possible? and do can deal a new product or service with a market segment?

already existing or must create a new one?
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Define your concept.                                                        This must be based on an idea which will have to give form to the project.

run a new startup  

Build solid links

People tend to think that behind every successful start-up lies a single entrepreneur with grand ideas. Without

However, the reality is very different. The road to success is built among several. For this reason, the entrepreneurs more.  traffic news

successful learn to surround himself since the beginning of the best consultants, investors, employees and customers.

Pay much attention to the dissemination of the product

Without a good distribution, a product is doomed to death. An exceptional product needs a system of

also exceptional distribution to reach millions of customers.

It retains the simplicity in your idea. Part of the success of many companies which started as a startup is precisely that were built on simple, practical and attractive ideas that Captivate consumers. So you do not enredes nor pretend invent the new Internet.

Prepare for hikes and downs of the market

In a business venture, the entrepreneur must be prepared at all times for shots of good luck and

also to the blows of bad luck. You have good luck when you discover the opportunity unexpectedly

you need to move quickly forward. And you have bad luck when your first idea fails, which does not mean

defeat, but that you need a plan B.

See all looking for. Such as applying for a job search, five minutes from investigacióñn on the publication will be enough. It decides what is what fit the themes of coverage and what is important for the environment. For example, TechCrunch covers startups with a focus on consumer Internet and value last minute news. GigaOm covers technology and the Internet a more corporate perspective and value analysis. Technically Philly covers technology companies based in Philly and puts value in promoting the technology community of Philadelphia.

Do not play for two bands with the press. 
 I don't think it is worth promise to some "exclusive" means. Journalists value disproportionately the firstfruits and is days if descrubren you promised something to a competitor. TechCrunch is vilified for keeping hostages to companies in exchange for coverage. If you choose to get you into bed with TechCrunch, you know that you'll be making angry all other a new startup  

Your greater capital, you are your own.  
Start a business with thousands of dollars in the Pocket is the dream of every entrepreneur. Count on the unconditional support of the Government is to keep dreaming. Thus, begins with what you have, a great dream, your skills, your ideas, your time and energy. It brings together some pesos to buy some hardware, paid hosting, invest in hours of programming or any other resource to your project. Saves every penny you can and remember that many as Google, Ebay, Amazon and Yahoo, initiated in the garages of their homes.

Practice your "elevator pitch personal".  
You surely know how to "sell" your product, but it is also important to know "sell" to your computer. Ten some anecdotes about how the company was founded or the circumstances that led to the creation of your product or service. Business journalism are frequently written accounts of the type "entrepreneur saw a problem and created a company" over and over again. Keep some lists stories so that the journalist can write a better story and you can connect better with him.  traffic news
run a new startup