Trends for Small Business in  2012
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    Trends for Small Business in  2012

There are many challenges and trends that small business owners will have to face in 2012. Many of these trends have extrapolated the research of the Small Business Research Institute, surveyed nearly 1,100 owners of companies of various sizes. They indicate that small business owners will have to focus on the improvement of productivity and the differentiation of their businesses to overcome the economic challenges and went on to compete with large companies in the coming year.

The current uncertainty of the economy, increased competition and the feeling of negativity that surrounds the choice of the rhetorical campaign will largely affect small businesses in the year 2012 ". "The anticipation along with guidance on how to address the challenges, will help small entrepreneurs and potentially, you can grow their business in the new year."

In general, the biggest challenge for SMEs in 2011 was the growth of its customers / customer base, with 44 percent of them citing this as his greatest concern. Close, budgetary constraints and the customer retention or customer were cited by 32 percent.

The obstacles which did undermine the profitability, the majority of SMEs (63%) responded that it was inflation, 55% of labour costs, 41% macroeconomic uncertainty, 55% tax pressure and 45% exchange rate. "If the return is the main source of financing, in particular among SMEs, what we see is that you declining margin for reinvestment utilities." "The growing demand via consumption does not correspond with an increase in investment, this translates into a bottle neck"

Asked about prospects for the performance of your business in the year 2012, SMEs were divided. Forty percent are "optimistic" or "very optimistic" about the next year, 32 percent are "neutral" and 28 percent feels well "pessimistic" or "very pessimistic".

Looking ahead to 2012, the SMEs will continue to focus on the challenges that occupied them in 2011. In particular, key areas for improvement will be the client / customer of growth (60 percent) and the client / retention of customers (38 percent). As result, the main areas where SMEs to spend plan are marketing (35%) and sales (28%).

Economic volatility will continue in 2012. The Institute's research found that 44 percent of small business owners believe that the economy is preventing them the growth of their businesses. I recommend companies to develop and deply integrated action plans to deal with the challenges.

The price of diesel fuel. According to the forecasts of the Department of energy, diesel fuel will have an average of $3.73 per gallon in 2012. Although this is slightly below the levels of 2011, it is still 25 percent more than in 2010. We will see upward and downward fluctuations, but the end result will be higher transportation costs.

Security. Efforts to strengthen security in the supply chain will continue, but the idea of ensuring that all packages and the container is safe all them stuns the mind. It will be impossible to plug all escape, but the Government and the companies it is likely that they quickly do so everytime one develops.

Trends for Small Business in  2012

The big companies of the market, will be aggressive without considering some ideas from the past to ignore the small companies. Solid companies seek to remove the clients which have traditionally considered outside its target market segment.

As a result SMEs should seek ways to differentiate themselves significantly. The owners of small businesses should seek ways to demonstrate that your company is more sensitive to customers or conditions, provide a more personalized, localized or profitable service. You can also consider partnering with complementary businesses, to offer a wider range of resources to clients, which traditionally prefer to deal with larger enterprises.

Difficult loan for SMEs new

Need credit in 2012? You must show financial means it's really worth the risk. "Banks will not open their pockets for SMEs that do not have good credibility."Trends for Small Business in  2012

Companies seeking to gain the trust of banks and other lending institutions will have a tough audience next year. While lenders will be more willing to provide, in general, it will not be willing to lend money to companies that do not have excellent business plans and you can bet that a number of new companies (many initiated by people who until recently had traditional full-time from 9 to 5 job) are competing for the attention of the banks.

A significant number of business out of success will be pushed to the edge. According to data of the Institute, 14 per cent (or one in seven) of the owners of small businesses surveyed said that it is likely to close their businesses were revenues fell drastically in the next 12 to 24 months. For individual entrepreneurs, that figure increased to 23.3 per cent. Recommended action: improve productivity. A difficult economy presents an opportunity to the right of the size of a company's long-term success. Small business owners should make sure you have the right people, in the correct places so that they can concentrate on the growth of the business, especially at a time when the participation of competitors from the market may be vulnerable.

Retain customers and find new business are presented as the major challenges of business by the year 2012.

The default is still a struggle for the majority of small businesses:

80% of small businesses, said that they are experiencing delays in payments, with 40% of the delays in payments every month. Trends for Small Business in  2012

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55% - the search for new business as one of its two major business challenges
45% - retain customers as one of its main challenges of business two
41% - cost reduction as one of its main challenges of business two
55% - they have had a better cash flow in 2011 than in 2010
82% - envisaged that 2012 will be better for the 2011 cash flow
80%--are experiencing delays in payments
43% - they are "the follow-up of all" as a supplementary payments challenge
41% - they say that late payment is the supplementary payments challenge
82% – accept checks, while 66% still accept cash
64% - accept payments by mail and in person
12% - they are accepting mobile payments

Trends in the small business administration:

In the search for tips, many entrepreneurs answered that the Internet was the main medium, with some tips from other small business owners to come a close second:

61% of small enterprises carry out general searches of the internet to the Council
55% speak with other small business owners to obtain advice and information

To manage your business, the most popular software solutions used by small businesses for accounting and marketing by e-mail:

68% of small businesses use accounting software
61% of small businesses use marketing software for email
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