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 Better Manage my Company in Excel

Today many companies are going bankrupt by not knowing how to better manage your admnistracion with good tools. Itself, the efficient management of the economy to ensure a flow of money important to pay expenses of the Organization constitutes a process of business indispensable if you want to get constant or sustainable growth and development.

Below we list some checks to develop excel and achieve a proper management of your business.

Impressive began evaluating the performance of the tools of the software in the business environment. Why should we supply us from Excel spreadsheets to develop these modelamientos?. Keys are the "personalization" of the involved variables, "Familiarity" of users with the tools that has MS Excel, easy "transfer" of files, the "connectivity" with data from different sources, the "compatibility" with other software and operation by means of macros "Automation". While it is certainly not all users know to maximize the potential of Excel spreadsheets only is a matter of research, disposition and preparation in this regard.

Calculate the start-up Capital for your business

Before starting your business, there will be no expenditure will have to cover. Therefore, the first item on its agenda at the start of a business is to compute your initial capital. Be sure to have a fund to cover all that at the start of your business. Here is a short list of articles that can be found in the initial estimated capital of Excel template.

Salaries of employees, including the director-propietario, the estimate must be at least 2 months
Rent and deposit
Supplies to start its operation
Deposits of public services and the estimate of the monthly bill for at least 3 months.
Legal and professional fees
Accessories and equipment
The costs of installation of all their equipment and accessories
Licenses and permits
Advertising and promotions
Initial operating
In the list, it is estimated that two to three months would be required. The money cannot be expected to come during the first 3 months and therefore you have to have money to cover the operation during this period.
better manage my company

After three months, if their promotions and announcements of merit, the money will begin to arrive and therefore, your cash flow will be better.

Draw up a register of sales.

Depending on the turn and the type of business, must adapt the use of excel thinking in that wants the information collected.

For example, the easiest way to control sales, is simply to keep a record of the products sold at the end of the day, and at the end of the month see total sales by product. This indicates which is the best-selling product and will help us to bring the relationship between sales, costs, and utility.

Should you need more detailed control, for example from each sale by product, by order, there is a type of programs called "Point of Sale" or "POS".

This program is used by business where orders are common, such as a restaurant, a shop for groceries, etc. You can search in google as"pos"

Inventory control

In the majority of businesses that sell tangible products, is required to keep track of inventory to manage a business. Inventories in simple terms is the quantity of product which has in its warehouse and on sale to the public.

A poor control based "the eye" or pure observation leads to shortages of products and therefore loss of potential sales.

In excel, it is possible to take a control based on inputs and outputs. In other words, on the one hand we will add product entries, and subtract the exits, to determine the actual amount of inventory.

You can do more complex, for example, to determine the time of rotation of products, control inventory according to the time of delivery by suppliers, to control the characteristics of the product color, size, etc.

Cost control

Given the complexity of the business, not enough with formulates it "Price - cost of provider = utilities". There are many other costs to consider, divided into:

Fixed costs vs. variables: fixed costs are those that do not depend on sales, income, salaries or payments for services. Variable costs depend on the product sold, for example the raw material, used inputs, etc.

Direct costs vs. indirect: direct costs are the most obvious costs as the cost of 1 unit per provider. However, there are hidden costs called indirect costs. These are for example, the cost of gasoline to go pick up the product, transportation, wear of machines them, etc.

For a more detailed analysis in excel, I would recommend checking the course of Alpha, analysis financial auto, where we see in excel how to determine the costs of a project or business idea.

Debt control

Little commented on Administration is the control of short-term and long-term debts.

That is, get information about the debt that we have to pay, e.g. salaries, wages, income, payment of services, loans, payment of suppliers, etc., separated from the sales.

To separate this aspect of sales, we can determine how much we have to sell per month to meet these debts.

This is also called balance, (read article better business) where we did not win but we are not losing.

In excel, go to listing all of these debts, we can easily define the debt of the week, month and year, and do minimum sales targets that we have to achieve to manage these debts.

Cash management

One reason why businesses fail in the lack of control of the cash in circulation, they need every day to make transactions with customers, pay suppliers, debt services, income, etc.

Control of the effective control of sales, is different because if you give fiado, giving credit, or problems with the transaction, sale does not reflect the real money in box.

To do this, it is necessary to manage the business from box, and keep a record daily (even with a spreadsheet calculator) of the physical money that comes vs. the money that comes out.

Plan of end of fiscal year

Tax planning is just as important, but in this part, while you can download an Excel year-end tax plan. It is always necessary to look for professional help. They will be in a better position to calculate their taxes and it will tell you what are costs which incurred can be deduced from their taxes. A counter is always important to make sure that the calculation of the tax is correct. This will prevent problems with the IRS.

Finally, while that of all Excel templates the here mentioned, it would be important for your business operations, we still need to look for help from an accountant to ensure that no aspect of corporate financing is not lost.
better manage my company

You want to operate a business success and therefore you should see your company in all aspects. It can be difficult to see the finances of the business, but which are very important. These templates of Excel are useful, but a backup with the help of your counter.

After talking with an accountant, he looks better why follow-up and ensure aid professional to both lead to successful businesses if they operate individually or operation of a business with several employees.

Use Google spreadsheets to share the existing Excel files

Google Spreadsheets is software based website that allows to create new spreadsheets online, or to import and share existing Microsoft Excel files. Using Google software, you can create several leaves of a book, type, format and create formulas.

But the real advantage is the possibility of sharing the data with multiple users online, so you can edit at the same time or have a chat on screen about what they are seeing. And that means that emails much less flight of round-trip.

better manage my company