Bill Gates sponsored green revolution in agricultural issues

   Bill Gates sponsored green revolution
               in agricultural Issues

 Agriculture can be an important engine for economic growth in developing countries, however, these countries yields have fallen far behind the developed countries for decades. A potential mechanism to increase yields is the use of agricultural technology improved, such as fertilizers, seeds and farming techniques. Public sector programmes have sought to overcome barriers related to the information for the technology adoption by the provision of agricultural extension services.

A new impetus to the Gates Foundation, Microsoft's President focuses on basic research into crops such as cassava with little interest for agricultural multinationals in the world, but which are important for family farmers in some developing countries.

With productivity gains capping of major crops, such as soybeans and maize, Gates - in an annual review of the Foundation's work - said that the increase in the productivity of small farms can be the key to a new "green revolution".

Annual Letter
In his last letter Gates describes remarkable progress in the developing world and the reasons to continue investing in efforts that have made a difference for millions of people the world poorest. In the past 50 years, for example, the percentage of population living in poverty has fallen from 40 to 15 percent, or approximately a thousand million people. Gates believes that it is possible to continue the progress, but only with innovative investments in areas such as helping small farmers to grow more food, which is the best way to combat hunger and poverty among the poor.

Now, the more than 1 billion people - about 15 per cent of the population world-live in extreme poverty. Almost daily they worry if their families enough experienced receiver food paragraph corner. It is ironic, given that most lives and works in farms. The problem is that their farms, that usually services under that one hectare, not produce enough food paragraph feed a family one.

My concern not just lies in agriculture, it extends an also all areas of global health and global development in which we work. With the use of more recent solutions-seeds, vaccines, medications against AIDS and contraception, for example, have obtained from the United Nations progress impressive. However, if we not widely spread the news about the successes, not generate the necessary funding commitments paragraph progress and save lives. We play the future prospects of one billion human beings.
 Bill Gates sponsored

Market private plays A great workforce in innovation in many areas, especially paragraph the people with money. Objective of the foundation that Presido with Melinda is promote innovation in the areas, having less opportunity to benefit from the United Nations, posed no huge impact paragraph those who need it. Why have earmarked nearly $ 2 billion paragraph help rural families poor, mostly a shipment of women, para that they boost your productivity and at the same time preserve the Earth generations para. These funds do invest in many areas of innovation, sustainable management from the of the land to best ways of training for the farmers and his connection with asset markets.

Unlike the methods of time once it is necessary to create hybrid crops, said Gates, the sequencing of DNA should accelerate the ability of scientists, for example, to identify the genes that make the virus-resistant cassava.

Bill Gates argued today during his visit to Brussels by collaborating with the European Union (EU) in order to achieve their "common" objectives as regards the fight against hunger and poverty in the world, which will explore new joint projects. Gates presented in the Belgian capital campaign "Living Proof" ("living proof"), driven by the NGO which chairs next to his wife, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Bill Gates sponsored

He said that it is good to discuss the experiences that have had success, the areas for improvement or the way in which can "build their commitment to help" development.

Gates acknowledged the current "budgetary challenges" facing the countries of the economic crisis, but opted for "do a better job" in explaining the reasons why it is necessary to "help the poor". "We had a great exchange of views on what we are doing well and how can we associate ourselves better in the future"

In line with the report presented at the Summit of the G20 in Cannes, France, last November, Gates stresses the importance of new resources and experience to countries in rapid growth as Brazil, China and the India carried the development. It reflects the role in expansion of the private sector to improve the lives of the poor and the importance of smart partnerships that help the poorest countries to move beyond aid.
Bill Gates sponsored
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