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   Evolution of the Automotive Market 2011

Automakers sold United States 13.1 million units in 2011, an increase of 13 per cent with respect to the 11.6 million vehicles sold in 2010, today unveiled the automotive companies. The rally is remarkable in an industry which in 2009 was moribund, that two of its most important automotive, General Motors and Chrysler, entered a process of bankruptcy and accepted a bailout from the federal Government. Analysts estimated that the recovery will continue for automakers in United States in 2012, then that signature of automotive analysis Edmunds.com anticipated that they will be sold at least 13.6 million vehicles. Would the figure, however, still be well below the maximum billing for the automotive industry in United States of 16.1 million vehicles sold in 2006. During last December, the owners of cars had one of his best months in 2011, so most of them closed the year on an optimistic note. Sales of General Motors repuntaron 13 per cent in 2011, to sell two million thousand 503 797 vehicles, with what solidified its position as a leader in the automotive in United States and in the world. Meanwhile, sales of Ford repuntaron 11 percent in 2011 and Chrysler's rose 26 per cent the year for 2010. The automotive Nissan reported for its part a 15 percent increase in their sales, and Volkswagen an increase of 26 percent.

The United States Ford brand sales grew 17% in 2011, 2.062 million units, while in December rose 16% to 201,737 vehicles, the company reported.

In the case of Chrysler, announced a growth of 37% over December with 138,019 units sold, while throughout 2011 the figure reached 1.37 million cars.

The German automotive Consortium BMW reported in 2011 a record € 1 billion profit during the third quarter of 2011, compared to 874 million euros in interannual comparison.

The German automotive Consortium also presented an increase in the volume of sales of 15 thousand 900 million euros to 16 thousand 500 million euros invoiced.

BMW surpassed more than the market expectations with its profit for the second quarter, because more rich Chinese consumers bought new 5-series cars. The company reported a jump of 83% of its quarterly operating profit in its business of luxury cars and improved its operating margin to 14.4%, underpinned by the increase in sales of the 5 series, the higher contribution to earnings of the group.

The Audi German
Half of the Audi A6 sold around the world, will go to the China market, according to the Agency Dunne & Co. This model has helped the brand of the rings increase their sales in the Chinese market in a 18.2% to around 52,000 cars in the first quarter, against an increase of only 8% in the whole of the market. According to the President of the manufacturer, Rupert Stadler, China has become the first market of Audi.

Such is the symbol of social status that represents the A6, that in Beijing, the importance of a governmental meeting can be determined by the number of these vehicles parked outside.
Evolution of the Automotive Market 2011 

In the case of Ford in United States sales, grew 17% in 2011, 2,062 million units, while in December rose 16% to 201.737 vehicles, the company reported.


The result was supported by a rise of 25% of the sales of small cars. The EcoSport is the second in a series of eight models that Ford plans to launch in India, in its onslaught on the markets of Asian and African in an attempt to raise its annual 8 million vehicles worldwide sales by 2015 Ford, which sold just under 100,000 cars in India during the 2011 what represents a jump of 15% over the previous year  said that it expects Asian sales to double and come to constitute one third of the company's global sales by 2020.

One of the longest dramas of the global automotive industry, and it ended in a fatal way for its protagonist was the Saab company. And is that after bear fruit not negotiations with the Youngman, Saab decided to end nine months of paralysis of his factory and declare bankruptcy, assuming that it is "best for creditors and employees of the company".

Bankruptcy is announced then that the Chinese manufacturer refused to continue investing in the Swedish brand, owned by the Dutch group Spyker, by the decision of General Motors, its previous owner, not to allow the sale of technology under their control, the major hook for Chinese investors.

The closure of Saab is the latest backlash from the financial crisis in 2008, after which the erstwhile American giants, General Motors and Ford, were forced to sell and eliminate brands such as Saab, Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer, GM, and Mercury, party in the case of the signing of the oval.


The market of electric cars has been making noise since long ago, the technology was consolidated in 2011 as the great ecological route of the future for the industry.


The introduction of BMW i, the electricity Division of the German House, the launch of plug-in ranges of Ford and Renault, as well as the fight between the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, have caused a real technological revolution, bringing electricity more and more people, and even changing the current concept of supercar.

After one of the most difficult ever years, lost the first position as a manufacturer of automobiles by volume. The American General Motors, who seems fully recovered from his bankruptcy, and the German group Volkswagen are placed ahead of the Japanese on the number of sold cars.

The Japanese firm will not forget a 2011 in which many of their factories were affected directly or indirectly by one of the greatest natural disasters that has whipped Japan. The earthquake of March, to which he accompanied a devastating tsunami, had disastrous consequences for the global logistics of Toyota and several plants around the world have been forced to reduce their production and even in some cases to stop it for a while.Evolution of the Automotive Market 2011 

The Japan automotive main predicts a decline in earnings of 57% to 200 billion yen in the year that closed in March, well below the forecast of 419.000 billion yen from a poll consensus.

The company said that the floods cost the company 230,000 vehicles in production loss this financial year. Toyota managed to close with positive numbers (0.4% growth with 178,131 cars sold in December) but in what refers to annual sales, the fall was 7 per cent to reach the 178,191 cars.
However, the Japanese brand returned to the top and closed the 2011 with the best-selling car in the globe: 1.360.000 units.

The second was in the hands of the Hyundai Elantra. The sedan manufactured in Alabama, United States, and Korea of the South (Ulsan), reached 1.010.000 units sold. The new generation of the model with more attractive lines undoubtedly helped to move forward on the podium.

Third place went to the van Wuling Sunshine. Unknown to most, was the best-selling model in China, which explains the why is on the podium. The firm sold 943.000 units.

The list is completed with the Ford Focus, model of which were released 919.000 units around the world.

The fifth place was for the new Kia Rio, which sold 815.337 units; sixth place again for a model of the oval brand. In this case was the global new Ford Fiesta which is patented worldwide 781.100 units.

The seventh position was for Volkswagen Vento/Jetta with 745,000; the eighth place for Toyota Camry with 726,000 units; the noven or for the global model of the brand of the Golden bow: Chevrolet Cruze with 691.000 units and closes the top ten, the Volkswagen Golf with 648,000 units sold.
Evolution of the Automotive Market 2011