Trends and Innovations of 2011                                                                   traffic news

        Trends and Innovations of 2011

 Developments and trends more successful of the 2011. Markets and companies who saw a huge increase in the use of the products, increase in the number of downloads, they revolutionized their industries, they attracted the most attention from the press and they had an increase in sales.

Then  developments more important business of the year, and that probably will continue to surprise us during 2012.

The social marketing.

Social networks were consolidated as a massive tool of communication, and with them the concept of e-Marketing was changed completely. Finishing the year companies of all sizes are preparing their budgets 2012 taking into account strong increases in investment for Social Media marketing.

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Smart phones

Smart phones (SmartPhones) pass to represent more than 60% of the equipment in use within Latin America, and with them Internet and its applications begin to move to the teams of pocket. The use of social networks also moved strongly toward these teams.

Google Wallet or wallet in the cell

Although not yet operational in all countries, this device has become one of the stars of the year in the places that has been implemented so far. With this device you can pay from the taxi to the dinner… only requires a small device connected to the Internet in order to receive payments from mobile phones.Trends and Innovations of 2011

IPhone and Android

The great battle between Android and Apple, has led to that users will be the big winners, thanks to a major fall in prices of equipment and a large number of improvements and applications available without additional costs.

Greater use of portable devices

In addition to smart phones, users have migrated from crude teams desktop to laptops and netbooks, carrying with them their offices, archives, etc. The reason has been the decline in the cost of laptops.

Competition and demand in Wi Fi

Above has been possible thanks to the proliferation of Wi Fi connections, both those of home such as the commercial. Helpful have provided companies which are in general providing connection to visits to its facilities and offices, thus allowing the use of the Internet in more places. At the same time he begins to exist greater competitiveness for the users in the prices of this technology, in the majority of the countries of the region is allowing the entry of new actors and greater number of transoceanic fiber-optic connections.

Penetration of E-Commerce

The stronger affinity of the population with the technologies has enabled electronic sales rise significantly the results, although it is still necessary that SMEs be more involved in this sales channel. Expected sales for a total of $ 1,000,000 million globally by the end of 2011, is 2 million dollars per second.

Change of habits of the user

The user on the network has been tipped over by friendly relations, the world is now social. Statistics show that 72% of Internet users has account on a social network, and that more than 50% of them is connected to networks via their phones. A change of habits that should mark trend for digital marketing in 2012.

 They are startups with higher growth in the last year:

Pinterest: A startup based in Palo Alto, silence is becoming one of the social sites with more traffic on the web. Pinterest allows them to organize and share all the beautiful things that are on the web. People use pinboards to plan her wedding, decorate their homes and organize your favorite recipes. Pinterest has raised more than $37 million in funding.

Klout: Is a site that helps to analyze information about social media with the aim of measuring the influence of a user through your social network. The analysis is performed on the data obtained from sites like Twitter and Facebook, and measured the size of the network of a person, the content created, and how others interact with that content. Klout identifies factors of influence and provides tools for influential people with the aim of controlling its influence. Klout invited 217 influential people with high Klout scores in design, luxury, technology and cars to test the new Audi A8. These influential people generated 3,500 tweets, reaching more than 3.1 million people in less than 30 days  a multiplier effect on more than 14,000 x.

AirBnB: Founded in August 2008, Airbnb is a Community market for persons with the aim that they listen, discover and buy unique spaces in way online around the world or from an iPhone device. Airbnb allows rent Department of another person or to rent your apartment while travelling. In July of 2011, the company raised $112 million that places it with a valuation of $1 trillion dollars.

Instagram: Instagram is a free photo-sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply a filter, and share it on the service or in a variety of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr and many more. Instagram recorded 4.250.000 users in just 7 months after its release. Instagram now has more than 12 million users, 100 thousand weekly downloads only in China.

Quora: Quora adds questions and answers to the issues and allows users to collaborate on them by editing questions and suggest changes to the answers from other users. Quora is a continuous improvement in the collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by every one who uses them. Quora had half a million users in January of 2011. The valuation of the company was more than one billion dollars in 2011. Quora has rejected several billions of dollars on their acquisition.     traffic news
Trends and Innovations of 2011