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        Mistakes in Personal Finance
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If it affects the failure, it means that we must do things other mode, which we are not perfect, we have reasons to start of new.The error is just a step we need to to move forward

But if you start to make these mistakes in financing very often, it will greatly reduce chances for business success long term longer.

The key is to understand the causes and significance of each so you can be in a position to make better decisions.

Enter the comfort zone: not trained, not to open the mind to new ideas, not learn to do things differently.

A big mistake on the theme of personal and business finances is combine the money with emotion and find new ways of generating income.

Many people live in the area of comfort, i.e. conform with what is now, much, little or what is necessary.

The difficulty is evident when there is a need or an unexpected that affects such comfort.

It is why it is important to be prepared, and this preparation begins by learning about topics that help improve the financial intelligence is the ability to properly resolve the financial difficulties.

Plans once you may need to be reviewed periodically. It is useful to get a perspective, sometimes through the addition of the eyes of professional advisers. " It is a matter of expectations ", the methods used to build a fortune that can destroy." The belief that what is the problem. For example, a will drawn up in 1980 Trustees never again invest in anything but a short-term public debt which, at the same time, pays up to 15% per year. Today, the Treasury bonds pay 1% to 2%, and the fortunes invested in them have been eviscerado by inflation. The implication: lack of foresight in combination with the inflexibility can sink to a fortune.

Very expensive financial advisor
It can occur in an invoice from a single payment Planner. And may occur without that you notice when advisers who sell investment funds that offer annual so-called expenditure on the trailer to advisers to keep customers on the funds in excess. For example, an account of $ 1 million of investment funds with an average of 2.5 per cent of expenditure management relationship has incorporated a cost $2,500 annual management. The adviser can get 40% of that rate, or $10,000. For a portfolio of US $2 million, the rate is double and the work of advice would probably be the same. Vital is that the price of advisory services. After all, a 1% annual fee amounts to 20% in two decades. Moreover, the cost is true, the benefits of counseling are guesses.
Mistakes in Personal Finance 

Not have a record of the credit

There are severe consequences of the credit for deferred payments between short periods of time and indefinite periods of time.

First, delayed payments from credit cards is probably the most common way in which a business and an individual destroy your credit.

Second, a check is also recorded in the a business credit report and is another way to have a bad history.

Third, if you make your payments are delayed too, a creditor could make a complaint against yours damaging your credit.

Fourth, when you apply for future appropriations, stand behind the Government payments may result in an automatic preparation to be in your financial funeral by many lenders.

This gets worse. Each time that you apply credits, credit applications are listed in your credit report. This can cause two additional problems.

First, multiple applications can reduce your grade or total score for credit.

Secondly, lenders tend to be less willing to grant credit to a company that has a multitude of applications in your credit report.

If you are in a situation where these short of money for a short time-limited, be sure to proactively discuss the situation with your creditors and negotiate payment arrangements so that you can live without compromising your credit.
Mistakes in Personal Finance 

Forget being provided for: the natural order is to be, do, have.

This is a common mistake that all comment at some point, the desire to have some kind of things, especially in the productive stage which brings us many times to spend on things that are not really necessary.

Many cabinets or garages are full of things that are bought once and failed some task.

Only the desire to have them even though they were not necessary or essential.

You end up buying things in the end remain in the hold of your House?

Not to recognize the difference between credit and debit cards.

When you make a purchase with a debit card, you must have the money in advance in your current account. This means that there is no grace period to pay for your account; the Bank follows the money from your account immediately each time that you use. In addition, it is easy to lose the voucher and forget to take note of the transaction in your check register. This can result in penalties for not having sufficient funds and accounts in red.

On the positive side, paying by debit card is quick and easy, and avoid surcharges by interests. However, the advantage of using floating money wasted.

When you use a credit card and pay the full monthly summary, available up to 30 days to use borrowed money for free. It is taking advantage of the time lag between the time of purchase and the date in which the money is actually extracted from your account. In financial circles this is known as using floating money.

Lead to greater risk that appropriate, through the lack of diversification. Most people have no idea of what is a combination of assets is, Mr. Mastracci said. The combination of assets predicts the level of risk of the portfolio. If you have links which tend to rise when shares fall - and Conversely - and some products or investments in funds of commodity inflation track, then the risk is diversified. There are still issues of balance - the amount of each - and choose assets in each class. But a set assembled with the characteristics of balance tend to weather the financial storms, he said.Mistakes in Personal Finance 

Purchase of properties for rent without laps the estimate of
Derek Moran, head of intelligent planning Financial Ltd. in Kelowna, British Columbia, said the fact does not do the work to pen on offers of goods estate is the cause of the portfolio of the family many flops. The two elements of the real estate investment "flow of cash from net income and growth of capital by paydown mortgage" can be estimated prior to the date of purchase. Capital gains may not be provided, but if a property paid for itself, can afford to wait for earnings.

Insurance of life as an investment

In general, life insurance can be divided into two categories: fixed and permanent life insurance term life insurance.

With fixed term life insurance, your heirs will receive the benefit agreed upon death; never offered as an investment. If you decide you need life insurance, a simple policy for a limited time may be your best choice. It would cost much less than total life insurance.

Total life insurance, also known as permanent or life insurance with cash value, not only provides the benefit at death has been agreed, but it also presents something characteristic of an investment, known as the cash value.

The biggest advantage of permanent life, as an investment for retirement insurance, is the tax treatment that receives its increasing value in cash, sometimes known as the redeeming value in cash (the amount of cash that you will receive if the policy is cancelled before die holder).

If a permanent life insurance policy is maintained until his death, will be never paid tax on these gains. If the insured need funds before his death, he or she may request them against the policy cash value, instead of charging it. Thus, the cash value is still not taxable.

If you are in a high tax category and lacks much to retire, permanent life insurance may be right for you. However, high rates and costs of permanent life insurance make it difficult to compete with other forms of investment yields.

Mistakes in Personal Finance