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 Whether it's a small leaf or a big ole upwards feet in mouth moment, communication errors occur at the best of us. Beyond damage control, importantly, that we can learn from our mistakes. Even better, we can learn from the mistakes of others. These are 2011 the 10 main mistakes in communication and the lessons we can learn from them.

It is possible that this selection is very representative of communication errors committed in the year, the blunders, gaffes of leg, and technical problems that led many to shame. These are some anepdotas in a list of the winners of glory for the year 2011, together with the lessons of his mistakes they offer.

 Very serious, very frequent errors in the business world, unfortunately. The first of these was disregarding the internal communication, underestimated until reduced to a simple magazine circulation internal, more or less successful in its design but far from the real interests and needs of their employees. Believe in communication is to feel their need, assume its bi-directionality and incorporate it as a key vector of management. Communicate, more than a technique, it is an attitude, a primary and essential part of corporate culture.

The second monumental mistake was to select the person responsible for the small plot of communication not among the best connoisseurs of the Organization, with proven communication skills and internal credibility, but between people that technology had been marginalized. As if the person in charge of internal communication would not have to be an expert familiar with the most advanced technological tools: Intranet, videoconferencing, digital magazines, cyber portals, vestibular programs...

Communication Internal Error in Business 

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, Michele Bachmann asked the public to join in the celebration of birthday of Elvis Presley. Thinking it was a big applause line, it was surprised by the warm response. It is August 16 was not rock and roll of the King's birthday. On the contrary, that was the date of his death, thirty-four years ago.

Lesson: check the facts or to another person that before speaking.

Mistake # 4 - assume that you have the Total attention of your prospects: are competing against everything that can attract the attention of your prospects - other businesses, and his work, family and hobbies. So he writes pieces heavily targeted, persuasive and with so many benefits that your prospect may not stop interest.

After an ostentatious ceremony, much vaunted wedding, Kim Kardashian announced the end of his marriage after 72 days, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Lesson: Each couple faces irreconcilable differences. Wise Up, Kim. Her boyfriend on the side and you have them, and you them will find all their future husbands. Those of us who remain married among themselves recognize that irreconcilable differences are going to stay there, are not as devastating as those than they thought, and it can be tolerated. Eventually, both the husband and wife can learn to laugh at their weaknesses and differences.

Not communicating, pretending the crisis there if there is no mention of it. It was the case with many companies and countries. We are not in crisis. It is momentary...
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Error # 7 talk of a party of golf between the Obama President and Chairman of the House, John Boehner, Hank Williams Jr. said that the pairing of the links was comparable to Adolf Hitler playing 18 holes with Benjamin Netanyahu. Almost immediately, ESPN fell song of Williams, the theme of the segment of the opening night of soccer Monday.

Lesson: Be careful with the comparisons. Hitler was a bad, very bad boy. Millions of murdered people, devastated the face of Europe. Worst racist history. Whatever your opinion of the President of the United States, they are not smart to mention the President in the same sentence which refers to Herr Hitler.
Communication Internal Error in Business 

A CEO expressed a disconnect between your brain and language, more than once. First example: in an interview with a Council of jobs in Durham, North Carolina, which responded to those who said that regulations cumbersome government prevented work on infrastructure, an American programme of Obama had advocated. The President replied: "Pala-no was so smart.." UH... Shovel-ready as expected. "

Lesson: Humor when horribly wrong will be counterproductive. Nice play on words, Mr President. However, the Council did not want a joke, I wanted to its commitment to provide thousands of jobs for people desiring to meet with the field of employment.

Error # 9 abuse of the written communication without reason between departments swept away beside yours. When all he knows that direct communication face to face is much more fruitful all levels.

Key hearings separately are not considered.
It is easy to find a lost to locate public objective that must communicate, especially because of the lack of research methods for identification, this causes that by very good messages become useless, resulting in loss of allies for the Organization and valuable time, this was just the room for manoeuvre to operate.
Communication Internal Error

Lack of closeness between the holder of the Organization and responsible for the communication. It is very common to see how the director of communication does not participate in the important decisions of the Organization, even can even sit down to review plans and communication with the owner of the same goals and do so with a third party.

The consequences are not exchanged inside information to control the issuance of messages and no one takes responsibility for decisions made in communication, especially for the bad decisions. It is important to strengthen the relationship between the directors of communication and the owner of the organization in all respects.

Error # 12 in the popular weekly television football the day of the game show the University, Lee Corso neglected to talk about the game between the University of Houston and the SMU. Defying the manufacturers of probabilities that secured the victory of Houston, Corso took a microphone and yelled the SMU "F" Word (and did not refer to the request of the typical Cheerleader of the team of "struggle").

Lesson: Be careful with their usual everyday slang. Ed McMahon, the companion of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show for 30 years, stated in his autobiography that he never used bad words off the air, because I was afraid that the offensive words could become habitual, and would use during a transmission. Rather a wise advice, because our daily habits become absolutely transparent when focus us strikes and tension rises.

Latest anecdote. Alec Baldwin continues to play a "words with friends" of the game in your phone, after American Airlines flight attendants asked that turns off the device while the team prepared for takeoff. Baldwin was nuclear, and then deplaned involuntarily after facing the audience with rude language. Interviewed later, Baldwin lamented that he was "brought by this woman in the most unpleasant sounds." Equate commercial air travel to mount a "Greyhound Bus", supervised by the attendees seemed a teacher of physical education 1950 in service.
 Communication Internal Error

Lesson: once you have broken the rules, and continued to do so after that several warnings, admitted his mistake. Blame yourself, without scold others who are doing their job.

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