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Software for Companies in Social Networks

IBM is taking place in Orlando during the 15 days to January 19 a new edition of the international event Lotusphere, which has had special guest actor Michael J. Fox.

This year, the concept of Social Business is galvanizing attention in almost all of the conferences. It is not surprising because of the strong commitment that IBM is doing in the collaborative as a base area companies to improve their business processes. "Social Business is a clever approach to business processes in which the core is formed by connected persons".

IBM Connections, is the new software presented by the company to incorporate sophisticated analysis capabilities, monitoring data in real time and fastest collaborative networks, both within and outside the Organization, through the IBM SmartCloud services.

The system offers services and programs that will help organizations integrate concepts of social networking to the business processes in order to accelerate collaboration, deepen relationships with customers, generate new ideas more quickly and empower the workforce for greater efficiency.Software for companies in social networks 

Currently the adoption of social software is quickly becoming a vital tool for businesses, permitiedo organizations transform virtually every part of their operations, from marketing, customer service and sales, to the development of products and human resources. This social model offers a world of possibilities for enterprises, channeling the energy and the opportunities generated in lathe to models of consumption, such as Facebook and Twitter, getting more approach to seize all the opportunities the current business.

According to the study of the 2010 CEO of IBM, 57% of the companies who invested in social business tools surpass their peers, and cite the cooperation as an element that has a direct impact on the growth of your organization. In fact, social software for businesses quickly takes momentum in the company. It is estimated that the market for social platforms worldwide will increase 33% in 2011 to $630 million and will triple to $1863 million in 2014. Either access to applications on - premise, from a mobile device or in the cloud, the social models of all sizes need to communicate and collaborate at all times between a global network of customers, partners and employees. 

In order to fully enable a social business model, IBM announced:

Companies, regardless of their size, need to communicate and collaborate through a global network of customers, partners and employees, whether accessing applications from mobile devices, from the Office or in the cloud. The forecast that the number of mobile workers overcome the 1,190 million in 2013, further increases the need to help customers to collaborate.

In order to fully enable a social business model, IBM announced:

Task of a more rapid implementation through quick access to the information of a network of professional contacts extended.
Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of business processes using existing skills discovered through its professional network.
Trust, decisions knowing decision were examined by experts in the Organization and reflect past experience
Innovative products and services developed using the experiences and knowledge of the communities of employees, partners and customers.
A sustainable competitive advantage created through the use of innovation throughout your value chain and building stronger relationships.Software for companies in social networks 
Access to social data while they are in motion.

The world spends currently more than 110 million-minute social networks and sites from blogs per month. This is equivalent to 22 percent of all time in línea-o one every 4.5 minutes 1. Social networking services are now underway to replace email as a primary method of communication for many professional users in the coming years.

A social enterprise according to IBM is not only a company that has a page on Facebook and a Twitter account. A social enterprise is embracing and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community through his organization, both internally and externally.

Features most notable of a social enterprise:
A social business is deeply-connecting people, including customers, employees and partners, to participate in a productive and efficient manner.

A social enterprise is transparent, the Elimination of the limits to the information, experts and assets, helping people to align each action to drive business results.

A social enterprise is agile, the acceleration of business information and knowledge to anticipate and respond to the changing opportunities.

These new features of IBM are announced in the middle of a badly kept secret, given the aggressive strategy of acquisitions that have been in. In the last 5 years IBM has spent more than $14 million in business analysis. That the investment fits pay, with the company of which suggests that they expect from analysis to bring in $16 billion in revenue by the year 2015.

Social analysis, runs through the blogs of software, wikis, email, activity streams and other social functions provided by IBM and data flags for action. New IBM connections are expected to allow also the partnership immediately with a simple click and the possibility of creating social communities, both inside and outside the Organization to increase the loyalty of customers and the results of the commercial rate.

New IBM capacity for Corporate Social SmartCloud is also one of the suite cloud-based Office productivity, IBM Docs. Now in beta and it is expected that the availability in the year 2012, IBM Docs allows organizations, both within and outside the firewall to collaborate simultaneously on documents of processors Word, spreadsheet calculation and presentation in the cloud to improve productivity. IBM authors Docs will be able to store and share documents in IBM SmartCloud, co - edit documents in real time or assign sections of document users so that they can work in private by facilitating the management of multiple revisions of several authors in the team based on the documents.

New customers such as Kraft, Electrolux, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida employees already are using social software and collaboration in cloud, making it one of the leading global provider of can - a - service (SaaS).

Jeff Schick, Vice President of social software from IBM, said "we will look at Lotusphere is analytical, analytical, analytical and mobile, mobile, mobile phone".Software for companies in social networks 

Nowadays, in 2012 Lotusphere, IBM announces new cloud services and the next generation of its platform for social networks, connections of IBM, Schick is referred to as "Connections next." The new software includes sophisticated analysis capabilities, real-time data, and monitoring faster networks of collaboration, both inside and outside the Organization through the IBM SmartCloud security services.

IBM also introduced the Smarter Commerce software for mobile users. It offers native applications of electronic commerce which take advantage of the operating systems to offer a more stimulating shopping experience-based Android and Apple.

The software also offers new capabilities for the delivery of the Windows in the tablets that take advantage of the touch screen and greater market roots. In addition, IBM has expanded the offer of support for Facebook that allows companies to provide relevant offers and marketing campaigns based on the profile of a client.

IBM Industry Solutions Manager general Craig Hayman, said today, consumers trust the opinions of other consumers more than business, prompting retailers to rethink its operations and adopt trade smarter.

"Smarter trade helps retailers deepen relationships with customers and potential customers to become brand advocates." With the mobile and social networks, consumers have the power to make or break a brand in an instant. "Earn their loyalty in the seconds it takes to search for in the competition is the new imperative".Software for companies in social networks