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 An e-book by definition, "is an electronic or digital version of a book," by custom (not by definition) containing a smaller volume of pages on the common of the books published on paper, this is due to an e-book contains fewer pages, therefore information, addition to the reading public is even more limited as well as reading devices.

Some authors of eBooks are selling hundreds of thousands of books and even people who sell it much less to find their work more quickly and with a wider global audience through traditional editing.

Characteristics of an e-book

The digital format of a book or e-book allows that available within the reach of a range different from the paper books, so if you publish a book on the internet will be available for all those pesronas who have connection, on the other hand a book depends on each Publisher, reserving the global scope only to the gems of literature or the great authors.

Another feature is its size. To read an e-book you can use a computer, a PDA or device e-book, so it must be considered that many readers prefer to spend less time reading, compared to a book on paper, by the impact it has reading in the fatigue of the view.

As a consequence of the above, the subject of the e-book can be very specific and concrete, allowing the depth in the development of the information. In this way the reader will feel a major attraction for the acquisition of the e-book that you will find the exact information you are looking for.

Before starting an ebook or electronic book, the preliminary step would be to know that you can talk to, if you have a blog with a theme defined there have the solution, if you have no idea about a topic would be better to investigate, even more serious to send make an ebook with a professional. For example I, that I dedicate myself to write and that I can hire from the contact form if you are looking for does not complicate your life, in the event that you want to get you gray green in battling and learn read on.

Writing an eBook, step by step you will discover:

How to identify a theme for your eBook from your blog
How to validate the economic potential of your idea and confirm the interest of your idea to the readers of your blog. To be sure not to miss three months of work and discover too late that nobody wants to buy your eBook just ended.
How to analyze your competition to find its own voice and design a strategy for winning entry.
How to order your ideas during the creative process.
How to write an eBook in a reasonable time, reusing material on the blog, or you record and transcribe your text work for one lower cost.
How focus you in your goal to finish this eBook as soon as possible.
Publish my own Ebook  

Once defined the theme, if you've decided to write what you can do this in word, this ebook that will make is simple and will only retain some links.

We write the subject, then we will have to convert it to PDF format, use PDF creator or the trial version of adobe, which also converts files. PDF creator is one of the free programs to convert to PDF format, I recommend it, even if others pay very good.

It would also be, before you convert it to PDF, create a cover, there are programs and pages online that allow you to create one, use them if you want to sell your ebook you should try to be more possible professional. One of these programs is eCover Enginer, that allows to create covers and boxes for your product as your book may be electronic or software.

Composition of your E-book

1 Image                               6. Dedication

2. Title                               7. Acknowledgements

3. Name of the author        8. Introduction or foreword

4. Note on the author         9. Table of contents

5 Index                              10. Conclusion

Title and author name

The title is fundamental because it must be the keyword that people are using more search engines to find information on the subject of your book. Then the URL of the web page must create a domain that carries the same title of the book, or as close as possible. In this case the title should it be the starting point for the preparation of the book.

All rights reserved

On the next page, the 2, put the registration of copyright or copyright.

Note about the author

It is important that you speak of you, who are you and all information about you that you feel that it is relevant, as well as all research and preparation that you did for this work. There are those who recommend to include a picture of yourself. I think that it should be left to your discretion, related how how you want to let you know and trust that you want to achieve from your customers. It may be a good idea.


On page 3 he would start the index according to the size of the material and the style that you put would be a page or two.

Dedication or acknowledgements

If you want to write a dedication to those who helped you make this work or who inspired you, or someone who you inspiraste you. This is depending on the target.

The introduction should be inspired by the objective and the needs of those who seek who help them solve their problems, meditates in his situation, their frustrations, that they would like, your dreams and what they aspire. Before deciding to create the e-book you must get into the shoes of the people that are needing that information, to understand their situation they are not having a method, a guide, information to help them address their need.

Table of contents

The content is already the book itself. It should be organized in such a manner to facilitate its reading avoiding confusion, as apparent contradictions. We are talking of a digital book, not a piece of literature. We speak as if you had the person in front of you, in understandable language, clear and precise, avoiding the abstractism and difficulty to orient themselves.

According to the objectives and the theme you have chosen will be determined the system and methodology, either by chapters or lessons. If this is a course then you organizarás him for lessons. If it's a book of recipes can be organized by chapters.

Organization by chapter allows to organize areas, categories and sub categories. The use of subchapters and sub-items are very important for easy exploration of the reader to make their queries. Once you have the index and chapters, divide each chapter in the different parties taking into account the aspects you want to try there. The idea is not to give them once and followed all the data and information, but rather to subdivide and organize into clear parts, to facilitate the reading.

Now the task is simpler; simply write your e-book filling spaces which you have prepared in each chapter and their respective divisions. Don't worry if some parts are not very clear or you appear to be very devious, he continues to write until the end, because then you'll have time to change and better writing more convoluted parts.

Once the operation of own revision: twice, be it to someone so that you read and give their opinion on this. If you know any spell or some editor looks to see what you can exchange with him to achieve what review you. Another alternative is to enroll you in a group of writers through a social network or a forum, so these Members criticize your work and so you can improve it.


It may be a conclusion that you are pleased that your book has accomplished the mission, where you expect to continue serving your customer, as well as thank your customer confidence, although the latter could also go to the beginning of the book.

Take the ideas of critics and check your manuscript one last time. Correct it and then write. You've completed the creative part!

The last step is to get in the processor of texts and start preparing your digital edition, giving a format that is easy to read and with a presentation that is enjoyable for your readers. Remember that you you must help them to consume your content.

Links in the book

It is very important for you and your client put links that lead to your web site or other sites you sugieras to provide you with tools to your customer. You can put a link to the address of your web page to the beginning or at the bottom of each page.

Listed below are some of the best tools to edit an E-book

Natata eBook Compiler: this utility allows you to create eBooks in a few steps from HTML files and images, compiling them into an EXE file that can run on any operating system.

eBook Builder: simple tool that can generate e-books, quickly and very easily. It has a very simple and customizable interface that allows you to write a text organized into chapters. You can also print the entire book or a specific chapter, and once written the book, save it in format EXE so you can run on any system, thereby facilitating its distribution.

Reader EBook Wizard: it is a very easy to use program and step-by-step guide to create your own e-book, from files in format TXT or HTM, with support also for CSS, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. It allows to customize eBook with details such as title, name of author, subject category, description, image of the cover and other curious items. Once you filled all the steps in the wizard, Reader Ebook Wizard automatically generates the eBook in LIT format, you can read quietly with Microsoft Reader.

EBooksWriter: it provides all the tools necessary to create totally customizable eBooks in EXE format or in a Hae file with a free reader integrated. It includes several ready-to-use design templates and allows to use also frames, images, links to Web pages, Windows pop up, etc. Allows protect books with password, as well as to block the function of copy to the Clipboard or print, or put an expiration date to the book. It includes a search tool and an integrated browser to display your books.

If you want to publish your own ebook then must take into account the main shops online e-books where readers to buy and download eBooks. The four stores at this time are Amazon Kindle Store, books Barnes & Noble corner, Apple iBookstore, and the Sony Reader store. There are some others to consider, but let's keep this discussion of these four.

Price - decide on the price to charge. As a result, the sometimes different prices in different percentages of royalties so choose carefully.
Territories - you need to know that the geographical territories who owns the rights to his e-book. If your eBook is an unpublished work most likely is that they still have the rights to all the territories.
ISBN number. It needs ISBN numbers in some electronic books stores, but not in others.
Publish my own Ebook  

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique number that identifies the books and electronic books published internationally.

It serves to identify a particular title or edition of a title of a Publisher and is unique to that Edition.

It is not compulsory for ebooks (or books) to have an ISBN number.

However, is a well that it has one, since many stores book and eBook stores (both online and offline) only sold goods with an ISBN. Sony Reader Store and Apple iBookstore require ebooks have ISBN. Amazon Kindle Store and books Barnes & Noble corner does not.

Tools to help you publish e-books

Novel Rank
A free service for authors to track their Amazon Sales Rank through Amazon's various stores around the world. Sales quantities are only estimates.

Metric Junkie
A free service that displays Amazon Sales data through charts and graphs. You can track sales and estimate product market share.

Sales Rank Express
Another free service. Sales Rank Express pulls together sales rankings from Amazon and NovelRank. A nice feature here is the ability to see “pairings”. Pairings reflect books that are bought most often by the same customers, and this information is presented by Amazon to customers in various ways to encourage additional purchases.

A tracking service for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores. A free account will let you do some limited tracking on one book; however you will need to pay for more features or to track multiple books.

Books Writers
Another service to track your book rank on and Barnes & Noble. Their Rank Monitoring Service allows you to receive hourly, daily, or weekly email updates of rankings and view charts tracking a book's ranking over those intervals. It costs $10 per year for 1 – 2 books; $20 per year for 3 to 10 books.
Publish my own Ebook