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The closure of Megaupload and digital strikes of the last days are nothing more than symptoms of a war, already not so quiet that a decade ago takes place in the world for the control of the internet.

The World Web War (the war of Internet), as most her qualify and reported, is a fierce battle that maintain two distinct sides, those who defend the so-called "internet neutrality" and the, i.e., between those who refuse maintain its current state and those who want to regulate.

evolution of the conflict

In 2009, the Swedish Justice condemned those responsible for the site 'The Pirate Bay"(allowing download programs, applications, and other material free of charge), Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström, guilty of an offence against the law of copyright.

In november 2010, US authorities intervened 82 internet portals for alleged sale of counterfeit and pirated products. Seventy-seven of them were products from China and the rest were engaged in the illegal downloading of music, film and software programs.World War Web

Almost a year ago, in February 2011, US authorities closed the Spanish domains and, one of the most popular to watch football matches online. Besides these, the federal prosecutor's Office in Manhattan ordered the closure of ten internet domains by scheduling sporting events and shows in wrestling, in violation of laws prohibiting the distribution of materials with intellectual property rights without permission. However, direct red returned to function using another domain.

In the United States. UU. launches a massive blockade of Web pages in 2011. Multiple sites accused of piracy by the United States authorities lead to the closure of approximately 150 sites allegedly selling counterfeit goods, mainly clothes.

With regard to this confrontation already in 2005, Lasica J.D, journalist, blogger, and consultant on social media was talking about this phenomenon in his book "The Hollywood war against the digital generation", based on interviews with players in the industry of entertainment, the technological world, journalists and politicians.

In this work, he predicted the attempt of block internet content industry, as well as the ability of citizens to generate and share content.

"Online and"many to many"participatory technologies can displace the nucleus of the sphere of influence media from a small number of powerful owners of means of communication to the entire population", citing the book.

Now many seized domains visitors will find themselves with a warning that reminds that the violation of copyright is a federal crime involving prison sentences and fines for their offenders

Between the domains closed "" and "", one of the most popular to watch online football matches, and whose confiscation was already executed by the United States Department of Justice in Washington. They are also "", "",."",."", and

Other confiscated domain names:,,.louisvuitton.bag     ,,,

US authorities have seized more than 350 websites domain names since the launch more than two years of a campaign anti-piracy so-called online "Operation in Our Sites". A spokesman for the immigration and customs of United States Agency (ICE) said on Friday that the closure of Megaupload, directed by the FBI (federal police) and does not form part of "Operation in Our Sites".

One of the founders of, one of the places caught up in the first phase of the "Operation in Our Sites", was sentenced Friday to 14 months in prison for allowing the illegal downloading of movies and television programs protected by copyright.
 World War Web
Matthew David Howard Smith, 24, a native of North Carolina (East), is one of the four people who face prison terms in connection with, it grossed $500,000 during his two years and a half of operation, according to us officials.

The Prosecutor's Office in Manhattan, released multiple complaints against the perpetrators of the three main pages of United States 'online' poker in 2011.

Prosecutors were able to close the pages of Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars and charging 11 people. US authorities accuse these pages of bank fraud and money laundering.

On Megaupload, the indictment says that the activity of the website, is about $ 500 million loss for the industry, by discharges from all types of audiovisual content. According to sources of research there is no relation whatsoever between law soup and the closure of Megaupload Megavideo and Megaporn protests. Megaupload had a total of 4% of the traffic of the entire global network, and over 1 billion users that now are with few friends face and wondering what will happen with the money they have paid for your premium account.

In retaliation, the Anonymous network attacked the website of the FBI, the Department of Justice, of the Universal Music Group company, among others. Thus, this week we witnessed the first skirmishes of what many are cataloging as the first World War website

If Megaupload was used to share video content with copyright, but was also an excellent tool for sharing documents, or simply spend photos vacation for your family without having to send 200 emails. That will happen with private content found on Megaupload servers? That does not violate the privacy of thousands of users?

Other 18 affiliate sites were closed due to American justice, which also confiscated 50 million dollars of the accounts of the society based in Hong Kong, according to US authorities.
World War Web

What is sopa and pipe?
Stopping Online Piracy Act (sopa) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are probably the most unpopular U.S. legislative initiatives in recent years. Both soup (studied at the House of representatives) and pipe (which is discussed in the Senate) seek to combat the unauthorized dissemination of copyrighted material via the Internet.

Approved two initiatives, any web site (regardless of the place where you are) is liable of sanction if it is that it allows the hosting of illegal content. The rule further provides that servers will be punished if they remain for a short time to websites with contents with copyright.
As would it affect us?
The adoption of these rules would force web pages to activate mechanisms of self-censorship and filtering the activity of its users. I.e. we could arrive at the imposition of extreme vigilance and the limitation of freedoms on the Internet.

The internet industry wrapped up by the giants of Silicon Valley already step from a small political actor in 1999 one of the largest contributors to the company of Obama in 2008.

According to the Federal Election Commission, the year Obama managed to raise $9.2 million of internet industry, three times as much of it raised by any other politician his career.

It was the first time that this sector exceeded the entertainment industry.

Yet Hollywood is a traditional ally of the Democratic Party Obama is far from wanting to lose.

After retiring from law soup support, Hollywood reacted with threats to halt the funds to his party, which could jeopardize his presidential campaign in 2012

Some see the closure of Megaupload as a timely nod of Obama to its traditional ally, overshadowed however by the decision of the Senate to postpone the discussion on the pipe Act due to the protests.

For its part, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that defends freedom of expression and digital rights on the internet, said in a statement that "this type of application of international criminal proceedings to the Affairs of the policies of the internet sets a terrible precedent".

As in all wars, collateral damage will impact on the average citizen foot experts say.

"There are users who use these tools in a positive way and are going to see affected".

"They want to involve communications and essentially what we are doing is preventing access to culture".

However, analysts are skeptical about the possibility of a scenario where it is impossible to share files over the network.

"Continually talk about raids against piracy, and will continue for a long time." But internet is designed to withstand a nuclear attack. "The only way in which will manage to not move us on files over the internet is disconnected everything".