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   Online Video Marketing and Stats

Benefits most important to you and your company can be obtained in the use of online video:

Online video is now part of the marketing mix, then if you want to be part of the new was, you must be part of this to be able to offer customers a new option.

When we talk about introducing a new feature, we are afraid about what it costs. In this case, you can find our company can offer you different options at competitive prices. You can choose the most convenient for your company and clients.

If you is an expert on this, or just want to be part of a new environment, but does not understand much in this regard, you can learn very fast and in a simple way to show your business in a way that their customers do not expect.

Now the user wants to have a striking visual experience on all sites that enter, so if we speak of text on a site, the best experience would be "the less, better". And as we are talking about online video, this means that there will be nothing to read. You can improve the customer experience on your site.

How can you improve video SEO and ecommerce conversion rate?

The video is better positioned in search engines Search engines like Google give best ratings with video content, in part by trend rising to consume this type of content. It is proven that the results which include video appear in the highest area of the SERPs. Videos give the user more information. It is clear that a video showing the product in use or the details of its characteristics will give more information to the user that a text or a picture. There are many customers did not just decide because they are not able to see details that are interested in the product, just by searching for it offline, and buy in conventional commerce. We have to get with the videos provide more product information which the consumer might be needed, if a electronic equipment is to see it in operation, that is the size, whether it is clothes that see implementation, etc. Building stories, with the video gets an emotional relationship with the consumer, This will help to strengthen brand image that we want to give. Depending on the product we can choose a common host for everything, find paradigmatic characters for our target, do humor... all that comes to mind. Stories engage more than pure information.

A poll by Forbes, appears in eMarketer, stresses the importance of content in Online video, stating that 60% of executives give priority to the online video rather than text, and 22% generally prefer watching videos rather than reading text to receive information from the company. In addition 80% of senior executives claim that they see more online video than a year ago. Other interesting facts about the study of the company Idate reflect that 48% of the profits generated by videos on the Internet comes from advertisements, the remaining 52% originates directly from the payment like Netflix or Apple platforms.

Also shows how countries with greater technological development in 80% of Internet users enjoy materials of videos in some or other way, and although as a business online video not defined clearly, every day are more platforms of payment in this market.

Most analyses of cosumption of video on the internet show that 182 million users of the website in the United States.UU. they have been online video content, in December from an average of 23.2 hours by Viewer. The amount of us viewed Internet audience.UU. 43.5 billion videos.

Owners of video content more important

Google Sites, driven mainly by viewing video on, classified as a property of the top online video content in December with 157.2 million unique visitors, while VEVO ranked second with $ 53.7 million. Yahoo! sites ranked third with 53.3 million viewers, followed by Viacom Digital with $ 45.8 million and 42 million of More than 43 million video views occurred during the month, with Google Sites generate the most amount of $ 21.9 million. The average viewer observed 23.2 hours of online video content, with Google Sites (7.9 hours) and Hulu (3 hours) that demonstrates commitment to average highest among the ten best properties.

The Americans saw 7100 million video ads in December, with Hulu generating the largest number of impressions of ads for video in almost $ 1.5 million, followed by in second place with 1.1 billion. Video tremor in third place with 942 million, followed by video network BrightRoll with 872 million and media specific to 496 million dollars. Time devoted to see video ads amounted to more than 3 million minutes during the month, with offer greater duration of video ads in 636 billion minutes. Video ads reached 51 per cent of the total population of the United States.UU. an average of 46 times during the month. Hulu given the greater frequency of ads video to its viewers with an average of 46.

December 2011 YouTube partner data revealed that the music video channel VEVO (53.5 million viewers) and Warner Music (31.7 million viewers) holds the two top positions. Games channel of Machinima in third place with 22.7 million viewers, followed by studies of manufacturer with 10.4 million, to full screen with frame, 9.7 million and big with 8.3 million. Among the 10 members of YouTube, VEVO demonstrated the highest commitment (67 minutes per viewer) and the highest number of videos viewed (782 million), while Machinima displayed the second highest participation (64 minutes per viewer) and the number of videos viewed (340 million of)

Visual supremacy of YuoTube

According to latest data from the company, approximately 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, compared with 48 hours of video uploaded per minute in 2011.

YouTube, which Google acquired for $1.65 billion in 2006, represents one of the main opportunities for Google to generate new sources of income outside of its online search advertising business traditional.

Previously, YouTube hit the 2 million hits per day mark 05 2010, which the company said was "almost double the audience during primetime's three main television stations in the United States."UU. "combined." And site had spent 1 billion visits per day in October 2009. However, as Jason Kincaid pointed out then, that number was probably a little lower than the actual figure. Previously it was reported that the site had reached 1200 million visits a day last June 2011.

Reuters points out that the majority of the 4 billion videos viewed on YouTube today do not earn money. Only 3 billion videos on YouTube a week are being monetized, according to the company. YouTube also is focusing on content agreements with media partners in recent times. Just add a Reuters TV (which is likely that the way I have come to this first data) as one of what now 100 bids of original programming.

YouTube has also launched a fun site called, which shows an interactive collection of what happens in a second YouTube.