New Investment Markets of Google                                               traffic news

 New Investment Markets of Google

Google continues to grow but not as fast as they had hoped. Their results confirmed his progression, but nevertheless satisfied analysts and experts. Although Google has improved its results for the quarter on 2010, comparison confirm a slowdown in the business of Google.

Is why Google bets to expand your business, using revenues from its online advertising business, which allow you to easily subsidize other campaigns to enter new markets. The bet of the company is diversifying to the fullest, while maintaining the caution: Google mission is to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"

Investments in the market of discounts

With a stake of 5,300 million dollars for the rejection of discounts Groupon service, Google launched a service of discounts and acquired three companies of cuponería in the past few months: DealMap, Zave networks and DailyDeal. He better to Groupon hurry their departure to bag that reward executives.

Mobile market
It may be that Android is besieged by Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and other patent holders, but Google remains undeterred. It is doubling investment in patents through the acquisition of mobility of Motorola to assemble allies for a long war. The result can be that Android becomes more expensive for manufacturers of phones and Google. Even so, the operating system of the mobile company seems to be destined to dominate. He could have played differently if Apple had sought partners and allies rather than control, but this is not the way to play Apple. Also it could have been different if not Microsoft not had taken both to go beyond the PC. But for now the race of mobile seems to be Google, to win or lose.
New Investment Markets of Google   

Google Voice is one of the most interesting Google services, which offers phone calls cheaply over the Internet, and is integrated fully with Gmail and Android. The trouble is that this service was only available in United States and Canada.
It is a smart move by Google, and a good way to make the competition to Skype. From the platform recently bought by Microsoft, Google Voice can call directly from the web with just a plugin, while Skype we need the entire application. It is clear that with regard to features Skype WINS on street, but it will be interesting to see how this develops alternative, more simple and integrated with one of the mail services and mobile operating system most used around the world.

Search more personal and premises
The local search used to be a market below the radar of Google, where vertical search companies could flourish. But a few years ago, Google recognized the value of the local search and began to build their capacities in this area. Later it became clear the intersection of the mobile, social and local, and Google put Marissa Mayer in charge of its products local and geographical area that the company has described as "crucial to our users and the future of Google". With the recent acquisition of Zagat, Google's obvious interest in the local has become even more evident.
New Investment Markets of Google  

The television market
At its heart, Google is an advertising firm, and television is a lucrative advertising market. The two were made for other, even if Google TV 1.0 went without penalty or glory. The consolation in the company of Eric Smith is that Apple has also had difficulties with his "hobby" TV. While Apple, no doubt, to make some progress in the television market by exploiting icloud and iTunes, Google has YouTube, Android and the Android to developer community wind in its sails. If Apple opens the developers of Apple TV, then it will be a far more competitive race.

Google TV Ads is an online platform to buy, sell, evaluate and launch advertising on television. This tool operates since last May and includes an inventory of advertising hundreds of television channels and all schedules programming blocks.

What is intended with this project is that advertisers know the exact number of people who have seen their advertising piece, and to pay as a result, possibility to be feasible with the agreement, where you can also meet them will be billed to advertisers based on the impact of the widespread notice.

Social media
Google sees Facebook as an existential threat and goes after her vengeful spirit. Search company has been preparing for battle against Facebook for years, with a series of investments in social enterprises. Google + had an acceptable start, but will be a long and bloody campaign. This is typical when referring to a massive number of users: Gmail took it seven years get a short distance from Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Hotmail. It is likely that at least pass the time before Google + really challenge Facebook. However, Google has an advantage: is more important than Facebook in terms of control of the data. Google is essential for millions of businesses. Facebook is important for the companies of games and distributors, and is loved and used obsessively. However, the possibility of their sudden disappearance is not as alarming as the contemplation of the absence of Google.

Market of means of payment
First it was Google Checkout. There is now Google Wallet. This means being a player in the financial sector and have the means to do so. Pay with your own mobile phone will take a few years to take hold, but after that, we must take extreme care.

Travel market
Search for travel companies tried to stop Google when it acquired ITA Software, but their complaints were not sufficient. Google pledged to play clean, and the agreement were allowed. To return a few years Google will still be there. May you say the same of sites dedicated specifically to search for travel? Perhaps. Have they grown over time? Probably that can be said of very few.

Flight Search, currently in its initial version, is another result of the latest purchases by Google of the ITA company, specializing in data on the prices of air transport, at a price of $ 700 million.
From now on, when a surfer searches for flight information on Google, you will see to the left of the screen the Flights link, which will take you to the new application to search for flights, with the possibility to compare options and debugging based on parameters such as date, duration of the ride and price. Also is you can access this service directly at

For now, this tool  which Google enters competition search for airfare to sites like Orbitz, Kayak or TripAdvisor  provides information on the departure and return in economy class for some American cities, but soon added more features and cities, said the company.

Market for the manufacture of computers
The sale of computers seems to have become a mediocre business for everyone, except Apple. However, Google wants to be inside as a provider of operating system. Its Chromebooks have not all the sales records, but the pricing model makes sense for businesses and schools.
New Investment Markets of Google   

The gaming market
The games kept alive the PC refresh cycle at the age of 80, 90 and ' 00; and now the games are stoking the mobile and social revolutions. Google is making online games work better, to increase the attractiveness of the web as a platform, and to make more social games, thus increasing the attractiveness of Google +. The revenue share that Google is agreeing with the suppliers of games in the Chrome Web Store and Google + is barely 5%, which is significantly more competitive than the 30% charged by Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and others. If Google can do to grow its user base for Google +, it could become a huge influence on the game.
New Investment Markets of Google