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 A California Internet site recently migrated to New York may change the local lunch scene  and it could mean a lot of free lunches for people with the right skills.

"Let's Eat" - the site is - allows people seeking advice from experts, business contacts, or just someone with similar interests to find and schedule a meal with like-minded people.

Business networks are really focused on the construction and maintenance of relationships with other people's business and not only have a Rolodex full of business cards. The key to develop business relationships is to have a two-way communication using all the tools and the opportunity to create an interaction, either through its web site, e-mail, newsletters, survey customers, blogs and online message boards. However, nothing more better than face-to-face meeting someone. Communication in person is a much richer experience.

The service provided by

Create interfaces to facilitate an appointment lunch, where you can meet interesting people to grow your network. The more people you know, better qualifications to gain access to celebrities.
new network for entrepreneurs

By focusing on the real life interactions, is capable of measuring the true reputation with much greater precision than if you only use data from social sites like Twitter. In addition, many are willing to free some time for lunch, so that it is easy to begin the construction of a network within the system.

The service started in the San Francisco Bay. Those entering this website can find an invitation code, or they qualify automatically if the user has a high karma on some social sites like Twitter, Hacker News and the overflow of the stack.

The site was started by engineer databases Shuttari Syed in Silicon Valley in 2010. "The goal was to encourage the creation of business networks intelligent, focusing on the interaction in person to build strong relationships," he said in an e-mail Shuttari. "The idea came from the idea of the increase in a business network can mean the difference between success and the darkness."

The site allows even the person who makes the invitation to pay for lunch ahead of time, so not having to find the check or the unwillingness of the expert invited to accept the invitation.

About 3,000 New Yorkers have already registered for the site, said Schnur.

Had these include Rafael Balbi, 23, and Chandra Sharath, 30 years who lunch last week at La Bonne Soupe, 48 West 55 St Chandra is the founder of the implementation underway site, which expects to launch later this year.

new network for entrepreneurs

"It has been a great way to network," Chandra said. "In a short time to build a portfolio of people in all spheres of life." You never know how someone can be a part of your life or you can play an important role in his life or his company.

The 'groups'
LetsLunch allows users to create a group of people to join those who have interests and similar objectives of networks. Skips steps compose request e-mail messages, check schedules and location of places of food. Just create a group as the "Hacker Group News ' and create an event of lunch introduce the time, date, place, and a description let users know what should eat with you and others." Up to 4 people can confirm their attendance to the event of the lunch the group created for you. These groups are a great way to exchange ideas and see food taking place near you. Similar to Hacker News debates are more severe and less provocative, meals of Group similar LetsLunch could be small, but the discussion not drowned by the presence of too many people. And because the professionals with similar interests meet, the discussion will not fade.


What are the benefits of 'Groups'? Most of the networking events do not provide the intimate, face-to-face interaction needed to build trust with business people. Networking events, like Meetup offer only the first step, i.e. the exchange of business cards, after having sifted through the users of networks many people with different objectives and introduce yourself to someone who I do not know. It is then their job to follow to
and establish a meeting in person, which in itself requires phone calls and an hour of meeting and place convenient scheduling.

Once you are matched with someone more for lunch, and even before having to confirm, can exchange messages through a wall of online discussion. Every time you send a message, send an email to the other person. In this way you can discuss what restaurant go, if it is necessary to change the lunch hour, or anything else.


Teams vips
The perfect candidates to join the teams of LetsLunch personalities are venture capitalists, CEOs, journalists, or possessing regional influence.

The personalities are expected to provide one hour a month to have lunch with one of the main users. Lunch will be a unique opportunity for the LetsLunch user to network with someone who can help to find capital, gain publicity for your product, or finding a partner to build your business. VIP have the ability to specify the type of users together based on their interests (cloud computing, Web 2.0, complex derivatives), employment (marketing, banker, entrepreneur), or any person with a score of reputation strong. the VIPs must be passionate about being the mentors of the next class of entrepreneurs by what staran built a network Executive. Why users focus on the construction of the first relationship rather than make any sale, so both sides can take full advantage of this meeting.Do only What makes these first guests? Each month, selected on the basis of their reputation score. Your score is a product of Luncher feedback and social reputation (number of followers, experience, skills, etc). They also forced them to have a minimum of 4 meals a month and the perfect support to be considered. Therefore, Diners are selected based on merit rather than he is willing to pay for the experience. This ensures that the lunch will be of great value both for VIP, as well as the Luncher.
new network for entrepreneurs