If you are good at something, then make use of their skills, turning their hobbies and interests of your business.

 Be Employee and Employer
at the same Time

 In the current economy, job security has quickly become a thing of the past. Even those with secure jobs are finding their wages do not increase with inflation and the cost of health insurance premiums is moving towards them as employees. With the cost of living increasing steadily, it is easy to feel the financial pressure. Start a business in your spare time can be an excellent way to complement and even replace their labor income. You don't have to invest a large sum of money, and you don't have to quit your job to start your own part-time business. Even someone with no experience in business may begin to bring in a couple of dollars with these simple methods. Thus it is to get started!

Choose a business that suits their talents and skills
You may have been born with certain talents and skills. If you are good at something, then make use of it, turning their hobbies and interests in your business. Suppose that, if you are good in dancing then start teaching of dance and if you are a lover of animals, you can then open a Hall of pets.

The business becomes more pleasant and satisfactory then work. This is easier for people who hate their work than it is for those who are very passionate for his work. You have to have passion and enthusiasm for the new company, otherwise is doomed to failure. This is always true if you are which leads him and make sales. With few exceptions, this also applies if you are taking just an existing business with a history and organization in place. The attitude of the owner affects across the enterprise.

develop the self-discipline she needed to endure in their own business. Not having a boss or a system so that you can continue working makes it easier to relax and lose focus on the needs of the company. The postponement of the sales necessary to direct calls to the beach on a nice summer day is a safe way to undermine the chances of success.
 Be Employee and Employer

Get your finances in order make sure your finances are in order before you start your business. Some estimates say that a new business is not really profitable for a year or even several years. What are you going to do if this is the case for your business? You need to have a game plan and be ready for some pinching, while the implementation underway. Many people say that the best time to purchase credit is when in reality don't need, so start building your borrowing capacity and sure to improve everything it can before starting the business. It's never too early to start preparing financially for your company. You'll also want to make sure that you have enough money in savings to meet personal obligations. You cannot expect your business to provide a stable income immediately after starting also have done so a backup of any plan. Be careful of how decides the structure of your business so that they do not endanger their personal affairs, if the worst were to happen with your business.
Be Employee and Employer

Wins clients: the first customers that own a business are usually friends, acquaintances or people involved in the creation process. A good strategy to drive sales and attract new customers is to offer promotions or discounts, and that the best advertising is occurring through recommendations.

Make alliances and seek strategic partners
If you open your business and may not be in full time you will need to look for some partners, preferably people of trust as relatives or friends who can support you with the operation of the business in return for a wage or a Commission sale. This Alliance will allow you to start earning some extras without ever leaving your employment. Although not win everything, the rest of time can devote it to strengthen other aspects of your new company.

Set a date. As part of planning, to decide when you would like to open the doors of your business. This represents a commitment with yourself. Open lu company could be within 6 months or 6 years. The important thing is not how long, but how well you are prepared for when that time comes. However, the exercise of a date is important to have a clear and quantifiable goal to help you measure and schedule your specific actions within this project.

Evaluate the time requirement needing your part-time business. It is of paramount importance to determine if you really have the time and energy to work both in their employment and their business.

Be realistic and calculate the amount of time that both sue you. You should even think that at the beginning of a company or business, you deal with all the possible positions.

Similarly it must analyse and take into account if his new occupation requires that you meet with customers and suppliers. Do you still think that you can do two things at once?

Make sure that you don't use or is not going to use the resources of their daily work for your business. This is one of the most sensitive points to be analyzed when it works full time and has a company or business.


This is a "mistake" committed most often by new entrepreneurs: using teams of their employment to solve his own business affairs.

Similarly not of his work telephone numbers to customers that creates a bad atmosphere and confusion that can cause problems in both places.
Be Employee and Employer

Talk to the head. This is a very delicate matter and we should treat them with much wisdom. It depends much of the type of relationship you have with your boss.

Often happens that the head, knowing well the performance not only advised but promotes employee in posts that have much to do with this trying to undertake.

Others on the contrary have shown the future employer the exit door. I have already said, it is up to the Chief and the type of business you want to start.

The advantages of online business

An advantage of online businesses is that they are spending much less than conventional business, so, as a first step before launching you fully to him, have to do a web to launch your company in internet, something that today in day you can make yourself or hire at a very affordable cost.

In this way, to create a website for your new business, you'll be starting your business, but keeping your current job, allowing you start selling the products or services that you offer with a high success probability and without economic risks arising from the creation of a new business of conventional type.

Keep the discretion
Although the excitement of your new company is much, inform your boss or coworkers this is a double-edged weapon, that could be interpreted as a lack of loyalty to the company. Experts say that in these cases it is common that entrepreneurs seek support in their environment, but unless you're sure to gain a secure informed your decision, the best thing is to close its mouth.

More caution

If you are dependent on income from his full time job, not do anything to jeopardize it. Maybe I even want to mention that he has a personal interest. If your boss thinks that you already have a foot in the door, you could be the first to be dismissed at the time of the dismissal.

Not "trick" the company into everything about your business side during their regular working hours. And not even think about stealing from clients, suppliers or employees of them. It is morally and legally wrong. If you have signed an agreement of non-competition, you may be liable for damages - and they are facing a court order may cease its operation.

Having said that, you shouldn't start your own business I side and secure its financial future. Maybe it's not easy to find the time in his already busy schedule  but with careful planning, you can do it.
Be Employee and Employer