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Pinterest has begun to have a boom so impressive that many already place the third social networks, so it is not surprising interest in the site by advertisers and online retailers.

According to (dedicated to analysis of the movement in the sites) unique visitors per month that receives this site of "social bookmarks" has increased from 41,000 in November 2010 to almost 4.5 million in November 2011. With this astronomical growth of the platform, the big brands are starting to think they must understand the platform and consider whether it is something to take into account in its social strategy for 2012.

This new social network share Visual tastes, unlike Facebook is not designed to make friends.

 On their website, Pinterest is defined as "a site that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web." "People use their boards to plan their weddings, decorating their homes and organize their favorite recipes".Business Pinterest

You can follow other users and see what they click on their billboards, "repinchar" or commenting on things that they punctured to us we like. If I find something on the web that I think that it will be of interest to a friend of mine - said in his blog Laura Watkins, an enthusiast of the new tool - can laze you by the news or image. I also create a bulletin board with multiple contributors.

Brands can benefit from Pinterest hanging on their billboards captivating photos of what is offering. If it is a travel agency may be someplace exotic or interesting photo. If you are a restaurant, you can put a dish delicious and attractive to the eye. If it is a brand of clothing, the same: a decision in detail of their models for sale. And so on. The advantages are numerous.

The site is not a newcomer to the network. It was presented in April 2010, but it has been in recent months that his popularity soared exponentially.

In December he placed in the Top 10 social networks according to Hitwise, Time magazine chose him as one of the 50 best sites of 2011 and is located at number 28 of the most popular sites in the United States.UU., according to Alexa analysis company.

Despite having no advertising, Pinterest has raised close to $50 million and its approximate growth rate is 50% a month.
Business Pinterest

Pinterest has served to bring the customer traffic via YouTube according to multiple users that have tripled their viseos visits since began to fix them in Pinteres.

If you are already using Pinterest to their clients or their own business, tell us as it has been their experience and how it works for your particular case; If you still do not use keep in mind these tips for use as a marketing tool:
Business Pinterest

Engaging influencers
Unlike other networks, here the idea is to publish images that other people want to "repinear" or share on your own Board. You can also give Like or make a comment, this is the social essence of the networks. If these people are influential and markers of trend, it will spread slowly and this will make people want to visit their point of sale.

Inbound links
Each image that is published on the message boards carried the original page of the same, so if a photograph of your store or any of its products is on the Board of someone else, generates an incoming link to your web page

Brand positioning
Post images of your business, your logo, your products, your local or things related to their industry, refresh and send a message of closeness and a less stiff personality.

Find people with similar tastes
Given that each image is classified under a category previously determined by Pinterest, you will find people with similar tastes and can be good source of referrals on certain topics.

Local SEO
An image is gold dust to the local search criteria. This type of information begins to mark and correlate with local affinity criteria.

How to use Pinterest:

Request an account
On Pinterest page request an account. Wait one or two days and will receive an email back giving the welcome with the instructions to create your account.

Search interests
In the start search box to pursue their interests. Cooking, cakes, travel, tourism, marketing, social media and advertising, which relates to your business.

Fill their boards
Upload your own images and publish them (put a pin) on their boards so that others can find them. Search by affinity boards of other people and repinee the images that you like.

For pinear images available on a website that is browsing, add the button Pin it on your bookmarks bar. You will also find buttons to insert them into your web page.
Business Pinterest

Invite your friends and closest to participate. As any social network, more and more followers and relations have, increased the likelihood of spreading its message.
Business Pinterest