Being creative is a plus today. 'We must learn to see things from another perspective because when we atrincheramos in our own world, irrigation of the brain affects its operation'

New Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Being creative is a plus today. 'We must learn to see things from another perspective because when we atrincheramos in our own world, irrigation of the brain affects its operation', is necessary to develop adequate emotional intelligence as a "controlled force", because it connects two words we live in different and distant manner '. According to experts, between 60% and 90% of diseases that we consulted the family doctor is because we cannot manage our emotions '. What happens in our interior manifests abroad ', while it is recommended to any entrepreneur, get used to smile to generate smiles on their computers. ' It does lack our employees say yes not only nodding, but also with the heart and, in doing so, we must master our emotional intelligence '. To facilitate that domain, the medical consequences of mismanagement of emotions should be seen. ' When we locked in our worlds, burn neurons. Without noticing, we encarcelamos the brain. A leader must be open to the world, to people ', giving value to the importance of humility in any leader, as well as listen to and understand others.

You are your only limitation
This was particularly surprising because had linked it initially as a benefit.

Triggered by others, the direction and supervision policies, I thought that I could not stop. (There must be a certain level of self-confidence, rayana in arrogance, to start something on your own). The reality is that I have a very limited set of skills. If I do not know how to do something, I either have to learn or pay someone to do it.
New Challenges  Entrepreneurs

Most of the time this is manageable, but paying someone for project it is expensive. It also means that we need a clear vision of what I want that person to do, and that vision depends entirely on my own imagination. The majority of independent workers who hire unable or not to offer the imagination that a team of employees who work together can generate.

There are upsides to have total creative control, but he feels alone and expensive.

A challenge of the new entrepreneurial world is to configure a computer that is capable, because rather than develop the entrepreneurial project, but put it into practice and provide the expected results. Who makes up the team? What it is each? What qualities brings and why he and not someone else will deal with it? Do we cover all the needs of the business with this group?

Another problem to address is the sale. Most of the entrepreneurs have not sold a broom in his life, they can't sell and they flee from the commercial work, but without sales there is no business. Sell not only I am referring to the fact to attract customers, sale starts in the second 1 that we sell our project partners, investors, suppliers and, of course, customers. Do not assume that the sale is critical and not worry about selling is condemned to failure.

Globalization and agility

In a globally connected world, entrepreneurs seek to set aside the majors to generate global companies more agile that have a more rapid response to change and opportunities. A team with extensive international experience, with the ability to understand and adapt to different cultures, will be an important ingredient for the success of these new companies.
New Challenges  Entrepreneurs

The challenge is not to have ideas, but to implement them
In an environment increasingly dominated more by technology open and shared, invest in own ideas and maintain patents is becoming obsolete. Boost the accessibility of knowledge is multiplying the potential of generating ideas, implement them and promote social transformation.

The older portunidades for entrepreneurs are to foster the ideas in an open manner and knowledge networks to solve global challenges.

The competition requires new strategies

Globalization has given way to new and never seen before competitors. The business of rapid growth in emerging markets are destined to change the former leaders. As new competitors entering local and international scene, the world's best entrepreneurs are responding with great innovations to ensure that they can reach the level required for their new competitive environment.

Markets more dependent on innovation

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to carry out his ideas. Greater involvement by the client and suppliers, and focus on the innovation of the supply chain, is helping entrepreneurs to stay aloft. However, a less centralized approach can offer opportunities to learn from multinationals in progress, that are already developing products and services in their rapidly growing markets.
New Challenges  Entrepreneurs

The benefit is not income less expenses
The main formula of economists: profit = income - expenses turned out to be false. Part of externalities are internalized and this is specifically serious when they affect common, social or environmental goods.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs: create business models based on the triple bottom line and supporting companies to calculate the real value of their production.

the above creates a big challenge geared towards the real capacity of an entrepreneur to organize, direct and manage a business. It seems that the great work of an entrepreneur is to create a project, a good project, however that does not stop being an exercise in planning, theoretical models, forecasts, estimates,... it has no difficulty to what supposed to have in hand a business that has to work. When the project takes practice forecasts they will have nothing to do with reality, appear problems with which we had not counted; We will have to take sometimes immediate decisions that can have a major impact on the future of the business; ... The practice is much harder than the theory and if we do not assume or are not prepared to do this our business will fail.
New Challenges  Entrepreneurs