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More anonymous File-Sharing
with RetroShare

 With the news of the raid against MegaUpload or the trial against the Pirate Bay characters, it is clear that the deposits of software and data are all anxious to suffer the same fate of those mentioned. Moreover, many users are looking for places where shared files that are private and secure, uncensored. So, have emerged across a new "modulator" sites, perhaps as a measure to combat these raids that at least today, remain illegal.

in the United States.UU. 15 per cent of all those who share files take steps to hide your IP address. Some vendors of VPN and proxy have doubled its customer base in 2011, and this upward trend will continue in the coming year.

Only in the United States.UU. more than 250,000 users of BitTorrent have been sued for alleged breaches of copyright, already to your address IP was captured by the fight against piracy suits. And in the next year to millions of participants are expected to receive notices via their Internet service providers as part of a settlement of the major ISPs hit with copyright holders to educate and punishing the users of BitTorrent.

Meanwhile many BitTorrent sites and cyberlockers continue working as usual, but there is a growing group of users that are expanding their horizons to see what other means of distribution are available if the worst case becomes a reality.

 If a VPN provider carrying records of the activities of its users the possibilities that not be able to comply with their claim to offer an anonymous service begins to decline rapidly.More anonymous File-Sharing

There are dozens of vendors of VPN, many of which lead the marketing on their websites suggesting that the anonymity of its users is a priority. But is it really? Their privacy policies withstand scrutiny? We decided to find out.

Probably the idea that is finally being promoted: uncensored and decentralized, is the key to this whole issue. For some, that means do share via most private BitTorrent. There are now more tools to share files that are designed to deal with attacks from outside. Some even add the possibility of being anonymous. E.g. RetroShare is a private and uncensored client for file sharing and the developers have noticed a significant increase in users in your system recently.

But there are more tools to share files that are specifically built to withstand the external attacks. Some even add the anonymity in the mix. RetroShare is a private organization and uncensored exchange of files of the client, and the developers have also noticed a significant rise in users recently.

RetroShare the network enables people to create a private and encrypted file sharing network. Users add friends by exchanging PGP certificates with the people of his confidence. All communication is encrypted using OpenSSL and the files that are downloaded from strangers always go through a trusted friend.
More anonymous File-Sharing

In other words, it's a real and almost impossible to control by outsiders Darknet.

Founder RetroShare DrBob told us that while the software has been around since 2006, suddenly, there has been an increase in downloads. "Interest in RetroShare has massively skyrocketed in the past two months," he said.

"In January of our downloads it tripled when the interest in soup was in its heyday." Is more than double again in February, when disabled cyberlockers share or shut down altogether. At the moment we are receiving downloads 10 times more than in December 2011. 

RetroShare is a open source multiplatform, decentralized private and secure communication platform.  It allows you to chat safely and share files with friends and family, using a network of confidence rings to authenticate peers and OpenSSL to encrypt all communication.


Identification and reliable authentication of their friends.
An introduction program which connects to the friends of your friends, and facilitates the growth of the network.
Communication encrypted, which guarantees the information shared is known only by you and your companions.
A communication platform that can potentially support services such as secure e-mail, sharing files, streaming, video or voice over IP, photos, wall and messaging
A decentralized network of social exchange designed  for people born without dependencies in any social system or central servers.
Location of 9 languages
Quick Start Wizard (for a quick and easy setup of RetroShare)
RetroShare automatically inherit configuration (forward) and the ports of the router.
Anonymous / authenticated forums
Multi-hop file search
URL scheme for shared files
Completely decentralized
Location of optional IP with Kademlia DHT

After installation RetroShare generates a couple of GPG keys. After an asymmetric key exchange and authentication, ssh is used to establish a connection. End to end encryption performed using OpenSSL. Friends of friends can not connect by default, but you can see some others if users allow it. It is possible to share folders between friends. The transfer of files is carried out through a system of multi-hop swarm. In essence, the data are only exchanged between friends, although the ultimate source and destination of a transfer are friends, possibly several pieces. A search of conducting anonymous function multi-hop of search is another source of locating files on the network.
The files are represented by its SHA-1 hash, and http compatible with links to files can export, copy, and paste in entry / exit RetroShare to publish your virtual location networked RetroShare.
More anonymous File-Sharing

The friend of the network of RetroShare structure makes it difficult to invade and nearly impossible to control from an external point of view. The degree of anonymity can still be improved through the deactivation of the DHT and the IP / certificate of Exchange services, so the Retroshare network a real Darknet.
Friends of friends can not connect directly among themselves. However, there is the possibility of anonymity in their actions, and access encryption, if it is activated by the user. Search, access and loading and unloading of these files made by "route" of friends. This means that communicate the source of data (load) and the destination of the data (download programme) directly, but only through mutual friends. Friends with those that connect directly and through which transferred the data, you can not understand, if you request a file or even refer to other friends.

The founder of RetroShare believes there is a greater need for security, privacy and freedom among who share files, features found in the core of your application.
 More anonymous File-Sharing

RetroShare is create a private online space." A network of social collaboration where you can share whatever you want. A space that is free from the prying of Governments, companies and advertisers. This is of vital importance that our freedom on the Internet is becoming increasingly more threatened ".

"RetroShare is free of censorship: like the prohibition of Facebook" obscene "breast-feeding pictures." A network that allows you to use any pseudonym, without insisting on knowing his real name. "A network which does not face the threat of jail, or with the prohibition of entry into a country by an innocent tweet"

It is impossible to predict with accuracy what file sharing will look like 5 years from now. However, a safe assumption is that anonymity will have a more central role than it has done.

Recent raids have made operators of power stations to Exchange files and services of the sites more cautious of copyright infringement. Some even went as far as the closure on a voluntary basis, like Btjunkie.

In the long term, this could lead downloaded more informal with the alternative legitimate, if they are available. Those who saved in the Exchange could happen to smaller communities, darknets and anonymous connections.

The number of users and the volume of downloads of RetroShare will continue growing. This seems to indicate that the system is at a peak which could put it in a few months in popularity levels similar to eDonkey, BitTorrent, Kazaa or Napster. Another possibility is it popular this kind of anonymous and secure networks.
More anonymous File-Sharing