To get a good position and attract visits to a website must make sure our website always be properly index in Google.

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how to avoid this?

To get a good position and attract visits to a website must make sure our website always be properly index in Google. Indexing means achieving Google discover pages on our site and you store the content in your database. Making sure that as much as possible on our site pages indexed is the starting point for a successful SEO campaign

Google starts its journey in the pages that are indexed, which in turn contain links. These links are followed by google into new pages. If the link belongs to an already indexed page simply updated the reference, if it is new is it added.

Those sites that are recently published and are not linked to by other pages must be added directly to the google index. This obviously takes some time already that google always this busy doing reviews of thousands of pages. It is more likely that google you find first if an already indexed page links you before for having added directly.

Google reads each file in a similar way to how we read the code (to say lee I am referring to the search engine not to a person). But google gives special importance to each of the labels (with tags we refer to html tags, such as < to > < a >, < p > < /p >, etc) and its content, that is why the importance that our website meets certain requirements as Tags well written, links that do not have inside an image or flash animations or called by javascript code, a clean code. Which means not to overload your page with code embedded css or javascript. Google also gives great importance the text that the search engine loves to read words, few more words have better for your page. In that sense it is not good to abuse images that well could be replaced by words, especially if they are keywords or have great importance in the context of your content.Error page not found message  

If your site depends largely on visits from a search engine like google, it is essential to be well positioned and know that position.

Moreover, a goal that you pursue is Google index as soon as possible the new pages of your web site or return to review the latest updates you've made. A web tracking time is highly variable and may take from a few hours up to 3 days on average.

We start from scratch, when you just create a website and this is not pegged to the google database, tracking time is infinite, i.e. never comes it to track.

Then will ask themselves is what makes the difference between two sites websites so one update in google after hours and another after days. Yes, sure many already it will be deducted: links from other pages. Given that all websites have a number of ticket, they usually have to expect to get their turn. Let's say that if my ticket is 100 000, I have to wait for all previous tickets to be tracked.

But if any web site with ticket 20 000 has a link to my website, then Google will make a stop technique to explore my website before going to the ticket 100 001, which I will benefit for a best time of my website tracking. Another similar case is if for example Google just go through my web site and there was no change, but just so I upgraded after that happened Google. If the web with ticket 300 000 has a link to my website, then since I will not have to wait until google stops tracking the millions of websites that exist, so that my site will be tracked.

If your content is changing, and you like that Google give you a hand with visits then, more links coming to your website faster will be your update in Google. Remember that a quick update in Google, minimizes lost visits seeking what you had on your website while even google is not aware.Error page not found message  

As verify the indexing of my site

First use the Google search engine and type this: site: www. mywebsite. com (obviously replace "mywebsite" with the name of your website). As a result you'll get all the pages that Google has indexed your site. Missing important pages of your website on this list, then you have problems of indexing.

To avoid these errors we do the following:

Create and manage a sitemap XML for your site. You have a sitemap xml makes it easy for Google indexing task. You can create your XML sitemap with this free tool. You should then lift the .xml file to your server and register it in the Google Webmaster Tools.

Constantly check your page to discover and fix marred links. A broken link is an alley for the bot of Google, immediately stopping the process of tracking and indexing of the same. Discover them in time and correct them.

CREATE a robots file.The Robots.txt is a simple text file that serves to indicate to robots or bots from search engines, law enforcement track and index the contents of the websites, what sections of our sites want they indexed, and what sections we want that they omit; in other words, that sections and its respective contents do not want they are stored in the database of content from Google. This is to say that the contents of these pages will not be displayed in search results, but much attention, yet can the (remote) possibility that these pages can appear in the search results (without title or any description, just showing the URL).

Knowing how to handle this file is super important to avoid different problems of indexing to avoid that we get good results in Google: duplicate content and the loss of PR on administrative pages (backend) to give a couple of examples. If your site does not have a robots.txt file, then the Google bot enters your page and start to index everything what him crossing on the way, for better or worse.Error page not found message  

Basic SEO apply for images. Use descriptive words for the name of the image files (never names to an image, for example, DSC1253.jpg), and usa at least the alt tag to add words that describe the content of the same. Remember that the proper indexing of your images can bring you traffic from Google Images.

Page not found!

Lot of anger gives a 404 error. Lot. Basically because the user is looking for a content in particular, find a link that it seems you're looking for, click and… disappointment. Can do if despite that, our site returns a 404 error? It may be the case, as someone has maybe linked badly a page of our website, and it is not our fault… so, what we can do to "take" this opportunity?

Possible causes
If you change the URL of an existing page or decide to delete it completely from your server, the visitor will get a 404 or "File not found" error when trying to access that page. If this happens we can do the following:

Once we are connected to our domain, through the "webmaster tools" of Google, we will see a window similar to this.

Go to the tab "Diagnoses", "Tracking error" and see the errors detected on our site. Select the url, that detects that it is not, and her copy Then go to the section "Site information", "Access crawler" and by clicking on the "Remove URL" tab, we will see that we have a "New removal request" button, Then we paste the link, that we copied previously, and click the "Continue" button We will see that in section "Access crawler", "Delete URL", are falling in "Pending" State, all the requests we have made recently.

Once Google processing this request, we will see and if you click on the tab "Eliminated", it appears to us that them it has been removed, leaving the option with a button "to include", in case if necessary.

Another possible cause is the following: say you URL of the page is and elsewhere decided to link to the page, but mistakenly used a URL incorrect (e.g. if people visit your site by another site, will see an erro 404.

How to get out of a 404 Error

To begin with, we need to create a custom 404 page. There is no discussion about it. If you show the user a typical screenshot of "Error 404 - Not found", you're the worst of the worst. You must create a page with the same design as the rest of your website. Seriously. Do it. But not only okay with that. Now comes the good... that we put on this page? The possibilities are endless.

Tell the user that this page does not exist, but that it has alternatives, and we will help you in some way to find what you want. A 404 error can never be an impasse, that only can go with the "back" button.

Place a search box so the user find what he was looking for on your website (and not going to look elsewhere). Results will surely find it all in the first option, that it very probably lies somewhere on your website. I have it configured as well, and the truth is that it works very well. I have control in Analytics, and 89% of users who encounters a 404 on my website uses it and continues browsing.

A list of your most popular articles, or your most important pages. Perhaps not one of them, but there will be many possibilities so, or at least be interested (or knowing) that speaks on your website. A form that the user will report this error 404. It is very easy to implement, and you can detect if someone linked you evil rather than tell him WebmasterTools. If you use this possibility, you can thank the user by informing you.

For serving us Googlebots
Googlebot is the robot web tracking of Google (occasionally also referred to as "spider"). To attract more traffic to a website can motivate googlebot to do a scan of the actual contents. Tracking is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages and adds them to the Google index.

Normally use an enormous amount of computer equipment to obtain (or "trace") billions of Web pages. Googlebot uses an algorithmic tracking process: through computer programs determine sites to track the frequency and the number of pages to be search in each site.

The Googlebot crawl process begins with a list of URLs of web pages generated from previous crawl processes and expands with the data of the sitemaps that offer webmasters. As Googlebot visits each of those websites, it detects links (SRC and HREF) on their pages and adds them to the list of pages should track. New sites and changes in existing ones obsolete links are detected and used to update the Google index.Error page not found message  

Therefore, if you want Googlebot to index your website, only we need somewhere else to have a hyperlink to yours. If it isn't, you can always directly add your URL.

In addition to this robot GoogleBot, there is another called FreshBot that 'tracks' most frequently with the 'cooler' news websites. Why feedback RSS for your website should be created. These allow users to subscribe to your Web site and its content, and the RSS updates happen automatically when you publish. These are excellent methods to send to the Googlebot to your address.

You can do a Ping to your site and its links (links). Many Web sites allow you to introduce a lot of URLs that contain back-links to your site as well as content of your page. This alerts the Googlebot that something has changed and check your page.Error page not found message