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Stories to get more Customers

For some time, the value (for customers or investors) is the key word in all areas of the company, including marketing and innovation: must be made an innovation based on value, from a product point of view that add more value to the customer (and less features and dubious features), must communicate well and sell that value, etc.

A priori, one of the essentials is the confidence: when we hire any service or are looking for quality products, it is essential to feel protected by the solidity of a company like yours, that ensure excellence in the result.

For this reason, it is essential to communicate the values of the company and its commitment to quality. In the website of your company, it is reflected with lack of clarity. Here are some tips that can assist in positioning and development of your business.

Understand the power of transmit meaning my brand.

Many entrepreneurs believe that to start a business only it must meet two requirements: a product or service and the money needed for the investment and to sell. Newly raised the need for an own brand once the business is established or when they face difficulties in positioning, attract a greater number of clients or clearly communicate its value to the market. Unfortunately, lost time reeling, and sometimes it is too late. In cases where feasible implementation, it is always more expensive amend errors that begin from the beginning in the construction of a value brand that, though it may seem intangible, generates value in itself and transfers it to the products it represents. Key: Know the essence of entrepreneurship is the undisputed first step and an unquestionable shortcut to set a mark of value and position in front of your target audience.

New products need good stories to make investors believe in a product, an idea, a company To develop a story for our product or service, so if you are going to use in marketing, in a presentation to investors, or a conversation with friends and family, must bear in mind a few factors.
Stories to get more Customers 

Our history should be brief. The story does not have why start with the birth of our idea and go through all the details of the life of business, from its conception to launch.  We must draw the most interesting part to ensure that our history is brief.

Our history should be memorable. We want to have a story for our startup that is interesting for the people listen, of course. However, we also want tell a story that people will remember. We want that our audience will be with a fragment of information about us, and although the facts, figures and statistics may be interesting, they are sometimes more difficult to remember (or remember accurately) that the essence of the story.

Our history must present a point of view. Our history should help us expose a theory our market, so if it is to explain the great opportunity that will mean for consumers, as if it's the strong points of the company, or say how necessary it is our product or service. At this point, I consider it necessary to add the classifications of rhetoric according to Aristotle. According to Aristotle, there are three modes of persuasion: ethos (appealing to our credibility), logos (appeal to reason) and pathos (appeal to emotion). We must take into account our audience to consider the best way to make our argument. Put wit count who is behind the brand is not a waste of time! The power of a well told story impacts and generates a reaction.Stories to get more Customers 

A company can tell the client who, what and why does it so that it impacts, so educate and drive you to action. But to achieve this we must think with strategy and creativity. I invite you to that you enter in the majority of web pages and insurance in many you will find the famous "We" or "Who we are" spaces that you terribly bored or not? All are asking a question in silence: why?. Why should you buy you? Why should I buy this product over another? Why buy today? Why should I spend this amount of money? Why should I put my faith in your product or your service, or your company?

Examples of hostories
They have heard the story of the Summit shirts? (They are very thin and expensive shirts) The history of this company helped consolidate their success in New Zealand and now in the world. "Made in New Zealand" does not seem to be cool at the moment. The import can be expensive, so why does his own shirt Summit?Stories to get more Customers 

It is very simple. Here's how to do it: first of all, must travel to Japan and Europe, visiting the cotton mills that designed a luxurious selection of high quality fabrics. If you meet the minimum requirements requesting you can have their special designs of fabric with your own specifications.

Three or four months later, these fabrics arrive at your door. Now you can start to design the style of shirt. To be the latest fashion must have consulted some of the camiseros of leadership in Europe and America - hope - which has close ties to consult them for many years. And - of course - that must have attended the great salons in Milan, Rome, New York and Los Angeles. To ensure that the Court is with precise measures with which the Summit shirts are known, we recommend the purchase of a scoreboard computer AM5 Gerber, which can be yours for only $100,000.

After the Court can begin to sew the 35 pieces. There are some sensitive operations. Therefore, we recommend several specialized machines of Haute Couture and high-tech. This 802 Adler for budgets, VAN Necci for necks, Dürkopp 741 for the eyelets and Rimoldi 184-00 for the French seams. They are very complicated, but they do a brilliant job. After having practiced with it for 2-3 months, you should begin to receive the fall of it.

But if you don't want to wait that long and does not want to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, simply ask your distributor for a Summit shirt. It is yours for less than half that instantly. Summit has the personnel, experience and equipment and makes the best shirts, here, in New Zealand, since 1919.

Great, no? When you are told to Summit to explain how does their shirts in its history the first reaction was " everyone knows how to do the shirts". Well not. Released its history in all its means, it even came in their packaging and it was a success!Stories to get more Customers 

Study in detail the way of communicating what is important.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs know what they want to say, but don't know the best way to do it. Usual is that when asked: "What?", the answer is simply: "I am a travel agent, lawyer, etc." is this the answer to communicate its difference and stand out from the hundreds of travel agents or thousands of lawyers offering their services in the country? Any entrepreneur should lose the opportunity to use every meeting to convey their value and this can be remembered and multiplied that who knows it requires services like yours or a recommendation should be made. Key: Does not know what to say, we must find an effective way of saying it.

Take  control  of  the  communication

Consistency is a key factor at the time of contact. A value brand builds consciously, not on the basis of erratic impulses carried out by any person, regardless of whether or not you know the essence of the brand. Key: The entrepreneur should be aware of the importance of choosing people trained to carry out the communication of your company.

Types of little successful stories

Stories that only express the benefits of the offer, without taking into account other factors. This type of proposal responds to the question "why someone should buy your product?" This is unfortunately the most widespread and certainly less going to resound in a specific situation. It also has risks that can highlight elements that does not add value from the perspective of the particular client or where competitors are higher.

Stories that express the favourable points of differentiation of the offer in relation to the alternatives of competitors. They answer the question "Why someone should buy your product instead of your competitor?" and suffer the risk of stress points of differentiation that does not add value from the perspective of the particular client.

Stories that express the favourable points of differentiation from competitors on those elements that more imported to the client concerned. They answer the question "why I should buy your product and not to the competition?" This course is the kind of proposal that more goes to resound in a particular client, but in return it requires an investment by the provider in the discovery of the motivations and criteria of one.Stories to get more Customers