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Aspects to consider for business leasing

No matter what type of business you are, you will need some form of office equipment. If you need a computer, car, a desktop or a piece of specialized machinery, suitable equipment is crucial to the smooth running of any business.

The problem with the purchase of equipment is that the costs can be very high, especially if you need to purchase more than one or two articles. Equipment prices in general tend to be of up to several thousands of pounds, and the specialized machinery can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Within the contract of leasing or leasing we can distinguish different types. Among the types of leasing contracts frequently we can distinguish the following:

Furniture or real estate leasing: as its object is a good piece of furniture or real estate team.
Leasing back: the company that owns a good team sells it to the society of leasing, who in turn gives him the use under a leasing contract, with which we are dealing with a very similar to the loan figure.
Leasing back of fabrication: sometimes it is associated to a series of corporate actions commonly called silly societies (dummy corporation), which emit obligations for leasing operations.
Operative leasing: conferring the use during a period of irrevocable time but there is no option to final purchase. It is a pure leasing.
Reanting: where the financier tends to be intermediary of property and then sells them with funding.

In the operational leasing, the giver delivers the good so that use it the lessee for a time determined in exchange for a fee but the transfer of ownership is not the idea of this type of hiring. Instead, financial leasing clearly offers the option to purchase, in this case involved a "financial intermediary" transferring rights and obligations with the ownership of the good.currently leasing in 

"the accelerated depreciation of capital, for the purposes of the income tax, is for the financial leasing only." This benefit does not apply to operating leasing.

What elements can be lease?


The vehicles are one of the products most commonly rented by companies, its high cost makes that pay for them in advance very difficult for most companies. Many companies are specific rental, and not to give other forms of equipment.

A large number of vehicles that are available through leasing, including: standard cars for employees who travel, company cars, vans, and even special vehicles, such as forklifts.

Office team

Many different types of Office and stationery equipment are available for your lease. Computers (including laptops), printers, photocopiers and fax machines are just some of the elements that are widely available.

(In particular the related computer equipment) Office furniture is also available for rental, but not as widely as the same team.

Other articles

Almost any equipment which is used for commercial purposes can be leased. More specific articles, such as dental or medical equipment and hospital, the engineering and manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment are all available.currently leasing in 

If a product you need is not on the list, many leasing companies ask you to call by telephone or electronic mail which they suggest, but which can locate the product that you can rent out of them.

Benefits that can provide the Leasing


When you lease a product, which is still owned by the leasing company, which means that they have better security in their finances. This means that it is unlikely that you will need one further guarantee to be able to start a leasing contract, and therefore you have a better chance of acceptance (which passes the credit check) that with other forms of financing.

Tax advantages

Lease rental can be categorized as an operating cost, this can translate or take as a gain is often possible to deduct from the taxable benefits (as a business expense). However, you should check where the team that is buying is eligible before agreeing to a contract.

If your business pays zero or minimum tax, then some leasing companies will charge the allocation of capital on their behalf, and reduce the costs of leasing as a result.


As a lease is almost always a contract for a specified period, is relatively easy to budget and forecast with. The amount we can work in your budget companies much more readily than a sum lump sum that they occur irregularly, allowing you to maintain much better safe-current and future flow control. In the event that you have an element of replacement quickly, can do so with a monthly adjustment relatively minor budget, rather than a lump sum that could seriously damage the cash flow.
currently leasing in 

For the society of leasing:

The preservation of the property of good will allow you to claim the thing as the holder of the domain in case of bankruptcy of the user. The income produced by the leasing are very high, so the company is often completely recover the value of the property during the term of the operation.

For manufacturers or provider:

The provider can release financial resources, because leasing is that finance their sales.
It has no sales collection risk.

As regards the operative leasing, it represents another avenue for the supplier to sell the goods.

Against considerations

Gets the property of good, sometimes at the end of the contract, to exercise the purchase option.
You can entirely prevent delivery of the goods until the conclusion of the contract.
existence of penal clauses provided for by breach of contractual obligations.
cost at times greater than that of other forms of financing, in particular when there are declines in interest rates.
Also called "residual value" might be zero at the time of conclusion of the transaction.
It is extremely difficult to estimate the maximum of the given good performance with a high degree of certainty.

We will have increased financial costs in comparison with other alternatives of financing for companies.
Occasionally, if not add the value of the asset in the balance sheet of the company, can be a problem for the company.

Procedure for carrying out a lease:currently leasing in 

Analyze the product and its costs of purchase
First of all we must clearly determine what machine, equipment, vehicle, building or furniture want to lease.

Therefore the good provider must request a quote in which we are interested, including all of its main features (model, brand, price, time of delivery, guarantees, etc.). Once made the selection, the Leasing company purchases the asset and delivers it to your company as a lease for a period determined in the agreement.

Looking for leasing company
Secondly we will search for and select a company of leasing or bank or financial institution that offers this product.

To decide by a company, we must compare the interest rates and the benefits that we offer, in addition to taking into account other factors such as your experience and expertise.

Submit documents
Once elected a leasing company, we went to their offices and present all the documents that could ask for.

These documents might include our States financial (especially our cash flow), as well as legal documents of our company.

In a leasing contract, the nominal interest rate which will affect the operation for the liquidation of the interests, frequency and dates of refunds, commissions and expenses, contractual rights regarding amendment of the interest rate and its communication to the user, and rights over a possible early redemption of quotas must be specified. In leasing fees must be differentiated clearly the part that corresponds to a reimbursement of the cost of the good and to the interests of the operation, and option to purchase value or residual value, as well as the place and date of the restitution of the property if not exercised the option to purchase. The lessee runs with the technical and economic risks: must pay fees, taxes and expenditure, to use appropriate good, dedicated to the agreed activity and keep it in perfect condition. The lessee is also obliged to take out insurance to cover possible damage on the good landlord. In addition, you are not allowed in any case sub-let the property to third parties. The lessor bears the risks arising from non-payment of assessments and the return of the good if not exercised the right to purchase. In this sense, sale of movable property to time limits laws contains a provision that speeds up the recovery of assets transferred in leasing when the tenant does not pay. In her practice the delay in the recovery of a good, as for example machinery can prevent their use in another business project. The lessor is obliged to give to the user the team as it shall specify and may inspect the State of maintenance of the equipment and the use by the customer.

During the term of the contract, your company must periodically pay a fee by concept of the use of the asset.

Make the final purchase
Finally, with the leasing contract in hand issue purchase order provider for which charge you it the good to the leasing company, but send it to us.

Once you send us the good, we will receive it, download it, inspect it, verify it and join our facilities.currently leasing in