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          How to generate more sales in the E-commerce for SMEs

 It is one of the main concerns today for all Commerce on the internet. Here are some very important rules to ensure that SMEs have a site that really enables them to generate income, in other words as a sell on the Internet and be successful.


At a time in which the "dot com" companies have problems to survive and increasingly more old "brick & mortar" companies assume a role of salvage in the virtual world, it is interesting to note that this is the model that seem to prevail ahead: you can not live only in virtual business, but nobody can stop integrating new technologies.

Profitable e-commerce

We will agree that is relatively easy to develop a website of e-commerce and sell (i.e.; collect and send the product bought in some way). It is one thing not worth or lots of money or takes a long time or knowledge. What is relatively more complex is to make the channel profitable and which really requires a good knowledge of the environment is to ensure that online sales will grow at an equal rate, or better still, exceeding the growth of the online sales of the product which is marketed.

One of the keys to sell online is to learn how to use the levers that will help us to give to our online sales, one strength you need:Sell more in E-Commerce 

Stand out more

The majority of the corporate websites are buried under hundreds of similar results in Google. Search engines reward, in addition to other aspects, the continuous updating of the contents and the open, simple and transparent html design. Any effort to position your website will be rewarded with a significant increase in traffic from potential buyers. If the corporate website is untouchable, you can create pages ad hoc with intrinsic value, to increase traffic to the company's website or online store. Positioning as Webpositer services or hovers help force the post depending on search key, although Google rewards not forced positions based on content frequently updated and relevant, as they are obtained with a simple weblog, or services such as LastInfoo, that offer an aggregation automatic content relevant to your audience and improve their positioning to give context and depth to the information provided from your pages.

If you decide to buy advertising on search engines, not just generic searches that are more expensive and low effectiveness (click-through rate). Research what keywords can bring you more traffic. Remember that many few are worth a lot, and more general searches usually attract a less valuable audience. Imagine that sells computer accessories: what visitor believes that it would have greater intention to purchase, which seeks to "iPod", or seeking "covers for the iPod"?

Nor is it limited to recruiting ads on Google Adwords. Services such as Espotting, Bar Code, Tradedoubler or Overture may be more appropriate to their needs.

 Learn to play online

Markets are conversations. Be proactive and participate in the conversation. Do not settle for waiting for the call-center calls, consumers are already talking about your products out there, criticizing or defending. Participate, to appoint a person to view comment in forums, blogs or news sites online. Be honest. The consumer knows that you want to sell your product, and is sometimes even willing to buy, but I resent the marketing tactics that appear to underestimate their intelligence.
Sell more in E-Commerce 

It's time to go for a growing channel. A recent report by the "Auna Foundation" estimates that ad spending on the Web will reach 48 million euros in 2008. By then, you could be playing and in the first division.

Recruitment plan or customer acquisition (ADQ)

Surely we must have a good product, give good service, having a good website and loyalty, but for all that you need to attract clients. Uptake channels online or offline must work them carefully, optimizing each in detail to make your online recruitment plan as efficient as possible. Implements, analyzes, optimizes, tests improvements and back again. The good thing about Internet is that everything is measured and if you can measure, you can improve. Ah, always keep in mind that the most important on the Internet is run well. Great ideas do not work out poorly implemented, every detail matters. Keep this well in mind in your day to day.

Provide added value
 be a resource for Internet users expect information. So make sure your message is more than propaganda. Add Value. Be an information provider. Participate in online discussion groups, and useful. If you have a World Wide Web, provide useful information about their industry, their specialties, their areas of expertise. It will be known as an Internet expert, and others, including potential customers - will be attracted to you.

Unity is strength

Thus, these levers are to be worked as elements of improvement, but the challenge of e-commerce is to make these five points interact with each other with a final goal: to sell more. How do we do?

The most common example is that of the landing pages (web development, W) which is part of your acquisition plan (ADQ) for best results.

But you can go further, you can create a product (P) with lower margin, a hook and offer price free shipping (S) in the first purchase to implement recruitment campaigns (ADQ). All with a landing page or microsite specific (W) obtaining, predictably better results. Note that these customers will possibly lower quality (have a lower repo rate) to customers who have come through other channels but with a CRM plan tailored to them, may end up being good customers.

Anyway, if you think of these levers oriented client (using them together and / or separated), the online business will pick up enough momentum to grow at the pace we want.
Sell more in E-Commerce 

Offers ad hoc

Not all the improvements that online stores think they need should be made, multiplied especially stresses the need to make your web pages smart homes. According to consultancy, companies need that your home recognizes and personalize the customer experience and, among the thousands of references, offering products which more closer to your needs. Ester Pallarès stresses that "there is nothing better than to a home in which you find all those products which may interest you based on your previous visits, your products in the wish-list or suggestions based on purchases of other users who have a profile similar to yours". Anyway, Pallarès insists that "if we talk about homes online stores, we must never forget us of the presence of a powerful search engine for those users who enter with a very clear idea that want to buy".


Customer relationship management

It is essential to make a good CRM to make profitable your online store. The loyalty of your customers is relatively cheap, compared with improvements elsewhere. Get the most you can, well planning, segmented when possible and get those sales that allow you to reinvest in improvements of the other levers of your store.

Get the commitment
Include a clear call to action in your message. What does the user do once he or she has followed his presentation? Buy a product? Request a proposal and price quote? Join us to a mailing list? Request for more information? Let them know what you want to do, and ask them to do so in clear and direct terms. That it is easy for them to respond. A mechanism of response - a direct link for email, a form to fill out, a button to click. The most direct and immediate, better. A phone number, a fax number or a postal mail address is a second option, but better than anything.
Sell more in E-Commerce