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Tools for managing multiple Social Networks

Before the great diversity of channels and forms of measuring hard now to determine the return on investment made through an online marketing campaign. No doubt to increase sales, traffic, business contacts and generate a brand image requires customized strategies with great impact.

The following list is a compilation of resources, tools, and free utilities for marketing in social networks:

Tools to manage a Twitter account

-With SocialOomph you can automatically follow those that follow you, automatically send direct messages to new followers.

-Backtweets provides statistical information on the extent and impressions, identifies factors of influence and integrates with Google Analytics to see how your web site affects Twitter activity in the trá for managing multiple social 

-Mentionmap: This tool of Visual maps of the network of Twitter so you can see that you interact with most and what they are saying. It is a great tool to find interested people who meet.

-Qwerly can find people who will help them to have a sense of social presence. It also allows you to add information of your fans.

-Salesforce for Twitter: the management of relationships with customers on the Web-based tool allows to monitor activities of potential customers.

-Tweetie for Mac only, has the smallest Board which makes it a favorite Twitter application.

-Twaitter allows you to schedule tweets, establish recurring tweets, create and manage your "tweet calendar" and even translate tweets, all from their web interface.

-TLists helps you find the best users of Twitter and lists for any topic.

-BrandChirp allows you to manage your brand in the popular microblogging network.

-Proxlet allows you to block applications, mute users, tagging as a filter to reduce the noise in the network of microblogs.

Tools to manage your Facebook account

-Vitrue helps moderate the comments on his Facebook page, send messages to people that have given you click on "I like" of your business and much more.

-Media Buddy allows you to send scheduled messages, moderating comments, and customize the appearance of the popular social network fan page.

-Mediafeedia is a free service that helps you to schedule messages, manage accounts, edit administrators, create custom chips, among others.

-Conversocial helps you to increase the participation and manage interactions with their clients, configuring Automatic moderation to remove or mark messages based on key words.

-Sysomos Facebook Page Central allows you to moderate comments, automate tasks and run statistical reports on your fan page.

-Facebook Insights informs you about the statistical data of the social activity of your fan for managing multiple social 

Tools to control your web pages, web sites and blogs

-Blogtronix helps people in an internal Community, the exchange of multimedia messages through the web.

-Sharetronix is a complement of Blogtronix, which adapts more external communities. It also integrates with Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds, allowing optimized publish with a single click.

-IntelBuilder is a platform for Social media that enables you to manage the content of your web page or blog automatically, updating your social networks, distributing publications in RSS feeds and sending them to bookmarking sites.

-Disqus allows readers of your website including social media such as YouTube videos in your comments, receive alerts when their messages have been answered, and respond directly from your email.

-Janrain allows that the visitors of your website can share its contents via their social networks in an easy manner.

-FeedBurner lets you see who is accessing your web site content and where it is clicking.

-Blog Grader to discover the effectiveness of your blog in the sale of your brand and compares to other blogs of your competition.

-Google Analytics provides statistical information on the traffic that you have your web page.

-Twitterfeed will automatically update the new publications of your website on your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Tools to create content and integration

-Crowd Factory's Social Campaign allows to include other social media in any experience of marketing, including emails, ads, videos and much more.

-Storifyle helps collect photos, videos, tweets and other social content to create an original story that can be published anywhere.

-KickApps: This self-service site lets you develop and manage social content, such as communities of brand, widgets, plug-ins from third parties and social applications.

-North Social helps you improve your Facebook page, creating custom applications to integrate your brand with Google Maps or Yelp, publish HD videos, among others.

-Involver Applications facilitates applications to add surveys, RSS feeds, music, contests and much more to Facebook and Twitter.

-Sprout allows you to create interactive advertisements and applications ideal to carry social content to web and mobile pages.

-Lithium Community Platform helps you to create a social community on your web site, offering a place to discuss and defend the brand.

-ePrize will help you create promotions tailored to your company's accounts.

-Wildfire Interactive allows you to integrate your traditional promotions such as sweepstakes, contests and gifts with your company's accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Tools for monitoring and qualitative analysis in social media

-Alterian SM2 provides advanced functions of statistics of the behaviour of the user, demographics, location, positive or negative tone and themes of trend for your brand.

-PeopleBrowsr offers products such as and to perform the monitoring, trend reports and audience profiles, showing the 1,000 days of the history of Twitter.

-Social Mention, based on the Web, allows to search for popular channels, such as blogs and microblogs to find the brand mentioned and analyze it.

-BrandsEye helps you manage your reputation online by finding all the mentions of your brand.

-Collective Intellect in addition to control what is said about your brand on the Internet, allows to analyze messages to discover the real feeling of the users towards him.

-Sysomos MAP helps access to millions of conversations going back to 2006, enabling monitoring, analysis and identification of the factors of influence on its brand.

-Heartbeat can follow rumors of brands interested in tracking every day.

-Sentiment Metrics allows you to monitor the presence of your brand, not only in social media sites, but also in blogs and forums.

-Attentio is a multilingual software, i.e. allows to receive and understand rumors of any language on your brand.

-Social Radar allows you to visually see the flow of information among the influential people, identify key conversations and determine the tone.

-Brandwatch helps you visualize the amount of mentions of your brand on the Internet, where is, and how far have come the comments.

-Lithium Social Media Monitoring allows you to monitor all social media channels for managing multiple social 

Tools for monitoring and quantitative analysis in social media

-Argyle Social analyses only the hard numbers and the direct results of their Social media campaigns.

-Trendrr runs through blogs, microblogs, search engines, social networks and even video to discover what they are saying about your brand.

-Involver Audience Management Platform offers applications to monitor the hearing of all the company's accounts.

-MediaVantage allows instant access to television, media print, online and social media content, relevant to the reputation of your brand.

-Objective Marketer allows you to create content and strategy, in few steps, analyzing the interaction of people with published content.

-Spiral16 oversees the entire web, not just social channels, to pick up the digital contents of your brand, which is presented in 3D.

-Spredfast offers tracks and measures of effectiveness of his campaign based on the production of content.

-Viral Heat shows again that you mention, allowing viewing each mention and analyzing the overall trends with respect to their brand.

-Radian6 explores an impressive number of social networks, sites, news, blogs, discussion forums and video sites and pictures, in order to discover what they are saying about your brand.

-Trackur lets you see who is talking about you, and what they are saying on the web using keywords.

-Visible Technologies allows to monitor and control data on what people talk about your brand.

-Google Alerts lets you create alerts about your brand or products.

-Cymfony extract information from traditional media, social media and provides a vision, identifying factors of influence and answers to your specific questions of market research.

-Networked Insights helps you make more effective advertising through the capture and analysis of millions of authentic conversations in social networks, and marketing including blogs, forums, microblogs like Twitter., this URL Shortener, not only makes it easier to share links, but it also allows you to track your own links.

-SWIX allows tracking of clicks and shows its performance in more than 70 hearings with various metrics and participation in 20 social for managing multiple social