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Self-Service revolution in large Companies

 Normally companies and small businesses all activities and services are controlled by people, and even if these activities are monotonous and routine don't see another solution better.

There are multiple instances through which this consumer access to a given asset at any point and retail sales from a supermarket in neighborhood to a luxury hotel. From the moment you want to something unless you have it in your hands and makes it his own, there are so many barriers as facilitators that will allow - or not - the Act of purchase is consummated. These instances represent aspects of human behavior that already have been extensively analyzed for the purposes of strategic planning of commercial enterprises, usually as isolated phenomena. The traditional planning usually incorporates elements on the basic needs of the people, their psychological desire, its economic potential, its geographical location, etc. To put focus on this dimension and try a tool to include the physical environment in an effective manner in a strategic approach to commercial ventures, an analysis inclusive of the physical variables surrounding the offer.

Self-service is a trend that redefines the way companies interact with their customers and employees. The term "it auto-servicio" covers many applications, from the family - cashiers automatic are one of the oldest examples - to the forefront as automated support systems to customer.
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The big business of hospitality, as The Ritz-Carlton are striving to anticipate the wishes expressed by customers? even of its guests. This meta - what I call "the customer in advance", in which the customer has provided and then fulfilled to perfection - is what you're looking for with self-service capabilities. The brightest implemented self-service helps suggest options and behaviors in a smart way. The first test is Siri - the new go - to guide on your iPhone: recently, I entrusted to Siri: "my teeth are I are bothering." Siri responded: "I found a number of dentists..." "23 are very close to you."Self-Service revolution in

And think of Gmail warns you that you are sending an email without an attachment - not to mention Gmail "mail goggles" which prevents it from drinking an email that you may regret later. Or discourage from a product of inferior quality that thought that he was interested in, and in its place that lets you know that the products customers as you ultimately ended up buying.
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Companies wishing that their options for self-service to attract customers, instead of imposing on them, should ensure follow the big rules service design customer - to customers served themselves. The self-service model basic are the principles below:
Self-Service revolution in

Consider the population goal

The term population refers to the physical existence of a geographical environment populated (a city, a country) that surround to the commercial premises. The major factors of the first factor are the population and its relevance as a market, the current and future situation of the industry directly and indirectly linked to the undertaking and the attitude and policy of the Government towards it.

The analysis, at this level, main purpose is to detection and understanding of all these factors, and their concrete and efficient incorporation into the planning. Detection and analysis of stocks as markets are processes closely linked to the main strategic definition of business, directly related to the cultural, social and economic profiles of people.

The construction of the business

The third ring is the building itself, the construction that passers-by can see to go immediately to the local route. This ring is no longer alien to the actions of the employer, as in principle might be the past. While the strategic planning of the commercial project begins with the integrated into the first elements, is in the third where decisions are beginning to materialize and become apparent to the eyes of the public.

The power of attraction of this ring was evident from the point where the local exposes to public view and ends at the threshold of access. Accessibility and exposure achieved in the previous phase provide the framework for own construction invite passers-by to cross this threshold to its interior. The entrance is the face that local presents its compliments and gives welcome to who come to him. Before the hustle and bustle and the saturation of information of the street, a well designed entry serves as a hook that catches and attracts the local customer. In the design of shops, where the momentum assumed a lead role in customer acquisition, the facade is perhaps the only chance to catch them. It is also in this instance where the capacity of entrepreneurship to harmonise with their surroundings – or break positively with expected - will bring to its acceptance and its consolidation as a member of the community and the geography of the place. It is necessary to understand and meet the aesthetic preferences of the population with the functional demands of the construction, within the framework established by the legal, architectural and operational provisions proposed by the Government.
Self-Service revolution in


At the beginning of the Decade of the 90s, the Swedish consultant Henrik Salen exposed his vision of the point of sale, in anticipation of a strong cocktail of design, planning, ergonomics, architecture, promotion, entertainment and willing human. He said: "the store is a theatre, products are the actors, consumers are the spectators". Once inside the premises, the visitor gets exposed to a world of sensations that - immediately - will define its behavior as a buyer. "There is not a second chance for a first impression."

The fourth ring has as edge outside that threshold of perceptions, and inner rim, space - rarely identified and individualized - that determines the same buyer once directs its view to the product or it is approached by a care personnel.

According to published studies, there is a natural tendency for people to, once inside the premises, lead to its right, and explore entrepreneurship in inverse sense to the needles of the clock. The same sources say that only 10% of them reaches to cover two-thirds of the place, 20% passes through only half and most, the remaining 70%, fails to make contact with a first third. This implies the need to actively participate in the design of space to overcome such meager trends.

To analyze large-scale commercial ventures such as shopping malls, multiplex cinemas and entertainment centers, the movement will include dynamics with which the public runs common, between trade and commerce, or attraction and attraction so-called spaces.

The product or service:

We call it product / service to a range of elements that should be incorporated in different ways depending on the type of venture analyzed. As mentioned above, in a supermarket experience will consist of each of the products offered, for a hotel it will be stay in one of its rooms, for an art exhibition it will be the Act of appreciating the works through the senses. They exist here yes, multiple models of analysis of the experience of proven effectiveness. For this reason, this has been incorporated into the model in a central position, lead actor, but isn't desgranada in its own multiple facets.

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escape routes

Create escape routes in its self-service. Self-service it is fun for customers - until it isn't. Build in escape routes for customers which lead directly to humans, who can help you when he is trapped.

If you ask, "has your question been answered?" At the end of their FAQs, spending some time considering what should happen if the response of the client, i.e., "No, you have not answered my question." In my opinion, should be a response of "sorry, obviously we have room for improvement, click here and a human being live help"o"If you want a phone call from a human being. Please enter your number here. When we call, human beings have a complete record of the query / problem and its solution, and we will do the right thing ".
 Self-Service revolution in

Another indicator that the insects to customers: emails ending with "Please do not respond..." do seriously? automated confirmation next, or letters to the less prominent feature, a response address. When the big companies send confirmation that end with "Please do not respond", which is a kiss-off. When small businesses do this, simply ridiculous. Either way, can lead customers to despair. The asymmetry challenges our human desire for reciprocity: the company is sending out a letter, but the prohibition of writing that back!

Self-service should be an option for its customers-. It is not a requirement in most of the companies that serve their customers better, offering customers a variety of channels. An option means to choose and its decisions respected. Customers not should call their contact in the phone Center only to say ", you really should go to the Web site for that. (Incredibly, this happens all the time.) There is a reason why was asked to phone, so talk to them!

Automated systems of the service the client can do wonders for customer relations when they work well, but they can also be very damaging if they do not work as they should.

To avoid unnecessary frustration, be sure that there is always an obvious way of connecting to a real person, either if the client is to your phone in a web site or front machine vending.
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