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 Create an Cleaning Business 

With your own office cleaning business you can earn more money from what you dreamed. With little initial investment you can easily implement this type of business. You can find customers interested in a few days, may be preparing contributions within a week. You can start to work in a matter of weeks. You can even have your team in a few months.

Costs of implementation underway can be as low as $5,000, or even less. It is even possible to start with a base of part time working from home with a vehicle and a minimal amount of equipment, assuming you're going to do all the cleaning and marketing yourself.

The company's core activities
-Recruitment of personnel
- Training
-Social security for the staff
-Purchase of materials, equipment and required attachments
-Transport of staff at the home
-Elaboration of contracts and services policies   

Residential cleaning business
Although commonly referred to as a business cleaning the House, you can begin to offer residential cleaning business services to customers who live in almost any kind of residence, including houses, apartments, condos, or vacation homes. A residential cleaning company is cheaper to start.
Create an Cleaning Business

residential services
General cleaning of houses
Cleaning of Windows in residences
Cleaning of swimming pools
Washing of carpets
Car wash
Tank tank cleaning
Garbage collection services
Deep cleaning of bathrooms and tiles
Cleaning of ceilings
Washing and ironing of clothes

Commercial cleaning companies

If you start a business of commercial cleaning (also known as a cleaning company), it is possible to offer cleaning services of medical clinics, shops, restaurants, corporate offices, government agencies, and other customers. Your cleaning business even specialize in crime scene cleaning. A commercial cleaning company can make more money.
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Industrial services
Cleaning of Windows in buildings
Cleaning of hospitals
Cleaning of offices
Washing of carpets
Cleaning of parks
Cleaning of rooms for events (pre and post event)
Cleaning of churches
Laundry in hospitals
Cleaning stages (pre and post event)
Cleaning and chapeo of roads and ditches
Transfer of toxic wastes (hospitals and sanatoriums)
Cleaning of cages in zoos and turicrentros
Cleaning and polishing of floors
Furniture and upholstery cleaning
Washing of uniforms in high volumes
Graffiti removal specialist
Services of elimination of bad odors
Repair blinds
Wash curtains
Cleaning of mechanical and automatic stairs
Tank tank cleaning
Decoration and cleaning of gardens
Washing of car fleets

So you can start successfully your own office cleaning business will take into account all aspects needed to do so. You have to take into consideration that this business is not only buy the necessary materials and knock on the door of someone to offer you their services.
Create an Cleaning Business

Like any other business, there are several steps to start a business. You have to decide and register its trade name. Obtain the appropriate business registers and licenses by visiting your local county or City Hall and ask about the requirements to start a business.

You will need to obtain an insurance policy. This policy will protect it you and your customers. For example, if one of your employees or you break something, the insurance will pay the damage, so you don't have to worry about defendant by his client. Compare with several insurance companies and find suitable for you.

You will need to do your research on the demographics, for starters. If you're planning a domestic cleaning business, the area they work in should be one where residents can afford to pay someone to do their chores.

You'll also want to get an idea of the service and the prices of other products of cleaning in the area are willing to offer. If you have had leaflets through the door or seen the ads in Windows, call the numbers as a potential customer and find out what they charge.

The same applies for a commercial cleaning business. Find out what offices and businesses in the chosen area are charging. You can discover, in the course of its investigation, that the area you want to establish themselves in a saturated market and therefore will have to look elsewhere. By the same token, if larger, more consolidated companies can undercut the price that may have difficulties to survive.
Create an Cleaning Business

Contract or
subcontract workers as needed. Cleaning business may begin with individual where the owner does all the work. However, according to growing the business it is possible you need to hire more people. Make sure you know about all the legal requirements on this and find very reliable staff.

Consider the use of uniforms - employers expect a certain degree of professionalism. That is why it is a good idea to obtain uniforms. Uniforms gives your business a more polished and professional than business people aspect as. This is a particularly good idea if you are providing a specialised service as the power of commercial carpet cleaning or washing.

Having a flexible schedule - to start a business of cleaning of offices, may decide to work in a medium or full time. Most companies prefer that their services of cleaning or cleaning to be done at night or after business hours. This is seen as a benefit for some of those who are busy during the day.

Ensure strict supervision of work
Use of material of protection when the work required, as gloves, harnesses, helmets,
masks, etc.
Much discretion and education to carry out the work. The cleaning staff should go unnoticed and not distract the regular activities of the people in the workplace.

Patterns of your services
Regular or order service
Rapídez of the application more quickly charge it better
Frequency: occasional, daily, weekly, monthly, eventual
Specialization of the required work

New concepts
Green cleaning is a recent trend in the House and office cleaning industry. Green cleaning is the cleaning without the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products that damage the environment. People are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and they are looking for the way to environmentally safe of doing things. Some people are also sensitive to harsh chemicals used in cleaning products, so green cleaning is an option safer and healthier for them.
Create an Cleaning Business

To publicize the company
Web page - you may choose to develop a web site to provide customers with access to general information about your business of cleaning of offices.

Advertising vehicles - advertising in your vehicle can be an effective way to spread the word about your business of cleaning of offices. Be sure to include the names of business along with the number of contact and website if you have one. If its trade name does not contain the words "cleaning of offices", make sure you include, in addition to people to know what your company offers services.

Classified ads in the newspapers - to start an office cleaning business listings in your local newspaper can help attract new customers.

Yellow pages - Consider the purchase of an ad in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory. It may also include your business in the online version:

Other related services with the cleaning
Manufacture of soaps
Manufacture of disinfectants
Maids Agency by day, week or month
Rent toilets portable.
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