That is the mounting of a Radio Online? To speak in a simple way, you will need 4 elements for mounting your radio

Start a Radio Station Online

Until a few years ago, have an own radio program was almost like a dream. At least he could rent some space in a neighborhood FM and wait friends, the hairdresser of the corner or Office of the block sintonizaran the program. Today, PC, Internet and microphone combo not only make possible the dream of the own station but that they let you bring your voice to everyone.

That is the mounting of a Radio Online?
To speak in a simple way (without technical entanglements), you will need 4 elements for mounting your radio:

A server which is the team responsible for transmit everything you want to play on the Internet such as: music, debates, interviews, varied topics, podcasts, etc.
A player software which is the program that allows reproduction.
A software plugin that makes the connection between the server and the player.
The transmission service streaming which is a server which is paid monthly according to the number of users (listeners) that you want to achieve. This allows you to grow gradually.

Radio online from the technical part consists of the conversion of the analog audio to digital transmission in real time, a process known as streaming. A derivation of the online radio are podcasts, files usually in MP3 recorded by users to the style of a radio column or a blog entry, but spoken. Moreover, they can link to services of broadcasting of content (RSS) to keep visitors all the episodes. His name becomes the English word Pod (for iPod) and Cast, which means to transmit; since they were intended to download them to your MP3 player and listen to them anytime, anywhere.
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Mounting costs
Investment for mounting your radio mainly covers the following costs:
Server which should be a standard PC with its accessories like microphones and players (approx. us$ 1000)
Reproduction and specialized plugin software (approx. us$ 500).

Server streaming service (approx. us$ 50 for 100 concurrent users)
Other costs associated with the editing operation, local, etc.
start a radio station online 

Online radio networks

The following networks provide an infrastructure of transmission and case based on music shows cover what otherwise would be a huge payment of music licensing. As such, these services allow you to play copyrighted music without incurring extra within their online radio shows payments.

One of the main advantages of creating their radio stations through existing networks is that you can use their streaming transmission technologies to reach large audiences, rather than having to rely on your own bandwidth.


It is a network of more than 10,000 radio stations online, which can be freely heard. Issuers pay a monthly fee for the hosting of mp3 files and the use of the infrastructure of Live365, which includes the following benefits:
Live streaming capacity: Yes (except for the basic account)
Capacity of pre-recorded streaming: If
Player embedded on your own website: Yes, in the pro accounts
Directory of online radio stations: If
Music licensing: Yes, all the details on the web site of Live365.
Monetization: If. Rewards program that gives broadcasters a portion of proceeds generated from users that are registered to a membership of your preferred program. Professional accounts can add advertising to exempt ad broadcasts and retain 100% of the profits.
Prices: Prices range from $9.95 per month for a basic account, $84.95 per month for advanced functions. A complete list of price plans available on the web site of Live365.

Direct streaming

The following tools allow you to avoid online radio networks, giving him the means to transmit through the technical stream their content directly to other users. The downside of this approach is that you have to use your own bandwidth to serve content, effectively limiting the amount of listeners that can be simultaneously. Moreover, you cannot legally play music or copyrighted content without buying the licensing to do so, which can become costly.

On the positive side, there are thousands of free songs of copyright that you can use by visiting the sites listed below section this mini guide copyright-free materials.

Sam Broadcaster
It is a popular solution with many benefits for the transmission of radio online, with advanced functions that include crossfading, Remover of spaces, coincidence of rhythms, normalization of volume and a compressor/limiter 5 bands. Among its key features are:
Advanced logic programming and playlist rotation, so you can leave your workstation working and still ensure a wonderful combination of tracks to their listeners.
Advanced streaming encoders: including aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, WM9 and Ogg - playing in Winamp, Windows Media Player, Live365, MusicMatch, and more.
Time statistics that inform how many listeners are connected to your radio station at any time.
SAM interfaces with their web site that allows automated song requests. Your audience sees artists, title, album, cover design and other information of the reproduced songs
Price: $279.00
Platform: Windows only
start a radio station online 

Pirate Radio
It is an economical alternative to SAM Broadcaster, offering fewer benefits at a price considerably lower. The principles is the same however, giving it an effective way to convey via stream their music and comments directly from your desktop.

Peer-to-peer solutions

Peer-to-peer solutions solve the problem of bandwidth by distributing data among the listeners of his station, with each simultaneously by sending and receiving information. This gives you the scope of network solutions with the freedom of live streaming alternatives.

The possible against are the dependence on connections to the Internet for others to effectively convey their show - if there is a weak link in the chain, this can affect the overall quality. In addition, these free open source alternatives require a huge amount of technical knowledge and initial configuration. Fortunately there are tips online on how to configure your own peer-to-peer transmission solution.

Ciberradio operator. On the Internet there are a lot of programs that allow to mount an online radio to then transmit through the Web. One of the most popular, if not the most popular of all is the ShoutCast. In fact it's an add-on for player WinAmp ( And it lowers free. Once installed Winamp, should download the added ShoutCast DSP Plug-In from and double click you on the executable (.exe) file so that it integrates automatically to the WinAmp.

Secondly, a "place" on the Internet should get to host the radio and have a web address. The free service more popular in these cases is Listen2MyRadio. To use it, go to, click the Sign Up link and fill in some information, as the name of the radio station and the email.

Sources to get free of copyright material

The following resources provide a fantastic way to find fresh and inspired music for his radio show, while avoiding the issue of having to pay charges for licensing. Available content is licensed under Creative Commons and as such allows greater or lesser degree of freedom to use it. You can find out more about the different licenses used on the Creative Commons website.
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The Creative Commons web site exhibits an extensive search between different media which allows to separate a means in particular. This is a great way to find audio for broadcasting content Internet Archive has an enormous collection of Creative Commons licensed and public domain audio, including the excellent Net Labels, which has huge amounts of companies from albums virtual recorders

 Legal Torrents has a great selection of music that you can legally download and use in their transmissions.

Musopen provides classic recordings of public domain provided by volunteers.

CCMixter is a community of creative commons remix and has hundreds of working musical remixables for use
The Freesound project is an excellent source of sound effects, licensed under Creative Commons, perhaps you want to use in your transmission.

Common Content is a great media source licensed under Creative Commons, including a broad section of audio

How to make money with your Online Radio?

As well, we finally come to the point that most interests us. So unless you want to mount an online radio for simple entertainment (which would not have nothing of evil), you must know how to take the best advantage and monetize to generate profits.

start a radio station online 

As any business online, there is something important that you should know and that I describe in this article: the secret of the business on the Internet.

So that your radio take off you need to generate traffic and it is then when can take advantage of your radio online to generate income by these means:

Advertising on the page of your radio. Your listeners come to your page and select your music content, you can sell banners per month of various sizes. Depending on the traffic your radio handle, a 125 x 125 banner is can sell for about $10 to $ 25 per month, while 250 x 250 banner can sell for $30 to $100 per month.

Advertising terms. The traditional way of generating income with a radio is making statements about products or services of your sponsors. Once you have a good number of listeners, you can start selling these mention different businesses interested in promoting their brands. You should certainly start with prices comfortable and accessible according to the number of listeners that you drive.

Affiliate programs. You can also give entry to advertising affiliates or subscribe to clicback to find potential sellers. The mechanism involves placing the advertising of them and in return receive a Commission for each product sold that regularly rounded up $30 to $ 50 either a percentage of the price of the product.

Adsense advertising. My favorite system of advertisements that get advertisers and published on your page without that you have to take care of the Collections. The only thing you need is to determine that spaces want Adsense to manage in your page, you subscribe and they get paid for each click that customers make in advertising.

Earn income as a broadcaster. If you do not want to get you to both roll with build your own radio but you like the phrase, you can also earn money by lending your services to a radio program.

Sponsored interviews. Another way of making money is doing interviews with characters who want to be known as musicians, professionals, announcers, etc who by a modest amount can have an exclusive interview for 30 minutes on your radio.
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