Important discoveries are not limited to devices of saving of work that have been invented to save time in the kitchen or work room

Discovery Socialy
concept and potential in Business

Important discoveries are not limited to devices of saving of work that have been invented to save time in the kitchen or work room. Real "breakthrough" discoveries are social discoveries affecting the way we live, think and relate. And each one has made a significant difference. Much of this occurs primarily in professional thinking and  innovation. Because these concepts are the focus, understanding, that reach all our lives through our understanding of the world and in our  social practice.

But a new generation of networks and mobile applications on the web goes beyond of that share, by exploiting a new trend based on the discovery.

Before were looking for a pair of shoes (to use the example of Semil Shah) using a search engine. And only little tuiteabas, or you made "I like" in that pair of shoes.

Well, now you discover new things and share them. It is not the same look for a pair of shoes of a color, and mark, who discover that there is another brand and new designs.

The process in the Social discovery occurs when a user locates and connects to another, while a social network is a social structure of persons with social relations among them. There are some sites that specialize in the social discovery and meet new Badoo, myYearbook and Tagged people. An example of social discovery within a social network is the "find friends" based on Facebook. Although some do not believe that this trend is novel and not consider it important, indeed it is already here, and there is of course always opportunities for companies that want to take advantage of it.

The concept of "social discovery" is not actually new. You could say that it has been an important part of social networks for years and something that they have been improving over time. For example, the first based services?Geolocation as Foursquare, are part of that new trend

Social discovery platforms

OiNK, is an application that we can register indicating our specialties (cafés, dessert, sushi, electronic table games, comics…), allowing that our opinion about products, dishes or items that you wish, without there be no limit in the categories we registration (tags, in this case).
Discovery Socialy   

With a strong ingredient of geographic location, we can thus see views of products is to offer close to our region, unlike FourSquare, for example, that this is not comment on physical places and products.


Path is an application for sharing photos and information, but only with friends or closest relatives. A Facebook reduced our circle intimate.

It is like an elegant journal that helps to share the life with the people we know (thoughts), the music you are listening to, where are you, who, when you wake up and when you go to sleep and fantastic videos and photos of the best quality. And those who like can share in social networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Facebook, can easily do check-in, upload photos and videos, write in a blog and TUIT directly from Path.

With Path is not encouraging the discovery, but it is a social evolution of Facebook. While the intention of the company of Zuckerberg is that we have many "friends", our privacy we will hand with each new update. Path takes this gap and makes more intimate social experience.


Pinterest is one of these new applications. Some people "discover", others organize and all share. Pinterest is not a "visual catalog" as sadly I read on a blog (all catalogs are Visual, in fact).

The interesting thing about Pinterest is precisely that the photos are the medium through which the discovery is shared. From the point of view of the "discovery", this is the application that goes beyond. Although the social aspect, follows the same schemes of a "conventional" social network.


Based in Los Angeles Hyphos undertakes to offer the closest group of friends who never knew he had - his platform allows you to find people around you based on interest and location.

Founded earlier this year, the Hyphos (from the Greek "web") team consists of 8 recent graduates and current students of UCLA, Art Center College of Design.


Ourspot means our particular site. The idea of Ourspotes to find, discover and share only with who you want. You can create a "spot" with your partner and there "spotear" things (photos, information). Then you can create a "spot" with a friend or with a group of friends, a particular time such as a trip for a walk.

Ourspot is the evolution or a variant of the concept of Pinterest discovery with a social environment which is in the middle path of Facebook and Path.

Ourspot is not a "catalog" or "collection" of photos, many less pictures facebook.

It is a new way of awakening to the social discovery and share on social networking sites, embodied in a Startup that promises since the beginning. Here too we see the concept of "circles" Google + aimed in a similar manner, but with different objectives.

Other social applications of discovery

Ban.Jo: Rather than classification possible connections of shared interests, minas of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks, and enumerates them by which is closer.
Kismet: Now here's an application that deserves some credibility if only for the irony of his name. His promise? "You say that you must comply, why you must meet them, and you know in common.?"
Roamz: This application is a little different from the others mentioned here because it is not so much that connects you with the people, but it lets you know about the programs or events or places that you think that you would like to be close.
Uberlife: After releasing for the first time in the United Kingdom, Uberlife was only available in the United States.UU. It is to establish facts of the real world, or "meeting places", and then leave all the social network connections to know.

Off line platforms

But no doubt that a large sample of what is the "social discovery", is Uberlife, an application that not only extends with connections online, but takes them to the real world. This site has been available in the United Kingdom and lately has just been launched in the United States.UU.

Uberlife is more about the search for groups of people, who in addition are offline. "People can download the application and find out what places of meeting are active at the time and very close to them." Also the topic of interest can be chosen by the same people.

Privacy can be a problem for some users, but Uberlife says it will implement features in the future, allowing only friends to connect with you, at the moment it is completely open to the public.Discovery Socialy  

Surely will great opportunities for brands, take advantage of this trend of the "social discovery". In fact we have already seen that use to some extent, with the rise of smartphones and applications such as Foursquare, Yelp, Urbanspoon and even Google Places. Brands of food, drinks and clothes already have been interested much in connect customers to each other, which might be useful for brands in the long term.Discovery Socialy