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Hotels Portable
a business with potential

In some parts of the world it is convenient to install a hotel at times the year-specific, maybe by activities such as concerts that summon crowds or events on a scale that no doubt reuniren to a lot of people.

But then, the location of these facilities were unprofitable most of the time.

A good solution is the provided by companies such as Snoozebox. This concept is not only a single development, Snoozebox is basically a hotel portable temporary that can hold between 40 and 400 rooms. The structure itself is made of shipping containers and is designed to be easy to build and deconstruct, requiring only three days to build. The rooms itself are things of luxury in the temporary events that contain the Snoozebox with flat screen TVs and attractive bathrooms in suite, wireless Internet, and daily articles of quality drinks.

Containers currently in fashion. They have been used to create a collection of diverse buildings, including temporary housing for victims of earthquakes and other emergencies, in construction of schools and hostels, to create spaces of mobile offices as prototypes, an indoor arena in South London, a grocery store in Seattle, and even a tower of pirate radio in Melbourne. As architects and designers to explore further the possibilities of the structures of rethinking, urbanism of containers is unquestionably a useful strategy in the future.

Geoff Corkish (the Development Department tourist in London) said: "There is a high demand for accommodation of TT each year above the provision despite the growing industry response to the provision of family camping and we still have to meet the growing demand in this." period.

Hotels Portable  
Robert Breare (Snoozebox CEO) says: "we are absolutely delighted with the opportunity of a hotel site Snoozebox in the heart of the island of Man TT in Noble Park we would like to thank Douglas Council, the Office of tourism, TT Team Motorsports." Regency Travel and all professional consultants in the island who have supported us and help ensure our successful planning application.

"For the prestigious international events such as the island of Man TT, this temporary, unique and innovative hotel is the perfect solution for a quality accommodation in the short term, where demand exceeds the supply of rooms." We are confident that Snoozebox will be a great success among the visitors of the TT ".

Each container has four rooms; each with two beds, connections Wi-Fi, bathroom, screen flat, and, obviously, electrical and plumbing installation. Other Deluxe rooms occupy half of a container for more comfortable meetings in the middle of totally unspoilt areas, to then go without leaving a trace of their existence.

The modules can be transported by train, plane or boat, by what their itinerant nature could expand its uses to disaster areas or poor communities which do not have systems of drinking water or electricity. This alternative promises economic and comfortable rooms.

Hotels Portable  

Sleepbox is a room of self that can be placed almost anywhere. Designed by the Russian group Arco enterprise architecture, each box is equipped with two beds, LED reading lamps, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, and a lot of storage space for your luggage. The Sleepbox was in use at airports in Russia. Travelers can rent the room and sleeping for several hours, doing miserable delays and long scales is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

People can get a little privacy to fall asleep of emergency in multiple sites as centres of conventions, shopping malls, among others. It can be rented from periods of half an hour to half-day, depending on the persons in charge of them.

The main function Sleepbox is to afford the luxury of a good night's sleep. However, depending on the location, it can be equipped with additional features.

Mobile compartment (box) has a base of 2.5 x 1.6 m and the height of 2.5-3 m. One of its main advantages is its ability to be installed in any area in a clean way. You can be in dodde railway stations passengers have to spend hours on hold long or delayed schedules?or transfer.

Currently are available in one, two or three beds Sleepboxes, which can be made of MDF (wood), metal and glass-reinforced plastic. Sleepbox allow 30 minutes to several hours of paid use. The price varies depending on the number of hours of use: how much more the user pays for the least cost per hour.

Available options include:

Got tangled up in the Windows of the film with the change of the transparency
Ambient lighting - LED lamps with the change of colors
Built in media block (TV, touch screen monitor)
Router Wi-Fi
Alarm, intercom
Safety deposit box
Built in the station of payment with magnetic keys

Hotels Portable  
These were intended originally in 2009 by Russia based in several designs. This year, renewed and updated designs of the gaze of the Sleepboxes, with some of them with storage space for luggage, connections for load devices, reading lamps, electric shutters, security box, and even a touch screen TV. It is like a hotel room, without going to the bathroom and bath and room service.

Of course, a concern is the maintenance of the Sleepboxes, as who is going to change the sheets after an occupant leaves to step to the next. But I think that it is still a fairly clear idea in general, and that can generate good profits and success in business.

By mid-August 2011, the Sleepbox were first installed in the Aeroexpress terminal of the airport Sheremetyevo, Moscow, Russia. Represents the version of the basis of MDF with a natural veneer ash. This Sleepbox attracted a great interest of passengers and large companies chances are first commercially operated boxes will be installed at airports and in the city at the end of this year.

The possible locations for Sleepbox include:

Railway stations
Exhibition centres
Public centres and purchases
Accommodation facilities