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 Use public relations and marketing

 Is often assumed that public relations are only used by large companies; However, the reality is that, with minimal investment, small businesses can also make use of this effective advocacy strategy.

A good PR campaign can give a small business such effectiveness in promoting it, as that could give the best paid advertising campaign.

For example, achieve our business is reviewed by a means of important communication, may grant us such coverage, that a small business probably never could afford to pay.

If your business has a quality product and wish to expand the market and increase sales, but maybe thinks that he has not enough capital to achieve this, we need a public relations strategy.

There are specialized agencies in providing such services, regardless of the size of your company and the product you offer. To find out how to choose a public relations agency, you must analyze it offers you:

Deep knowledge of the potential consumer.
Identification of your specific communication needs.
Close contact with the media and opinion leaders.
Tools to measure their results in a clear and effective manner.
Use public relations and marketing  

Businesses or business need that its collaborators and partners know:
To produce exactly the business.
The acceptance that has the product or service among consumers.
That seeks to develop a healthy environment within the company.
The economic activity of the company is fair, affordable and reasonable.
To inform employees on short and long term plans.
The objective of the business is the needs, improve the standard of living and help the economic strength.
The external objectives include:
The importance of commodities and services.
The policies of the institution.
The good administration of the business.
The high quality of products and services.
Quality and competitiveness of their collaborators.
The concept that the authorities have in the company among many other essential aspects.

That is why the establishment of relations with the different participants and micro organizational environment elements, maximizes opportunities for the company, both in strategic alliances (contact and development) information disclosure. A business is no stranger to its environment and vice versa, this is important knowing what happens in the immediate physical surroundings of the Organization and participate as much as possible of the activities surrounding communities just. With the use of boards and professional orietacion you can build a solid image. The following ideas can help us for this task.

Sign up at HelpAReporterOut (HARO) 

The site. It is a free service created by Peter Shankman, a true veteran of public relations sector, in which many reporters ask for sources for their stories. So if you sell collars for dogs as if you sell motorcycle helmets, so if you're the President of a large company as if you're an independent expert, this newsletter is full of PR opportunities

Meet the reporters, bloggers and "influential" users of your sector. Researches on the Internet who may be really interested in your company and politely convey your news or looking for another way to start a conversation with them. Maybe you have any comment to make on his last story; Maybe you know another expert who interest them know. Do not limit yourself to sell; It looks at ways to value the relationship. It is the best way to consolidate the relationship: falling well people and get think about you when they have to write a story in which you can fit.
Use public relations and marketing  

Send a press release
Another way of making use of the strategy of public relations is to send a note or to the local media press release, and convince them that they publish or disclose.

A press release could be news related to the company (for example, the launch of a new product, where along the press release can send a sample of the product), the approximation of an important event (for example, the upcoming launch of a new point of sale), a story or interesting story of the company, etc.

The media which we can go could be shaped by local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, websites, news, important blogs, etc.

If the note is interesting and we achieve the means to publish or disseminate, we will be able to write or speak of us without having to pay for it, and may be lucky to do a good review of us, or until that requested us an interview and what is better still, that the note or news will be taken and reproduced by other meansthus achieving greater coverage.

Publish a press release
An alternative to send a press release to any means of communication, with the hope that her release or disclose, is publishing the press release ourselves.

We can, for example, to create a corporate blog, and write it on the activities of the company, or we can send the note through newsletters to our major clients.

Or, even, we can publish the press release on social networks such as twitter or facebook, where as in the previous case, if the note or news is interesting, it can be republished by other means, and thus reach a large number of public, with such credibility and effectiveness that the best paid advertising could be achieved.

Give something along with contact information.
You can give something free: a report, an e-book, a newsletter through its website, on paper, a sample of the product, a free trial, etc. In return, ask for the name, email address and / or phone. To do so, you have something like contact with people and this is a good business strategy. Example: You're in cosmetics. You can put according to a Barber or hairdresser to offer samples. To change you offers its clients brochures for your hairdresser or your business.

Position yourself as an expert
Customers always feel satisfaction and comfort to know that image campaigns were directed by an expert. It is therefore vital to business owners, that its management team and staff for this function are specialists in their field. They must know everything about their products and services and be prepared to respond with detail about the actions at each step. For example, a consumer health products, went to three different shops of healthy foods in search of a particular grain, which is high in protein and fiber. In three stores, the staff had no idea of what they referred to or had never heard of the product before. Discouraged, try by last time anywhere else. The person was surprised to find a store where the sales employee you offered this product, which also was able to provide basic information about the product and the varieties available. This client was so happy by the encounter which refers to their friends to buy in this store and also becomes a loyal customer for many years.

Development of web sites

Another way where start-ups can get customers is through the use of its web site. It is a professional and easy-to-use tool is the web site of the company, where can get many competitive advantages, that many people enjoy the convenience of buying online. Many companies can raise their profile through the use of a professional webmaster to optimize search engines and publication of affiliates to increase the flow of traffic online to your company site. For example, if someone is looking for buy dishes and glasses, can simply write "good dishes, glasses," during a search on the web and instantly find sites that sell these products exclusively. In addition, there is a great commercial value, when a company decides to serve their ads on affiliate sites, and vice versa. By linking different sponsors and partners in a company's web site. Entrepreneurs can increase its recognition, that can appear in many different places.
Use public relations and marketing   

Errors in the public relations strategy
It doesn't matter that so great is the specialist of public relations, or if its plan is wonderful, there will always be errors. Public relations representative could accidentally make a false statement about you or your company, or you could omit to say something very important about the business. Therefore, you must monitor the essence of the plan with respect to its product basic values to avoid that errors happen in the campaign, and prepararce to deal with them.

Errors in its public relations strategy should be treated in the same way that you would deal with an emergency in any other topic. The person who made a false statement or who failed to provide the information most appropriate should make a statement, saying the impresicion of any issued data to the public. This must be done openly and honestly, and must not grow enough to leave sites that can be created speculation in the media and the public. Each statement must be the most timely in the subject.


One or two errors by a specialist of public relations can occur. However, if the specialist is to commit these mistakes and you is forced to believe in the commentary what he or she has said, it might be time to consider finding someone else to work on a better plan. Also many contradictions and contractions can hurt his image.

 Never ever close a channel Use public relations and marketing  

If your Facebook page explodes with negative comments, will involve hours extra reply to all them. But you must never close it. What image does that? Of a child who does not want to play more and takes his ball. It may be tedious, eternal and expensive, but must interact during the bad times, if you want to interact during the good.