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 The art of Email Marketing

 Your email and newsletter templates are the representation of your business. If customers can't find the email or the attractive newsletter template, it is unlikely that they can see the content. In other words, all the effort taken to get to quality content will be in vain. That is why your email or a newsletter must have the right balance of good content and aesthetic design. Companies often have difficulties to create email templates and a newsletters, who has a professional-looking, so here are some tips to help you create your own templates.

Online advertising has a high ability to instantly transmit a product or idea to a large audience, literally with only the click of a mouse.

Relatively complicated all you have to do is the creation of advertising materials for your email marketing campaign, but once this is done, the way of reaching your target audience is very simple.

If you use Outlook, you can create a template or a form that will be used to send e-mail messages. If you create a template or a form, the e-mail messages you send have the same format.

How to create an email message template
In Office Outlook 2003, follow these steps:
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the mail format tab.
Uncheck use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages.
Click apply, and then click OK.
On the file menu, select new and then click mail message.
Type the recipient, the subject and the message you want.
On the file menu, click Save as.
In the Save as type list, click Outlook template (*.oft).
The art of Email Marketing
The file name will automatically be the subject line of the message.
Click on save.

Mail in Leopard is another good opcioncon a very useful function in order to create mails very elaborate, with templates of different styles whether they are for Christmas, birthday, anniversary and more important for business, always have the possibility of creating a template for any purpose specific. Templates can be saved either with images, colors, types of letters or simply text, and be able to save a lot of time to send emails.

You just need to create a new e-mail, already in it you must create the template you want, adding images and text in order to then change the type of font or color (as simple as creating an email). When you have everything ready go to file and click to save as a template.

Now, how to write a business letter for submission of a company. The first thing we have to say is that, like any commercial letter, the letter of presentation of a company has the following parts: letterhead, town and date, recipient, greeting, text, farewell and signature.

With regard to its content, remember that the letter of presentation of a company should be drafted in clear and precise, using a direct and objective language. All commercial letter should be printed on computer, for any reason must be drafted to hand or machine.

Do not forget that the Charter must begin with a warm greeting. The first paragraph of the letter should explain the reason for the letter briefly (company presentation). In the second paragraph should more widely explain the purpose of your letter (give details on what offers the company that is presenting). The last paragraph is the closing or farewell, here should thank the recipient of the letter by having spent some minutes of your time to read your letter.
The art of Email Marketing
Design for a horizontal preview.

The reality is that the majority of users of Email such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail clients, pre-visualizan your incoming mails in a window on average measuring 638 x 86 pixels. This average is the result of a study carried out by MicroMass Communications.

Despite seem incredible, most people not see beyond the initial 100 pixels of each Email. This means that its staff should not exceed these 638 pixels in width. In fact the recommended standard is 600 pixels.

On the other hand its most relevant introductory text should be within these first 100 pixels, or better still, within the first 80 pixels.

Do not use the title as the message field.

Some in his eagerness to gain time, or the attention of the recipient, decide to send the contents of the message in the title field, which is not recommended for the following reasons:

a. with the popularity of smart phones, it is very likely that your emails are read in a cell someday. By the size of the screens many cell phones cut the title to display only a certain amount of letters and then put a "...", why put your message in the title is not a good idea.
b. Another reason not to do this, is the fact that many have our mailbox open on the computer and to be your message title other people passing out there can read the message.

He used the title as an indicator of subject and reason for the message.

A well-formed email title is wonderful, even helps you visually organize your mailbox. A standard format can also help you, my recommendation is to use the following:

Title: Theme - mail reason [Label]

The theme is the name of the project, company, customer, supplier, or topic that you're trying to.
The reason of the mail is the activity or particularity of the item you're trying to.
The [tag] is optional and helps you give weight to the mail, if necessary.
 The art of Email Marketing
Take care of the image. Not worth sending an email from those facts with the Powerpoint, or attachments. Create an attractive template that you can reuse usually. In the template (we create the first template that can send our clients) should have space for your release. Seeks to put direct links was content on your website or store.

Do not write all uppercase, or an excessive font size. This rule applies not only to email, but also for chats. You have to be very careful with its use, not only because anger is considered, but also hinder its reading. Don't forget accent marks applied for uppercase and lowercase letters. If you want to emphasize use boldface,
bleeding or lists which in turn make the text more readable.

It shortens the subject of the message. We tend to make matters too long newsletters. Try with two words and phrases of call to action. For example. "Fun in the kitchen". Be careful with words Type "free offer", etc. which can be objective of the spam filter.

Maximize your template with 2 columns

It is unlikely that the reader in the 54 average seconds invests in an Email, read it completely. For this reason if your Email has more information should maximize the space in two columns. One for the main text and another for the links to other topics of interest. The proportion most usual is 200 and 400 pixels for the main content for content smaller with navigation links.

Well, side put the column of leagues is matter of debate. Personally, I prefer to use the small column on the right side for the following reasons. Our reading is from left to right by what this arrangement puts the main content in order of reading in a dominant position. Another reason is that if by aluna reason pre-visualization window is less than 600 pixels, the main content will remain in view of the reader.

I recommend testing with both arrangements and try them in different Email clients and determine which is best.

Do not send emails composed only images as there are many email programs blocking images.

Avoid sending emails with tails. First everything could go an unwanted comment. It is advisable include parts of the original message, refer to a specific part of the message and send it. Some mail services it be avoided completely as emails are organized as conversation.

Define images and links

It is important to take into account that the email clients are less standardized than browsers, so it is important to care for the html of your template code.

In principle, the size of each image must be defined. I.e. within the html code must perfectly defined height and width which has each image. It is also important to always use both Atl Tag and Title Tag.

 The art of Email Marketing
Leagues must be absolute and not relative. Browsers support html with relating League code, the only Email clients recognize absolute leagues. If they are not correct the links will be broken and this is something that should never happen in an Email.

Avoid showing their distribution lists. When the mailing lists are we are showing our database, which can remain in the hands of the competition, a spamer or unscrupulous people. Use resources such as the blind copy, Bcc.

Not request read confirmation. Many people use this option to confirm that the other person opened the mail. He is considered very bad education request read confirmation or similar to sending an email, then gets called into question the responsibility of the recipient.

Think of the future.

Unlike a chat or some message in social networks, emails have a particular relevance over time. Some people even use them as proof of requests, authorizations and/or some other legal uses.

 The art of Email Marketing
For this reason, it is important that you take the time to be clear in your post that in the near future you require support in the history of them, and what better clear information; do we want to leave everything to our mind, truth?