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Web Pages that fail

 A web page is the most immediate public face that has a company and in many cases also a portfolio of products, a sales channel, a card visit and ultimately a window to the world.

It is true that we can be "there" and reach consumers in a more rapid and tangible way. But also makes us more vulnerable for the failure of our website can make us not only losing money and consumers in a blink of eyes but also reputation and public image.

We know that our website can falling slowly and painful and dragging us with her. However, why can something like this happen?

It happens that the failure of many Internet marketing campaigns is the own methodology and strategy that have been put into practice. The vast majority of  companies designed their Web pages as if they already had a large experience of communication online. Project leaders usually define the contents and rules of design based on prior experience in other types of campaigns, without taking into account that the Internet is a different medium with its own scope and limitations.

More to do with a design according to the type of business where the navigation is easy to use and a structure friendly with visitors, the bad work of web marketing and most of times zero work positioning in search engines give as a result a completely invisible site.
 Web Pages that fail  

Therefore, the most important first step to avoid disaster at website is the ensure that both departments (marketing and design) are aligned and have a unified vision, and within and following the metaphor of the wedding, people in a relationship have to be compatible and conform the one to the other by very different they are, or think.

Internet is a showcase for the product catalog: only knows that the competition has site web and therefore "We also" need to have a web site. For what? "not it figure out sabemos… longer so running in the attempt while place the logo of the business and the products and services of the company and where to contact us". The web becomes then one replica of the sales brochure of the company, where there are no tools that promote feedback with the company, either in the form of conversation or knowledge. It is then a static place, where the content is the same and no matter the passage of time. While many initiatives reach successful, others naufragan in the attempt, therefore the following aspects must be considered.

Excellent web design.

It is not as important as SEO, but have a nice and unique design provide a sense of well-being and increase the confidence of your potential customers.

Marginal niche

The majority of companies who choose a very small niche in the hope that have no competition fail. If your do whatever is well you have competitors, but also you must face them. Only where there are no good ideas there are no competitors.

Avoid flash

Make an entry in Flash: Although we may seem very attractive and it is true that during a time Flash caused furor, an animation in this technology before "in the field" only serves to make the visitor feel annoying.
Web Pages that fail  
Show videos in native format: If we opt for videos type .avi, .mov or .wmv is likely that we find many sailors who do not have the codec appropriate on your computer, which may not view them. It is more suited to hanging, this time Yes, our videos encoded in Flash (.flv).

Infrequent updates

The user is a Devourer of information, always wants to be recent and not likes the long periods of inactivity without obtaining it. There to establish an optimum time of update for the site. An information overload can also be annoying and negative.

They forget the user

Many websites fail, because they are designed according to what you want to the owner, the user, between entrepreneur's enthusiasm for their idea, can not miss the point of view of what customers need.

Chat does not work: If we opted for have a chat type application to give support to the clients, use it. Nothing gives worse impression than trying to contact a company via chat (albeit during a certain time period) and that there is no one "on the other side".

Web Pages that fail  
Create a website compatible with all browsers.

Well known is that Internet Explorer still has the largest percentage of users accessing internet for this reason is important to create a web site functional and compatible with the browsers more popular that exist currently.

Sell products that can be purchased in local stores or traditional business

That case does sell a product online that can be purchased in the shop on the corner?. Generally speaking, products sold in the virtual stores can be easily purchased in malls, stores Department, supermarkets, etc. And the worst is that these products are available at lowest price in these traditional businesses.

Security for transactions

Many online businesses are no guarantees when it comes to customer enter your credit card to make a payment. Today, shoppers on the web are the more experienced, so if your store doesn't have a seal of safety certification of encryption with SSL from a recognized provider, insurance not buy you.

Invest in advertising or promotion

There is no point having an excellent design, compatible with all browsers, an excellent SEO job but without any kind of promoting quality content. We cannot expect that customers get from one day to another simply so because if. To achieve that more and more people know your business idea you will have to assemble a good strategy of marketing and promotion.