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 As entering the Market of Perfumes

One of the most promising markets currently is the sale of perfumes that allows starting a business with a relatively low investment.

However, the market of sales of perfumes to the wholesale has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, is considered to be an oligopoly in which there is a high level of competition, but most of these products compete against if same as they come from the same company, while alternative options of fragrances do not have space to develop. So if we want to sell original perfumes, we have many options.

Perfumes are in high demand by people in age from teens to seniors, the market is comprehensive as they are the range of fragrances, because what we must maintain a very assorted and broad inventory to reach all potential customers.

To start a business type store, it is necessary to have the following equipment: precision scales, scales manual, potentiometer, hydrometer, spectrometer, flasks, thermometers, stove of moderate heat, motors, propellers, blades and agitators, shelves.

In addition must have: keys for liquid, wooden pallets, computer equipment, Office and packaging for sale team.

It is very important to recognize the Perfumes and fragrances, because each type is should conform to the personality. A perfume essential oils react differently with each different person. Some perfumes are better suited for some personalities than others, and some original perfumes are gregarious, others are more reserved. Your choice to meet the needs of the attitude of the wearer, as well as behavior, as well as to reflect the State of his relationship with the user. For example, you could buy the same fragrance of his mother as you would for a bride.

There are six different categories of aroma that express different States of mind. If you know the favorite brand of the person that buys you a reasonably safe purchase.

The business of perfumes   

This is the largest and most popular category and creates mainly of flowers, such as roses, carnations, orange blossom, gardenia and jasmine.


Fragrances in this group come from like lime, lime, Tangerine and Tangerine citrus fruits. These project of a sharp, pungent aura fragrances that are naturally refreshing and stimulating. Mixtures of citrus is among earliest known perfumes.

Espagne (Cyprus)

This is a woody fragrance created by French perfumer François Coty, based on their impression of the island of Cyprus. The fragrance is dominated by pine aromas with notes of bergamot, Oak Moss, citrus and patchouli provide a suite of land of aromas.


Oriental fragrances are a heady mixture of spices, amber, SALVES and resins which suggests warmth and sensuality, and are popular for the night. Some examples include Calvin Klein Obsession, Yves St Laurent Opium and Five Star Royal Secret.


Aromas fragrance fresh and alive, with a touch of sharpness of the young scents mixed with grass and green pine, Juniper, leaves and herbs to create memorable perfumes. They reflect the sporting personalities and most appropriate for use during the day.


The sixth category is a combination of fresh herbs and MOSS fern mix to produce a style urban and sophisticated, with approaches to Earth.

Seasons and strengths

The choice of fragrance that one carries is often affected by the season and the event. Summer requests lighter perfumes and fragrances cooler, while winter may suggest something more intimate and warm. The spring is the return of the freshness and the autumn is a period of subtlety.

Tips to develop perfumes as a business from home

Another excellent idea of micro-enterprise is the preparation of perfumes, a correct key to open step in the world of Commerce. If you already have some experience in the preparation of aromatic essences everything will be easier, if not so here are some steps to follow to its elaboration.

The business of perfumes   
The market is full perfumes and fragrances of recognized brand and imitations, importantly create their own and thereby emerge an original business that will later lead to have a brand.

New aromas
Original presentations
Appropriate pricing
Make a catalogue of the essence so that the client can choose the aromas
First and foremost the originality and develop the products upon request to the taste of the customer, as well as is winning your preference and consumption.

To develop type Eau de parfum, Perfume, perfumes the way is to artisan
The preparation is in 10 minutes of easy access for domestic use

Essence: 10%
Alcohol tridestilado: 80%
Bidestilada water: 10%
Amount to develop: 1 litre
100 ml. of essence (the aroma is to taste)
800 ml. extra neutral tri-distilled alcohol
100 ml. of 
distilled  water
For the packaging is required:
The business of perfumes   
Glass bottle or PET packaging
Measuring glass
Fridge or refrigerator
Sterilized bottles
Label adhesive
Pump Spry
Glass funnel

Way to prepare:

Put in the glass bottle the essence and about 600 ml. of alcohol.
Cover the bottle and shake until that preparation is uniform.
Gradually add distilled water.
Add the remaining alcohol and mix again until all unify.
Tightly cover the bottle and put cooling for 60 days.
For the packaging, bottle with pump Spry and label with date of elaboration of home, date of packaging, lot number and expiration date.

Elaborate perfumes in case have a period for revocation of up to 2 years, then begins its oxidation, its aroma is stronger and its color darkens. Taking the product in a cool, dry and dark place, being well covered it preserves perfect.

It is recommended that its duration is greater that the bottle is glass and a dark color with a cork or with an airtight lid, since the plastic, clay or metal containers may affect the aroma or its quality. In addition, you should avoid exposure to the light of the Sun.

The business of perfumes  
Another alternative of distribution of perfume can be through vending machines. For some time we see around us machines vending of different types of products but recently there is an original and very nice on the Paris underground vending machine. For example visitors to metro Miromesnil stations, Montparnasse, La Défense and Charles of Gaulle-Étoile could buy a CK One in a special size of 15 ml in a site "CK One pocket" of Sephora.