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Personal image in Business

Those who see us for the first time, we perceive in the following way: 55% receives a visual image, composed of our attire, general appearance, toilet, body language or nonverbal and porte, or what is often called presence. 38% Of perception is hearing, in the sense of the tone, the Cadence and the timbre of voice. And only 7% corresponds to the speech, to what we say.

Therefore, when someone who has to choose between several people with similar capabilities in their work or profession, what defines the choice is the person that offers. The personal image projected makes the difference when it comes to getting a job or a client.

Although not a not this conscious person, all project personality through the image offered abroad. "Why, if there is no excellence or an attitude of leadership difficult, may be the reins of the business or job".

An autocratic leader, will be very well will formally, neck tie, and a democratic leader, be very well in casual style. Therefore, independent of his style, the leader must not overshadow its presence, but attract without enrapture.

Professional success is achieved in a 70 per cent thanks to the relations that are in the environment. The remaining 30 per cent is determined by the knowledge and preparation.

A favourable image reflects confidence and security from their partners, whether personally or professional.
The personal image should consider various aspects such as:
The elegant body posture:
a walking, without doubt
b. to the stand
c. to the stationery or documentation.
d. to be seated
c. serving the...
Benefits  of personal image 
The four tips below are some guidelines or principles which will serve him as guide to you and your staff, that can easily be adapted to the circumstances of each person. They represent the basic standards for the projection of what we today consider a good image.

AUTHENTIC - the image must be consistent with the goals and intentions of each individual, reflecting its values and personality. While it is true that to some extent the personal style is the result of an imitation of what you see around us, it is also true that what we are copying for the life adapt it to our tastes and needs to feel physically and psychologically comfortable.

APPROPRIATE - there is nothing worse than "clash" with the environment. Dress appropriately means taking into account aspects such as the time of day, time of year, the region or location, the work area or type of organization which is working, the position or level within the company, persons with whom will have opportunity to interact and ultimately the message is expected to transmit.

SEXY graphics - if attention is paid to detail, who still has an average physical appearance and modest clothes may be an attractive image. The clothes will be clean, planchadas and in good condition. The combinations will be among themselves and with relationship harmonious to the person that the leads, taking into account the proportions of the figure and the right fit - that aren't very tight nor too loose. Accessories will serve as a complement to giving "finished" to the set without being a distraction and keeping the focal near the face point this is most important when we talk about business communication center.

ACCESSIBLE - very expensive clothes are not a prerequisite to present a good image because the needs and objectives of each individual are very different. Most appropriate is to purchase apparel of the highest quality that can paid - i.e. within the budget staff - as these are typically more durable and eventually, allow to obtain a better cost-benefit ratio. When you buy, it will be important to analyse the effort which will require keep garments in good condition because if they are sensitive they will represent a significant investment of time and money.
Benefits  of personal image 

Executive image: the most adequate clothing

A black dress, simple lines, can be considered "a basic" to attend various meetings. The accessories will give you one more aspect "formal or more casual".
The dark and monochromatic colors tend to lose weight and styling the figure.
The skirts slightly adjusted to the knee feel better than the pleated or straight lines.
The costumes that most favor: straight trousers and long tailor jackets with discreet shoulder pads, slightly adjusted at the waist in colors black, blue, beige, grey or cakes.
Avoid fabrics with very elaborate decorations and very strident colors during the day.
Shoes, the wallet and belt, combined in color, size and design with the rest of the clothing.
Footwear is an accessory of fundamental importance in the perception of the whole of the clothing. The most enabling taco posture, is five centimeters, providing height and balance.
For a working meeting, avoid bright prints, thick fabrics and fabrics with great brightness.
Legs styles when using socks and shoes in the same key.
Select the color of the coats or covered in neutral tones: (black, blue or camel).
Accessories-scarves, gloves, portfolios, glasses, jewelry should be elected with a discreet and subtle approach, in order to enhance and supplement providing distinction, without projecting an ornate look.

Selection of the most appropriate for each meeting attire: other aspects to consider:

The type of meeting (cocktail, opening ceremony, lunch, Conference, etc.).
The timetable laid down for the implementation of the event.
Place of the event (Hall of a hotel, restaurant, fifth or residence for festivals, Embassy, meeting room of the company)
The season of the year.
Profile of those invited to the meeting (businessmen, officials, artists, etc.).
If the Executive attend an event as a guest of honour, VIP guest, or play any role (announcer, speaker, etc).
The external appearance must provide sense of pleasure and well-being. In general, dress form discrete but favorable, following the classic lines with a touch of fashion may be the most convenient choice to project a professional and feminine image. The quality of garments relate directly with the length and appearance, that a suit of impeccable Court brings elegance and security.

On the other hand, the most successful consultants consider that changes in appearance (such as clothing, colors, manners, behavior and communication skills) have little value if not accompanied by changes in the interior of the client. It's like taking the shell and forget about the fruit. Yes or Yes must work with the values, attitudes, beliefs, and self-esteem. From there to confuse many times coaching or the Guide to leadership with psychoanalysis.

Tips on Non-Verbal communication
The gesture cover the mouth is proving a lie.
Touching the nose indicates the same but it is more veiled.
Move the hands with palms upwards indicates honesty, frankness.
Fist indicates aggressiveness.
Rub Palms is showing positive results.
Hands linked in alto, elbows on the table, indicates that it will be difficult to convince; on the table indicates that it will be easier to convince.
Look down and rub the eye indicates a lie.
Rub the ear indicates that the subject is boring and tired.
Scratching the neck says that the subject does not know whether he agrees with what say you.
Rubbing or touching the hair indicates that it wants to distract.
Crossing arms and/or legs indicates that he defends the interlocutor.

That a person uses or objects that surround say things about her. The choice of clothing and accessories reported their preferences, the mode of being, activities and the status of who carries them. In addition, the interpretation of this election also reveals aspects of personality who sees.

The way as we manipulate objects to communicate us become body messages, as tinkering with a pencil, the telephone cable, a salt shaker, a ring, etc. Nervousness, boredom, lack of interest, anxiety or other emotions can manifest through that game.

Make the center of attention to your partner

This is essential, should listen to who speaks, you interested by what it says, it shows that you are focused on others and you know listen, this will make you connect quickly and that they want to maintain a relationship with you, you do not tell your stories, ask questions and keep eye contact.

It leaves the need for reason and 
Benefits  of personal image   

Enter a confrontation with someone who you just know will destroy the sympathy you have created, expected to have confidence to discuss different points of view.

Speak clear, convincing and with confidence

The style that you use to speak, your tone of voice, your manners, they create an impact on the first impression, that listens to you is judging your intelligence, your culture, your education and leadership you have by the words you use and how you say them.

Use these resources and give a wonderful impression on any type of appointment.

Dark glasses

In enclosed spaces (so be very enlightened or open) we do not recommend the use of dark glasses that it gives the impression that what we think we are hiding. If it's a work outdoors such as meet a parador on the beach can relativise this standard and up can stay well or fashion but almost never the very dark glasses are recommended.


They can be different types of ostentation: wealth, clothing, know more of physical fitness, physical appearance, being younger, being older, be healthy, be normal disabled, etc. All of them can be very counterproductive according with the case that we are and in certain situations.

Which holds always defends himself saying you do inadvertently or not has to conceal what it does. It is correct and there is no ethical hold lack, not doing so is a matter of sensitivity. On the other hand if this trying to sell something and holds is a good way to scare off a potential client.
Which holds too feels unsure of how it is in some aspect of his personality and looking for affection or approval through additions that have high value for the rest of the people. I am a better person that I buy the more expensive car or use the more expensive jewels. Then the rest of the people we will see with more value.

Benefits  of personal image 
We must not forget that for a solid personal image, we must seek consistency between the four channels of information that are used to transmit any message. For this there are four instruments that should support each other: their outward appearance, clothing, gestures and voice, tone and its modulation.