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Lucrative business of sports

The sport was invented by Greek slaves for fun in their rare moments of leisure. From its beginning until now has traveled a long path to become one of the socio-cultural phenomena most extraordinary.

As the sport was related only to the free moments or activities related to religious cults, not caused any change an interest for economic entities, but with the passage of time.

In today's world sport is assumed as never before as a commercial phenomenon. It matters little as many sports quality. Rugby, of most recent professionalism, favors economic discussions before the sport to see how inserts the Pumas within their international competition. The Argentina was excluded recently of the Volleyball World League. The reason? Because there is no TV contracts.

Years ago I looked at boxing as a symbol of the sport in crisis. By their proliferation of abbreviations, titles of cardboard and fights in Las Vegas hotels in the hands of the gamblers. United States, mirror inevitable, added long time to level again consumption phenomenon their Championship Wrestling. The TV gives a privileged place. But, it is clear, that is pure circus. A festival of anabolic steroids. As simple sport an excuse. The only thing that interests is the spectacle. The problem is that now, bridging the gap of the case, many other sports begin to resemble the circus in wrestling.

Great advantages which are available to those using the marketing as a tool in their development processes, inside or outside of the Organization, are important in the current globalized world is one of the most used for communicational development tools. In this particular case, football is the most watched sport in the world, and the possibility of uptake of services and products offered by companies that it possesses capital to do it is very broad and is a real chance of economic growth for the institutions.
 Olympic Profit
Now could cost about 180 mdd sponsor of the UEFA Champions League three years, or about 70 million dollars to support a formula one (F1) team during a season. And everything you buy is the right to use the name of an event, a team or an organization. The programs of "activation" of brand, promotions, competitions, television advertising during intermissions and more, could multiply two or three times the budget of the sponsor, and that is vital. "Sponsorship isn't what one has, but what makes this", according to Coca-Cola marketing managers. "Activation is everything."

In this regard the Olympics are the Gold Medal: the auspices more than US $1000 million. In past years Comcast NBC Universal took the rights of the games for United States until 2020 us $4400 million.

If we talk about the games in China, the organizers published data on earnings with the fair in Beijing.

According to the Government figures, games spending amounted to $ 2.8 billion and revenues were 3 billion so far, with a gain of $ 176 million. 40% Of revenues were the rights of transmission and marketing, in addition to the sale of tickets, souvenirs and other items from collection.

For the London Games is calculated despite the poor global economic situation, that these will be even more profitable than those carried out in Beijing in 2008. While the total economic impact that took the latter was $22,800 million, the Organizing Committee of the sporting event predicts that London 2012 will have an impact of $31.800 million.

With regard to expenditure, while the Organizing Committee of the Games initially budgeted $3.5 billion would be enough, this figure has increased several times. The cost rose to $14,000 million and the Committee requested another extension of the budget up to $17,250 million.

There are several reasons why the sport-related businesses are pretty good, one of these reasons and the most important is because sports go hand in hand with the passion, fanaticism and the glory of winning. The business of sports is, by nature, interdisciplinary. It found all the major disciplines of the business world: management, marketing, finance, technology, information, accounting, etc.

Given the importance of the sport we want to share a list of business related sport ideas among which maybe can find a practical option for you.

Sale of sports sponsorships. Teams leagues usually have many fans and when they are organized sporting events advertising is an important means. At any level, you will find niches for promotion of sports sponsorships and you can be a reseller of them, for example in radio, in shirts in billboards in stadiums, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Sports shoe shop. If you are a manufacturer of footwear or you like to promote it, you can become a wholesale distributor of sports shoe. There are many shops, academies or teams who would be delighted to have a direct distributor of this product.

Manufacture and sale of medals and trophies. You can manufacture and sell different quality sports trophies and medals. These are very common and have great demand especially for school events where you can promote them for a low price either resell them as a wholesaler to the sports shops.

Specialized sports schools (football, volleyball, swimming, etc). You can organize a school specializing in your favourite sport. Business basically consists of offering technical education and training for children and adults. You need to accompany you of some experts in the field (coaches) and rent some sports facilities for this purpose. Your income come from the registration, monthly payment for the courses and including rent of equipment, among others.

Diving school. This is a discipline that requires preparation and knowledge. If you have accounts with the team, you can become a diving coach. The courses are charged per person, include the rental of equipment, transfers, etc. Very similar to the excursions and can charge very well. Even some courses specialized as this tend to become clubs such as: skydiving, free flight, mountain biking, etc.

Extreme sports club. Fashion are extreme sports so if you want to specialize in this line, you will find many adherents. You can develop your own training camps or to prepare courses and seminars designed to provide training for young people interested in the interesting extreme sports.

Manufacture and sale of medals and trophies. You can manufacture and sell different quality sports trophies and medals. These are very common and have great demand especially for school events where you can promote them for a low price either resell them as a wholesaler to the sports shops.

Rent of sports fields for football papi. This option requires an area of land where you can put up at least one couple of courts of papi-football with synthetic turf, lighting, and grandstands. Since then the ground can rent and although it requires one greater investment, if you find it in a strategic and popular place, you will have a good market of potential customers. You can exploit in joint billboards and organization of school events and Championships.

Organization of sports championships. You can become an organizer of events and sports championships both at the school level as urban. The business is to be a broker responsible for the Organization and promotion of Championships with course registration, advertising, sales of food, fees Awards trophies, etc. The possibilities are endless and depend very much on the creativity of the Organizer.

Motor sports, publishing weekly or monthly magazines. Publications managed intelligently can generate good revenues. If you are a graphic designer or publicist, can get you a partner specialist in sports to create an attractive advertising product. It may be multidisciplinary or focused to a specific sport. The business is selling patterns or advertising or otherwise sponsored news. You can start with a small magazine and grow gradually.

 Olympic Profit
Manufacture and sale of uniforms. If you have some experience in tailoring or maquila, you can develop clothing to sell in sports shops such as camisolas, shorts or pants. You can sell clothing by the dozen, start with little and rotate them to the extent of your investment capacity.