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 Digital platforms for intelligent customer loyalty

Digital marketing is a powerful weapon in what regards to the loyalty of customers. In an environment where customers are increasingly unfaithful and less patient. With just a click of the mouse we can change products, offers, and companies. Let us take a look to how digital marketing can help us to retain.

It is ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer to maintain one already existing, according to studies that have been done worldwide do you know how much costs it to acquire a new customer? There are possibly companies which enter into "debt" by how expensive that is to acquire a new customer. You add their materials (print, ad, calls, etc. costs) and commercialization of intangible costs to determine the total cost, then we divide it by the number of new customers you have purchased. And don't forget to put a monetary value to your time and to include it in the total.

Web sites and social networks can help companies to understand the intention to purchase or establish a channel to measure the influence and loyalty of each one of the customers of the brand or business.

Intelligent and personalized stores

For example, after a day of work, we want to stop by the store to buy some things. Immediately we receive the welcome of a loyalty application on my smartphone thanks to the WLAN access for customers of the store. This application allows the store create a profile to us, which includes my activity of buying online and the lists of purchases made at home, in order to provide a personalized shopping experience upon entering the establishment. We are immediately offered assistance. A custom map appears in the device
informing special promotions and offers of the products we buy frequently and its location. Each employee of the store is virtually connected and can anticipate the needs, because prior to greet personally already have information on the questions that we already had formulated, our search products, purchases made and preferences.

Advanced Loyalty 
In the very near future, this may be the shopping experience driven digitally, which could define a new reality for retail trading and during this process, retailers can achieve a higher fidelity of customers, stronger relations and ultimately more sales.

According to the studies of marketing a 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in an increase of 60% of the profits. Yes, it sounds really tempting. And Moreover, you don't have to work so hard to sell to an existing customer as it does to sell to a new customer. If you have 100 customers who made purchases for $1,000, you would have $100,000 in sales. If customers five (5%) were loyal customers that made additional purchases amounting to 12,000 pesos each in any given year, it would have 60,000 pesos more in sales (60%) - with much less effort than would be required to purchase 60 new customers who purchase $1,000 of your products or services.

Customer loyalty is not space science. So, where do I start? There are three keys to create loyalty in customers. Here are some of the main ideas that we can use to retain our customers:
Advanced Loyalty 

knowing who they are

And you? Compile and maintain a list of its customers. The follow-up of your habits - they buy, when to buy, how much to buy. Monitor the list to know when being a business with you.

Adaptation of dialogue, proposals, related products and preferences. The system of recognition and database will show the Sales Manager new products related to previous promotions according to your preferences and customer purchases.

Enter in action

Customers are very busy people. They need to remind that there is your business and how you can meet your needs with the product being sold has received mail from a company and decided to save it for viewing later? Then you realize all the emails that you will have saved waiting to be reviewed well, consider that its customers also do.

Its success depends on the constant contact with customers. Establish a standard system to keep your business in the mind of his client on a regular database. As a minimum, customer contact intervals must be between 30 60 days / 6 months / 12 months. Its contacts system should include the reasons why is communicating with the client and the form in which you can be contacted. Not confined to send messages with the "link" to the purchase of your web part.

Follow the opportunity

Brand will sent a message to the client to thank you for the interest in their products and shows them the products has been in the shop. At the same time, the mark will use this opportunity to recommend new products or products that the customer may be interested.

Implement a loyalty program
Advanced Loyalty 

If you want customers to feel welcome, make them members of a loyalty program and to provide benefits to reward their loyalty.

Loyalty programmes meet several objectives: customers made regular purchases and you want to retain your business; you have customers in a specific age group and want to retain them in for life; There is an opportunity to add value to the basic support services; Member customers pay an annual fee for a service and you want to retain them as members; There is an opportunity to perform regular bid to specific groups of customers with special interests; There is an opportunity to differentiate a product or service through the value-added services that strengthen the product or offer basic service.

So we hope that these ideas will be empathetic with their customers and ask yourself the following questions:
Do the people who is asking for my product or service what awaits?
Can myself I offer them something to make life easier?
Is it joining, splitting, simplicity, facilitar…?
What extra incentives can give them to make the proposal more complete?
In his private life where can I find them?
And what offer can occur there?
Advanced Loyalty 

An interesting platform of business that we analyze an example based on the loyalty is, a website where users can find coupons for big brands of food and pharmacy products.

Its operation is based on everyone loves to receive coupons, discount, and more now, to what deny it. So on this website associated marks hang their coupons that consumers redeem them in the shops associated retailers and thus all (brands, businesses, consumers and the platform) happy because everyone wins.

Each user has their own account from which to choose and download offers that interest you from the web and mobile phone. (We love that it puts at the top of the web "x coupons $x, xx saved" to make more tangible the benefit of membership).

They have developed a proper application for iPhone and iTouch, available in the iTunes store, from which their smartphones can be used to search for and save digital coupons in their accounts or loyalty cards. Both iPhone Apps also allow users to send links to their e-mail accounts.

Also have a function called "Show and save" that allows mobile users to save selection electronic coupons directly to their mobile devices and simply display them in the box to make them effective.

Finally, we must think about routine clients identify and create a marketing strategy for frequent customer. Planning each as we offer you new experiences, and what kind of experiences. With these efforts, any business will continue to grow in the company of their clients.
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