Crowdfunding Services
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Crowdfunding Services
for my ideas

The criterion of Crowdfunding is unprecedented to donations. But this term is renewed thanks to the attention it has received by traders and businessmen now that social networks, online communities and technologies of micro payments makes it much more easy and safe to get donations from a group of people involved at a very low price.

Financing crowdfunding (mass), also called collective financing, 1 collective microfinance, 2 and microsponsorship, 3 is collective cooperation, carried out by people who do a network to get money or other resources, are often used Internet to finance efforts and initiatives of other persons or organizations. Crowdfunding can be used for many purposes, from artists looking for support of his followers, political campaigns, financing of the birth of companies or small businesses.

Crowdsourcing, is closely related to social networks and online communities. The public may already exist as a community, but also can be formed from suddenly disparate groups throughout the world, who all happen to share an interest in the financing of a person, project, event, campaign, and so on. The Internet allows information to flow around the world, raising awareness. A network Crowdfunded can assemble and disassemble at any time. This is the main difference with the traditional cooperatives.

A businessman or creative that it seeks to use the funding mass usually makes use of small donations made by users through the network. And may arise provide rewards to users who make donations:
You can get some kind of reward associated with the project to be carried out.
The reward can also be focused on the promotion of the person making the donation.

Examples of topical

Tim Pritlove German does not charge for his work or publish ads on its web site. Even so, receives an income of 1900 euros (2,500 dollars) monthly for its three weekly "podcasts".
The productive Pritlove uses the Swedish payments Flattr, and represents one of the best examples that the service could become a highly relevant platform for micro payments via the Internet.

Flattr poe in turn, was released in February 2010 by Peter Sunde, one of the leaders of The Pirate Bay, and presented as an ambitious project whose purpose was to provide entrepreneurs creatives and artists the possibility of receiving payments for his work, be it music, programming, graphic work, etc., without having to resort to costly intermediaries.

Flattr is a contraction of the words "flatter" (praise) and "flat rate" (fixed rate). The system works through the payment of an amount that users make to their accounts on Flattr, from which later can turn micropayments musicians, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers and services on the Internet.

When the donor users of the service are contained on the Internet can, through a click, including the site, or author, as appropriate, in a monthly donation. Thus, the monthly payment that Flattr user has made to your account is distributed between persons to whom this assigned to them a click during the previous month. For example, if the user has paid $10 to Flattr and only has selected a site as the beneficiary during the month, it will receive the total amount; in other words, $10. If the user has clicked on 10 different sites, each of these will receive a dollar.

The profile of Tim Pritlove on Flattr indicates that he has received 91.847 "flattrs" 5.962 people, insofar as the same has donated 1,591 "flattrs" 254 people.

Beginning of the crowdsourcing
Kickstarter is a solid example of mass platform, which has its origin in the United States. It was created in April 2009 and since then it has raised 20 million euros for more than 550 projects.

How does the massive funding?

On the internet there is increasingly one larger number of websites dedicated to the crowd-funding; However the essential features are almost always the same:

1. Users create a profile and detail their project idea. They define a period of time (governed by the web site) to obtain resources and the amount of money that they need.

2. The promotion is key. A good pitch for the project and a video are effective elements to spread your idea on the internet. Your own network of contacts can become an invaluable source to fund your idea.

3 Reward! The rewards are likely to be the big difference between the donations and the crowd-funding. In the massive funding you rewards to those who provide, thus motivas to a greater number of individuals support you. You can, for example, offer a limited edition of your product to those who contribute you, that guarantee more contributions for your idea.

4. Some sites have policies of all or nothing, thus only projects funded in its entirety will get the money raised, otherwise resources will go back to those who contributed. The idea is to avoid that the creators of the project will be forced to complete a project with less funds than originally required.

5 Web sites will normally take 5% of the total of the funds raised, where has been reached the objective of financing

6. The creators of the project keep the total of their intellectual properties and copyright

Crowdfunding Services
In order to be part of the initiatives supported by platforms that sponsor the Crowdfunding, the first step is to register your project on its website. That Yes, must meet certain requirements:
That question, obviously, of a lawful project.
That the idea is specific and limited in time, i.e. with a starting and ending date.
Offer clear rewards for each donor.
It is ideal that the projects also have a positive impact in the community where are developed.
You have an account of the PayPal system to receive contributions (with which the sponsor has access to Bank data of entrepreneurs or contact with money from contributions).

If the project is anchored within the time limit, or even overshoots its target, the entrepreneur receives resources to carry out their project and deliver its rewards to donors. There are only two positions: the PayPal Commission for the administration of transactions and 5% of the amount collected for the maintenance of the sponsor platform.

Procedure of a campaign
It is simply necessary to realise the project, which does not have to be a disk, can be a video clip, organize a concert, tour, etc. Once you have the idea there is to release it in the network; Although this can be done on the website of the group, it is more advisable to launch in specialized Crowdfunding platforms

Multiple pages devoted to these projects let publish a description of your project, as well as a video or pictures so who see him can know you better and listen to your music or your ideas and provide a space where users can pose questions and comments. You will also have to detail the amount you need (it is advisable to specify in what to spend so the public know where their money is going and have more confidence) and stops a date before which you must get the total amount. The money will be given for donations whose exact quantities you will need to decide and that can be as large or small as you want. In exchange for donations, you must give something to those who support you; something as simple as your name appears in the acknowledgements of your work if the number is low or tickets to one of your concerts. If the number is very high, there are who chooses to give private concerts or even record the songs of the donor.

 Crowdfunding Services
If past a time limit fixed by a web platform and not has come to collect 100% of the requested funding, it is understood that the project has not raised sufficient interest to do so viable, and then cancel all payment commitments with each of the patron. In fact, there is no risk that the entrepreneur has not lost money in the process.

If, instead, the objective is achieved and is reached the total amount, when 40 days have passed for example term runs the Office in a bank credit cards. The web platform stays with 5% of the amount in concept of intermediation, and while they have not passed these 40 days, the project can continue collecting.

Edit a good trailer
Of course the realization of a large trailer is a theme known for any film campaign that seeks to raise funds. However, My Reincarnation was a film so hard to make that you led me to not make a trailer during the process of anchoring. When looking for money, always showed scenes edited and assembled in half-hour or hour-long formats (perhaps for this reason that most of the time fallábamos in our attempts to) once we finally do the trailer, just before the launch at the festivals, it was much easier all that history of le film was much clearer. Now they tell me that some people cry when they see the trailer. It has helped many people to make donations without having seen the whole movie.

Writing and writing
At the beginning of the process, it sending newsletters to my team that they are editing. We believe that maximum right thing was not to exceed one page, then undercut the surplus. But then we realized that we received the most donations from people who you enviábamos long, more personalized messages. We procured an incredibly positive feedback. What initially seemed like a weakness, it ended up being one of our most powerful tools. Writing became something fun. As some of you should know, travel from location to location while they wheel a film can be one of the least creative tasks of the filming of a movie. But soon, write these updates and emails became a creative outlet for me.

Send your emails the day Monday or Tuesday. Later in the week are lost in overloaded mailboxes for entry. It is important to keep up the pressure. It is difficult to know.

Crowdfunding platforms
Crowdtilt is an option that focuses on "groupfunding": public and private projects among people who already know each other. Friends can raise money for a common goal, such as a week in a Beach House, a wedding gift, or a community garden.

Crowdtilt founder James Beshara said he was not sure if the company will expand to offer equity. However, the law on employment could help add much money anyway: in a few weeks, Crowdtilt plans to start its API license - which means crowdfunding sites that others will not have to worry about the technical details of the construction of the back-end.

"Crowdfunding is part of the social billing system and part, two very difficult to build things," Beshara said. "When we build our site think, man, this is going to be as a company for everyone." Why not leave that others are based on the shoulders of what already have created? "There is no need to reinvent the wheel."

Other sites to make crowdfunding

With more than $12 million already committed in its beta version, WeFunder could take the initiative and win many users to raise capital.

Crowdfunding Services
Addicted home crowdfunding web site still seems to be quite new, but a difference of others do not have a particular focus of niche that isn't to help entrepreneurs achieve their business underway. This could be good, depending on if you do not fit into the other categories "niche" crowdfunding web sites are pointing towards the projects, such as "creative" or "inventors".

To enter the world of crowdfunding, this is a good option that offers help for developers of mobile applications, and also have strong partners behind them as Microsoft BizSpark. The believer Fund also seems to have much more healthy track of "believers" (i.e.: donors) in comparison with other crowdfunding sites.

Crowdfunding Services
This Crowdfunding web site has definitely achieved a large number of followers of a great amount of media exposure. Because of this, there is a lot of activity happening there... and well, actually there are donors!