Although still a way to go, the growing presence of women in the business field leaves no room for doubt: the entrepreneurial tread strong

Male and Female though
in business

Although still a way to go, the growing presence of women in the business field leaves no room for doubt: the entrepreneurial tread strong. And that feminists today have the possibility to launch a successful business, backed by qualities which in many cases are far from the war of the sexes, "typically female" to the fingertips.

In the ranking of people richer or millionaires in the world certainly not appearing no woman in the first places. But there are women who are in command of multinational enterprises as it is the case of the company Pepsi where its CEO, Indra Nooyi is considered one of the most powerful women in the world of business.

What if we can say is that the profile of the women who undertake is different to that of men. Although their educational level is similar, a higher percentage of women have been unemployed before starting his business, and generally had less prior experience in the sector which sets out your business.

Despite differences in the profile and the difficulties they face, women and men in their processes of entrepreneurship the mortality rate of companies created by women in reality is less than the business created by men.

The obvious biological differences should not make us overlook an increasingly treated issue: the relationship between biological factors and the psychological. Increasingly more numerous studies seeking to analyse the influence of differential biological facts about the behavior. Thus, for example, noted sometimes motherhood, the ability to create life, influences on female behaviour.

Differences in male and female psychology

First and foremost we must make it clear:

Psychological values of the human person are common to men and women: external and internal senses, understanding, desire, memory, emotional life. Neither lacks these elements.
 Male and Female though 
That the differences that we draw here are secondary aspects, relating to reactions and various external manifestations in a constitutive essence.

The differences psychological pull, as well as the physics of paternity and maternity leave which have been called him and she respectively.


That said, we know that there are particular elements in the conduct of each genre. Man perceives the sensation of things altogether broadly. Therefore it is plans to high-level, see things from afar and studied media which have at their disposal without repair too in details. Consequently, without forgetting that it is mainly the responsibility of the family, lives involved in business, is attracted to social life, you are interested in political affairs. Instead the woman forgets the outlines and repairs in the details and circumstances of things and events. And as it is thorough in sensing, it is also in the Act. So perhaps not interested corporations, but interested in the home with your order and decorum, care, feeding and clothing their children, with the details to her husband. Why she loves also the details that are taken with it. You are needed and up requires them, if it does not.

These differences between men and women at the psychological level are two different styles of thinking and acting. These styles will manifest themselves, as it is logical, on the behaviour of men and women in companies. However, such styles should be understood as sets of capabilities or trends, and in any case as determinants of performance in one direction or another.

Most of the investigations have established the following assumption: characteristic of womanhood is the largest domain of experimental knowledge about the abstract, whereas in the case of masculinity, is abstract knowledge that dominates. This does not mean at all that women lack ability to abstract knowledge and vice versa, that men do not know experimentally.


In connection with the business world, the capacity of abstract knowledge is particularly useful in defining and presenting objectives, what what is intended to reach. Experimental knowledge, for its part, is more aimed at the establishment of policies, the conditions that must be respected on the road towards the achievement of that goal. We can consider generalizing, that man is better proposing objectives or alternative, and women evaluates them more complete way, i.e., lays down the conditions which must be taken into account to opt for one or another alternative. This is, to put it in some way, a functional specialization.

Male and Female though 
Men tend to rely more on the achievement of certain objectives, while women adopt a more interpersonal style of leadership. Thus, a "masculine" style usually include a target-oriented and energetic behaviour while a "feminine" style is based more on relationships and is more "democratic". In addition, men tend to take greater intellectual risks and have more confidence in themselves, while the "women manage" and tend to be more efficient in solving problems.

"As a result of the foregoing a man and a woman can do the same, but if both act in a forceful way, women will be considered less effective that we hope that the men who behave in this way". Moreover, research shows that in laboratory experiments in which convened to men and women who did not know anything, men that are manifested as leaders are considered more effective than women leaders. "This result scares: men and women could have achieved the same results and achieved the same goals, but perceptions of its effectiveness are different".

Intelligence and intuition

Intelligence is the mental faculty that, to know things, develops concepts, ideas, thoughts and judgments. Intuition, is that spontaneous and deep penetration that captures things and feelings of others, even without actually seeing them. It is a kind of divination. Intelligence moves in a cold, calculating, almost devoid of imagination knowledge. It is speculative. Why is called "the science of the head". Intuition acts within a warm, practical, full of color and detail knowledge. The thought just comes into play. Why is called "the science of the heart".


Although both powers are characteristic of the two, however, the man becomes more activity intelligence than intuition; the woman on the contrary. The man reflects, estimated, projected and draws conclusions on the facts. It uses logic, the objective, the real. It is theoretical and thought in the future. Women on the other hand, putting more in game intuition, guess things, penetrates into the interior of the people and is hardly wrong, because "something notifies you that it does". This makes guessing how the husband and the children walk and makes him to provide for the needs of young children. His thought is subjective, illogical if you want, but accurate and fortune-telling.

This different way of proceeding usually entail them unpleasant roces. Because the man you will enjoy Act led by concrete and orderly logic and shall not imply many times his wife, that of regular acts driven by feelings and daily incidents. This will give fickleness, just as he will give calculator coldness. But neither the one nor the other should be surprising, but oblige them a constant dialogue.

The ability to manage an estimate in a balanced and realistic is another feature that stands out on the female character, as well as a spirit of sacrifice that makes that the entrepreneurs do not fear economic focus on what is important regardless of superficial, with the objective of reaching a specific goal that is usually well defined.


Women and motherhood
Usually women take a break from 6 months after born his son (a) and this delayed them in the work of directing a company. This does not affect much the man.

Another difference that has seen much is that women are little by little, step by step and focus more on consolidation than in the growth of the company, many opportunities are lost.

The family burden can and should be shared as a couple and you can hire a nanny or nanny to partly solve this aspect.

Now there are business that can be run from home, the internet gives us this possibility and the daily time one can devote isn't too as a job for 8 hours, so that the care of children could be in parallel to the conduct of a business.

Male and Female though 
Balance between the parties. From the belief in the need to balance, stated that it would be very beneficial to put at the service of personal goals, or a company, the contribution of men and women. "Diversity in leadership styles is advisable always, allowing to have an approach to different problems and different interpretations of reality." "This means innovation and flexibility".