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Publish own books in a simple way

Do you want to become a famous writer? You've been trying to publish your book for years but there is no way to get it? Thanks to the service of autopubliación of, now you can edit your books, shaping them and publish them in a simple and quick way. Easily sell their books via the Internet and fulfil his dream of seeing his work both in physical and digital format. is a private company founded in 2002 by Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat (a popular Linux distribution). Today has a creative community of approximately 1.8 million users in more than 80 countries, with over 12,000 new members per week.

This web site can be printed books in hard or soft paste, manuals, catalogs and material for the business need; create calendars and albums of photos using personal photographs or catalogue (with permission of the authors of the photos you wish to use, of course); marketing to level social networks, trade and exhibition, access to the fastest available worldwide global distribution system, as well as being allowed to maintain complete control over their own content and the price of the same authors.

The production in the publishing industry usually requires on average, a print run minimum of 2 thousand copies, Lulu allows you to print the copies to them are requesting that it occupies the digital technology for the printing of books.

This does not mean that only you have the book, it is a success that you yourself will be responsible for balancing, revise, put images, margins, layout, design of the book and any error is the responsibility of the author. Lulu offers a specific software to make the scale model of the original and a series of demo videos and tips for the user. Lulu allows to modify the original as many times as you want, with the only condition that bought at least one book of each version.

The only promise that Lulu has with its customers is to make the book, but also gives the option to attend professional (here a list of companies) for tasks that would normally make an editorial, although they sold separately and are not cheap. Prices for edit, review, layout and clean contents revolve around $100-200.

Edition and sale of books

Consumers can access and search for products in Lulu in any other online store, or search for books by subject or author. For its part, the content providers can provide a direct link to its flagship store at Lulu and promote its product from anywhere else on the net. On the homepage of the shop, visitors can purchase the work of an author in several formats, including files to download to your PC or books printed on high quality paper. The books that are sold through Lulu can be purchased bound in pasta, with or without coils, etc. They are subsequently sent to the domicile of the buyer. is in fact an international company with employees in 12 countries and offices in Raleigh, London, Toronto and Bangalore. According to, there are more than 250 mentions per week in blogs, social networks, YouTube and in the traditional media.

The idea basically is that content creators make money with their projects with a mechanism of 80% to the author and 20% for, where authors can maintain absolute control of copyright.

Lulu is a simple page with an ambitious goal: that anyone can publish their work, a book, an article, his film, a photo, a poem, which wants... And make this quick and without initial investment.

In the help page say that is:
Edition and sale of books

Free (not cost anything publish or put on sale)

Very easy

In addition:

There is no minimum orders
There are no delays
Lulu prints each book when it sells
The buyer pays the cost (not who publishes!)
Lulu charges only if sold the publication. And in this case, only if it is sold to gain.

The steps to follow are simple:

After the tutorial is easy.

Step 1 - choose the job name to publish

Step 2 - "Upload" work on your hard disk to the site of Lulu (takes between a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of the work.)
Step 3 - check if what they got was good
Step 4 - choose the type of binding, etc.
Step 5 - put price and is already!
Optional step - write a synthesis of the work so read who is interested in buying the work.

It is important when you publish your book online, prepare the text file in which it is written. That text should be justified, with a single source and the names of chapters already prepared and in bold.

If you plan to put dedication, index, numbering page, etc, this is the best time to do so. Model system automatically your file, so then not can make any kind of change. So leave everything well prepared and corrected!

Content on are easily accessible, perfect for specific communities in search of materials on specific topics. Somehow, with the scheme raised by (and other companies in this business), the basic rule is that intellectual property rights sellers and buyers of the same, either in physical or digital form.

Edition and sale of books
There are, obviously, options to, CreateSpace or SelfPublishing, this last property of Amazon. Each scheme has its pros and cons, some are cheaper than others, or even give more benefits in some respects than its competitors, and so on.

The idea is without doubt good and the number of users that has, for example, speaks of the acceptance of this scheme to become his own Publisher, without the costs associated with it. In my opinion, every potential author should at least reviewed these possibilities to finally publish their major works.