Management in times of Crisis The notion of crisis is defined on the basis of two criteria.  traffic news duiih

 Crisis management and initiative

 The notion of crisis is defined on the basis of two criteria.

On the one hand, it is a change which endangers the image, reputation and balance of the Organization, marking a break between the situation prior to the crisis and the subsequent situation.

These changes occur as an unexpected, sudden and extraordinary, event, against which an organization must react and is in that reaction, where he plays and committed his image, his reputation, his internal balance and especially its external balance before different audiences or interest groups with which it interacts.

On the other hand emerging new needs, services or products previously not had little demand and can now be requested by a large number of consumers.


Also open new markets, domestic or foreign, that can offer new business opportunities, must bear in mind the possibility of exploiting them because it may be key to our survival.

 Management in times of Crisis
The causes that can lead to the business crisis are very diverse, can be classified as:

Internal causes:

bad management

generational changes

lack of adaptation to the market, technology...

External causes:

General economic crisis

The causes can be prevented in two ways:

compliance with accounting regulations thereon (code trade... etc)

adequate economic analysis

Manual and fragmented business processes

Many companies continue carrying out most of their key business processes in the manual and highly fragmented form. The fragmentation of processes (as opposed to the standardization and integration of the same) increases risks, conspires against transparency and leaves delivered to each business unit initiative how running processes and controls. In most companies, there is a shared global vision of the risks of the business and thus they are more vulnerable to experience operational losses.

Despite great development that have taken the business software (SAP, Oracle and others) are not used by the management to full capacity, i.e. that there was "excess capacity" of the same because the company continue to use manual processes.

Identify and understand its main risks.

First business which operates the company and the objectives set by senior management should be well understood. Requires clarity about the risks that affect the current and future performance of the company. This implies know discern the risks of high financial impact and greater probability of occurrence for the rest of the risks. We must concentrate on the few risks that in aggregate form can significantly impact the volatility of the flow of funds and ignore all the rest of the risks that occur if have a low impact on your business.

To survive difficult business models it is important to prioritize the incorporation of a general manager who knows "micro lead" in the companies. Someone to deal with much more than day to day operational and not so much in the long term

While every manager should plan and think future, today organizations need leaders with much day to day management, because the scenario and the rules of the game can change dramatically from one day to the other.

Within these features we can identify in these classic powers must possess all senior executive, three as the most relevant:
Flexibility and adaptability in an economic context that surprises every day and rules of the game that they are not stable but are changing rapidly.

Prudence in decision-making, but in its fair measure. "At the peak that crosses the country, this virtue is essential to sustain the viability of the business, but taken to an extreme can lead to paralysis", underlines Professor of the IAE. Capacity of anticipation of the context of business, to take better advantage of opportunities that arise in the market.


All this in a decision-making capacity in time and form, both by the local by the international economic situation. Today these values are searched, those managers who know how to decide in real time and with a high degree of uncertainty

Dealing with adverse scenarios in 
Management in times of Crisis

Resilience, meanwhile, is another of the powers which comes stomping in the corporate world. In general terms, it's the conviction that has a person or a team to overcome obstacles without thinking about the defeat, while the scenario present adverse.

Even from the Neuroscience is considered that you people more resilient have greater emotional balance to stressful situations, supporting better pressure. This allows them a sense of control against the events and greater capacity to meet challenges.

The design of the project

Take into account all the factors and design a project likely to more dangerous that could happen to them. Get to the place where began the expedition and prove the designed to correct errors before starting to walk.

Manage the discouragement.

He stressed the importance of the self-motivation and excellence in each one of the steps that gave. Get an idea of constant improvement...

Deal with frustration.

To meet he exhibited the best we could do was to detect that it was what frustrated them more and rely on teammates who performed this task properly. To take advantage of the synergy and the support of the team.... The sense of humor and the writing of a newspaper not to say what you think at certain times... Ultimately, the question that what they did was define the playing field and continuously vary the rules... to manage the routine that at time of frustration can kill you.


Constant search, adaptation and innovation

The main feature of the greater part of the business who survive crises is the constant search, adaptation and innovation.

It should have the eyes wide open and be ready to launch at the time in which we detect these new opportunities. The business world is in constant change and more in times of contraction, make an advantage of this feature and not an obstacle is the secret of the success of those that, far from sinking in the bad times, take advantage them to be strengthened