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The functions of this new social network is to share search results online

Without further ceremony, Microsoft has launched its social network (pronounced "social"). The project was presented in 2011 and was initially reserved for American undergraduates.

Users already can register on the site using their Facebook accounts or Windows Live as a reference, and start to move the experience of Socl, the new creation of Microsoft to compete in the market of social networking.

Although Microsoft States that it remains an experiment. I.e., it is not the intention of Microsoft - at least for now - that is considered as a service that competes with Facebook or Google +.

By the time the network is in beta, and its design at first glance reminds us to Google + more than Facebook.

The site uses the system of followers and followed which also incorporates Twitter, to connect and organize the people who have the same tastes and interests, to the detriment of the contacts or circles.

Despite being an experiment without the intention of competing directly, the model is the same. Facebook was also initially a reserved service to students of Harvard University, United States, becoming later a public access network.
 New social network of Microsoft 
So.CL also has as one of its stated goals help students to communicate and exchange information. To join the service, it is necessary to have an account on Facebook or Windows Live.

One of the main innovations which presents Socl is Video Parties, through which you can create channels of video that you can invite friends and view them on a group basis. In addition, any user on the network can enter this circle through the search engine.
The search engine of Microsoft, Bing, occupies a central role in, that all posts are immediately indexed by Bing, unless the user has marked them as "private". For this search engine, allows to explore the pages through the activity of users according to a theme, images or videoparties that have hung.

The "like Me" on Facebook is replaced with the verb "Riff" that would be something like "improvise", and is used in the network when you want to add more relevant information to which a user previously shared, strategy experts believe, would increase the volume of searches of Bing in the same way that Google's Instant Search technology made by the firm of Mountain View.

This new social network was conceived as a middle path between Facebook and Twitter, with a system of archiving and search quite agile, although it has some bugs that will have to repair in the coming weeks.

Socl focuses much of his activity on the possibility of finding people and content in a simple and quick, that the network is based on personal relationships on the interests which unite people.

To do so it includes the search engine integrated, based on the Bing search engine, allowing to explore the page through the activity of users according to a theme, images or videoparties that have hung.


Browsing the site we give account which is pretty far from being intuitive, for example, when it comes to finding interesting people that might still be (as anyone that we really know is there still), automatically suggests ten popular people with no option to see whether more or see their profiles without following the rules. There is also no way to import a profile photo, you have that you have either a photo of Microsoft Live, or give an existing URL address.

So.CL was created as an attempt to improve the search engine Bing. It later changed its approach and it is now defined as a service that allows you to interact and find new ways of cooperation between users and related groups.

New social network of Microsoft 
"In the same way that I think Google+ is the 'social glue' that joined all Google products, including their search, appears that it will do the same for Microsoft." "It is not a bad idea," according to analyses of the experts.