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Android programmed to be Profitable

 The development of mobile applications has become one of the biggest industries of mobile technologies and there are thousands of applications for the mobile users.

Android is the operating system for mobile phones developed by Google and they are becoming increasingly more users who prefer this platform, to be more exact currently there are more than 500,000 activations per day.

The creation of applications for Android is becoming increasingly more profitable for developers, it is estimated that by 2012 annual earnings will be more than 14 billion dollars.

It is clear to those who programmed applications for Android that you know that your environment can make wonderful programs. However, competition with Apple, which with its iOS also has real jewels of the schedule is clear. Here are some facts about the environment of Android, which may give us an idea of whether it's worth schedule for this system.

Android continues to grow as well as the number of available apps. There are currently about 300 million devices running Android in the world and about 850 thousand Android devices activated per day. Google offers about 500 thousand apps.

StartApp offers developers of $50 per 1000 downloads from their own applications in the United States.UU. in exchange for the incorporation of its search engine and $10 per 1,000 for downloads in other parts of the world.

Some of the answers are revealing remove, according to a survey of programmers:
58% are independent developers.
Only 22% work in companies of 10 or more persons.
Android App is their main job for 58 per cent of development 46% of developing applications for tablets, as well.
 Android  business  app  market

The clearer the survey statistic is that 93% of the developed applications are free-, but if you are getting a lot of income from an application that is probably not part of the startApp monetization scheme.

The 10 most popular apps are Facebook and some of which use the Google services, such as Search, Gmail, and Maps. Do in the universe of use, they have a 43% and after the 50 most popular apps, the rest? about 450 thousand? they have 40% of total use. In other words, only the 50 most popular apps are them 60% of users.


Angry Birds is among the 10 most popular applications for Android, which is played by 35% of Android users aged 35 to 44.
The 10 most popular paid applications not necessarily mean money for programmers, because it is not clear how many developers make money with Android.

Latest statistics suggest the advantages of publish the cross App Store as the best strategy to follow, offering ideas and tips that every developer of applications you will find very useful.
  The average discharge volume of every day among the top 100 most popular in the United States free applications is 4 M, but how these downloads are distributed that is interesting.

For free downloads is Google game (before Google Android Marketplace) that has the largest number of downloads. Apple's App Store for the iPhone and the iPad has 82% and 20% of the total number of Google Play, at the same time and Amazon Appstore is 10% and the market Windows Phone 7 only 2%.

When it's revenues, however, Apple's App Store for the iPhone takes most of the turnover 1.9 million USD daily among the first 200 more blockbuster applications, followed by the Apple App Store for the iPad (64%) Play Google (29%), Windows Phone (13%) and Amazon App Store (11%).

When it comes to sources of income, most of it comes from free applications In-App monetization. Applications only in the case that the unpaid iPad constitute an important source of income and this is due to education and news applications:

There currently is 1. 3 m applications through the six most important shops and the applications of 980 K, which means that each published an average of only 1.3 times. However, for the most popular applications of the incidence of the new publication is superior to this picture, which covers the main 300 applications from each of the main app stores, including BlackBerry App World, shows the following:

89% of iPad applications are also available for the iPhone, 74% of applications for the iPhone in the iPad and 33% are also game Google. Google the game has 37% of its main applications on the iPhone, 32% in the iPad and 37% in Amazon. Both the Blackberry App World and Marketplace Windows Phone 7 a bad performance in terms of re-publication and also in terms of iOS of entry applications.

Alternatives to win with applications

The two forms most usual to earn money with applications for Android are:

Creating an application fee or,
Creating free applications but with including advertising.
Income can be obtained in any way but that will depend on the application.

You can do some variations such as: Android  business  app  market
Charge a monthly subscription for the use of your application

Offer your services as a developer of Android apps to companies or third parties as do I, for example through
. Create custom applications offering free models in the Android Market and giving the option of personalization of the same application as a service part, for example, the skin keyboards which are customizations with the keyboards as these Cool Keyboard Skin designs and offer make them with designs on request for a similar price.

Recently, Google launched App Inventor Beta. This application allows us to create easily (without that is necessary to know much about programming) applications which may later be used in devices with Android.

The only requirement that ask us in order to use this new tool, is to complete a simple form, which consists of a series of basic questions, and we will be called as compulsory data having a Google (Gmail) account. Insurance App Inventor Beta will become the tool of work and fun of more than one.

With App Inventor for Android what is intended is to give a series of basic tools any user so you can try to create a software, also in principle for their phones.


As it is not necessary to have experience, users will not need to write code but that used a visual editor, consisting of a series of blocks of information and functionality that you can place wherever we want. In addition, this allows us to directly see the visual aspect of the changes that we are introducing in our application.

The software, which will be free, will be available starting in a few weeks but all those who are interested in testing it may join the beta in the link that we provide at the end of this entry.

Android  business  app  market
Although as you you can imagine applications that can be build will not be very complex, can really be very useful to meet special needs of eac h user, as you can see in some of the examples found in the section of the App Inventor in Google Labs.
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